Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+

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Tweaked Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+

Hi Guys  Skamory7 here and I’ve been using Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+ since I got into the Legendary Arena in late April / early May as a Lv8 (before the strategy was wildly popular among the leader board), and I’ve been playing that strategy to this day.

In this post I’m going to be showing you my progress with the deck and how I’ve tweaked the deck ever so slightly every few weeks / months in order to match the meta that I’m competing in, and how that strategy has brought me to my best accomplishment in the game so far, 4000 trophies as a Lv10 (currently sitting at my PB, 4054). Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+

Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+

Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+ Playstyle:

  • After playing the deck for the better part of 6 months, I can say that the deck definitely has an adaptive play style. You can start with a Giant behind your King’s Tower to build up a slow push, or if you are feeling some high risk / high reward flowing, you can immediately start with a Giant / Balloon push.
  • I wouldn’t recommend the latter unless you see your opponent start with a Pump or high-cost troop behind their King’s Tower, but some people like to live on the edge, and the option is always there. The way I usually play the deck is extremely conservatively.
  • Since you only have 2 cards that can actually deal decent DPS (Minions and Barbarians), you need to use them only when needed, even if it means taking some tower damage. For example, don’t waste your barbarians defending against a Mini Pekka when you know they have a Royal Giant in their cycle, even if it means the Mini Pekka getting a hit off on your tower. It happens, and the deck’s primary focus is to deal out more damage than is dealt to you. Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+

Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+ Offense:

  • The deck has two units that only attack buildings, and one of those units does a ridiculous amount of damage. The deck’s main objective is to get the Balloon to the tower, even if it means your Giant gets burned down by an Inferno Tower.
  • You really don’t want to show your opponent your Balloon until you know you’ve got a solid shot at taking their Arena Tower down. If you know that your opponent has an Inferno Tower, try to use your cards that you just defended with as a shield for your Giant, so that they have to direct more resources towards stopping the Giant, which ensures your Balloon can get to the Arena Tower scott-free.
  • Your Princess and Zap can take care of Minions / Hordes. Although if you see that they run Sparky, I’d suggest using Arrows on the Minions, because you WILL need that zap to counter their Sparky (this is the main reason I replaced the Pump with Zap). Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+

Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+ Defense:

  • The defensive plays this deck has are interesting, to say the least. You have to play extremely conservatively considering your only two units with decent defensive capabilities are your Minions and Barbarians. I will say this, however: Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+
  • You WILL take tower damage, and that’s fine, because you’ll hopefully be dealing more damage than was dealt to you by your opponent. The reason I use Minions and Barbarians specifically as defense in this deck (and honestly, in most of my decks), is that I feel these are the two best counters to any combo you see. Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+
  • Giant Balloon coming towards your tower? No worries, Barbs and Minions take care of the two, respectively. The general point that I’m trying to make is that Barbarians can cover most ground attacks and Minions can cover most air attacks. The Princess will cover pretty much any squishy units sent your way. Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+

Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+ Weaknesses:

  • The deck can have some terrible starting hands, and when I say terrible, I MEAN terrible. But it’s nothing to exit the app mid-battle for. You can generally cycle to your main cards relatively quickly using Skeletons or Princess (both are safe cycling cards in the deck because they’re not your main defensive units). Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+
  • Another thing to note is that the Elixir Collector’s absence does contribute to some dead hands, but running the Zap over it has allowed me to ensure the victory over some previously auto-loss Sparky deck match-ups. Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+
  • I also neglected to run the Pump because Miners are extremely common and can give my opponent a positive elixir trade, and I’d rather use the Zap to form my own positive trades (and counter the Sparky).

If you have any feedback/ improvements/ comments, feel free to comment!