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F2P Giant Balloon deck Arena 6

Hey, I’m Hyp3rion.akki here and today i am going to show you Giant Balloon deck  I started using this deck at 2100  and now I am in Legendary arena,This deck is super simple to use and outputs insane damage. With the Balloon not as common now a day After Poision nerf,Balloon has become Too strong it can really catch your opponent off guard! Hopefully this will help a lot of you guys out and get you into legendary arena, Let’s take a look on this Giant Balloon deck 

Giant Balloon deck

Giant Balloon Deck Card Role: 

Giant: This is one of the most powerful card at the moment. after getting 2 times Nerf still so many peoples are using this card,Giant is excellent at soaking damage and grouping opponent’s defensive troops so the Balloon and Musketeer can easily kill them all in seconds.Place Giant Behind the tower when it reach at bridge then drop ballon+minions or balloon+Musketeers and play zap on minions hord or Skarmy

Balloon – The primary win condition.Your main tower wrecker.Remember to protect this guy with predicted zap for minions/spear goblins (if necessary).This will make your balloon shoot every 6 seconds instead of 3 With its big splash damage, anything that will be in its way will be annihilated. Be cautious against building cards for it will be distracted easily. 


Minions – We will be using this for both offensive and defensive strategy. Always try to place them in offence with Giant to protect balloon

Zap: Everyone knows Zap.Great at taking out small troops and resetting Inferno Tower, Prince, … Zap +Barbarainis a great combo to take out 3 Musketeers, it allows us to instantly support our push at a very low cost and is extremely useful for resetting Sparky’s attack Giant Balloon deck

Inferno Tower: THE anti-meta defense right now.This is my Favourite Defence Card Inside the game,The Inferno Tower is extremely effective against high hitpoints troops such as Giants, Balloons, Golems,P.E.K.K.A.s,and Hog Riders due to its intensified damage over time. If placed correctly the Inferno can counter a Royal Giant push, burning the Royal Giant quickly if not countered with Zap or Freeze.

Musketeer: A third win condition in your push. Musketeer is excellent for transitioning from defense into offense. And an uncontested Musketeer will take upwards of 600 damage off of a tower. A great all around card and is the only real air defense in the deck after minions. It is the second most important rare card to get to Level 7 (Fireball + Mini Pekka interactions). Giant Balloon deck

Fireball: After Poision Nerf Every one is using fireball, It Can obliterate Giant or PEKKA pushes, barbarians, three musketeers and remove annoying towers. Can also be used in the end game to finish off a tower. Giant Balloon deck

Barbarians: Great card to counter most troops. In very situational instances once the barbs finishes off the hog, you can counter push with barbs + balloon. However, If you don’t have a Inferno dragon in your rotation this is a good counter to the hog. Place barbarians on royal giants. I rarely use them offensively.

Giant Balloon Deck General Gameplan

Put the giant + balloon combo in the absolute corner closest to the king tower and arena tower. This is the shortest path for your giant + balloon to travel.

If your opponent starts building a push, drop your Barbarain right behind your Tower If If you don’t have a Inferno dragon in your rotation ,  he can easily deal with any push coming quickly. Giant Balloon deck

The deck has two units that only attack buildings, and one of those units does a ridiculous amount of damage. The deck’s main objective is to get the Balloon to the tower, even if it means your Giant gets burned down by an Inferno Tower.You really don’t want to show your opponent your Balloon until you know you’ve got a solid shot at taking their Arena Tower down. If you know that your opponent has an Inferno Tower, try to use your cards that you just defended with as a shield for your Giant, Giant Balloon deck

This deck is pretty easy to play. Focus on countering your opponent’s pushes then launch the counterpush with the survived troops.Since you only have 2 cards that can actually deal decent DPS Except Inferno (Minions and Barbarians), you need to use them only when needed, even if it means taking some tower damage. For example, Giant Balloon deck

don’t waste your barbarians defending against a Mini Pekka when you know they have a Royal Giant in their cycle, even if it means the Mini Pekka getting a hit off on your tower. It happens, and the deck’s primary focus is to deal out more damage than is dealt to you. Giant Balloon deck

Thanks for taking the time to read this detailed guide! I hope that you have found this Giant Balloon  Deck helpful. Good luck! See you in the Arena!