Giant Balloon Beatdown Deck

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Hello Guys! It’s  VaporUltraHardcore here and today i am going to show you Giant Balloon Beatdown Deck Yesterday, I hit Legendary Arena as a lvl 9 f2p player, so I figured I’d share my deck with you guys down in Arena 7 that might be struggling against the horridness of Arena 7 common cards (you know what I mean) so come check out this full Giant Balloon Beatdown Deck guide

Giant Balloon Beatdown Deck

Giant Balloon Beatdown Deck Card Role:

  • Giant – Part of your win condition. The giant’s HP is incredible compared to his elixir cost and he can do a great amount of damage to the towers.
  • Balloon – Your primary win condition. So basically, all you gotta do is safely escort this thing to the enemy tower, and boom, the tower has already lost a third or maybe even half of its health. Fun Fact – If a level 4 balloon hits a full health level 9 tower twice, the death damage will leave the tower with 666 HP
  • Arrows – A pretty important supporting spell to the win cons. The most common counters to your win cons all get one banged by some arrows, (skeleton army, minions) Also useful if the tower has less than 100 health
  • Elixir Collector – Very useful utility building. Mostly used to cycle through your cards, but also good at stalling out a game you’re winning.
  • Tombstone – This spooky building saves lives. It counters most of the ground troops in the game. Elite Barbs? check. Hog? check. Royal Giant? not 100% check, but still good against it.
  • Minions – Your first line of defense against air units like the balloon or lava hound. I don’t recommend using minion horde because of the elixir cost. Defensively, regular minions can do everything the horde does, but for a cheaper cost.
  • Skeleton Army – A predictable but still very useful defensive card. If you’re in Arena 7+ at the time you are reading this, you should already know its value.
  • Electro Wizard Substitutable for Fireball Wizard. Ok, so if you don’t have this card, use regular wizard, but oh man this thing is amazing. 

Giant Balloon Beatdown Deck General Strategy:

The Giant and The Balloon are win conditions. The giant soaks up damage to get your balloon safely to the tower, where it’ll blow the hell out of it. How you play them should depend on what type of deck your opponent is using. If you know your opponent has a lot of counters such as Skeletons and Minions, place your Giant behind your towers to build enough elixir to place the Balloon behind it as well as having your Arrows ready.

This is easier if you have your Elixir Pump down. Throwing an Electro Wiz (or Regular Wiz) in the mix is also beneficial, especially if your opponent is using tankier counters that Arrows don’t one shot, such as Meta Minion.


That’s the gist of your offensive lineup, now let’s talk defense.

I like to refer to this deck as “hyper defense,” because of the amount of defense this deck contains. The Minions and Skarmy are pretty self-explanatory. Place ’em down and they’ll swarm the enemy pushes. You’ll have to be mindful of splash damage troops such as Wizard or Executioner though.

If you see an intimidating push involving an effective splash damage troop coming your way, most of the time the best thing to do is to send in your Giant to distract them so that you can take care of whatever the main threat is.

The Tombstone has been part of the defensive meta for a while now. The best placement of the Tombstone is to try and put it in the center of your field, where it will draw your opponent’s troops into “the death zone,” which is that sweet spot on your field where both towers target enemy troops. If done correctly, you can prevent your towers from taking any hits from Hogs, Ebarbs, Inferno Dragons, Valkyries, those occasional people who use swarm troops offensively, Battle Ram, the list goes on. Use Tombstone. You won’t regret it.

  1. Electro Wiz has value on both sides of the battlefield. It devastatingly slows down those already slow beatdown pushes. It has the very unique spawn damage that also functions as a Zap, which is great for many things: offensive swarm troops get killed or left with low HP upon the Ewiz spawning. Goblin Barrel get’s crippled if you time it right. My personal favorite way to use Ewiz is to spawn it on top of a Sparky.
  2. If your opponent isn’t careful enough, an Ewiz will completely wall a sparky because of the Ewiz’s stun constantly resetting Sparky’s charge-up. Wizard can be good at these things too, except for the Sparky thing.

Now, here’s the situation in which Ewiz is absolutely necessary for this deck: The Inferno Cards. Giant and Balloon both get crippled by an Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon. The flaming beam that increases in power over time destroys your main push. That’s where the Ewiz comes in. If you know your opponent is running Inferno something, be sure to include your Ewiz into your offensive push. The stun effect will constantly reset the inferno cards’ power-up beam, which allows your Giant and Balloon to pass on by without taking any significant damage. But still make sure to have your Arrows at the ready, for swarm troops can block your Ewiz from stopping the inferno cards. You gotta play smart when it comes to combatting those types of anti-beatdown decks.

Starting Hand

Now that you know the general strategy, let’s go over what to do when you jump into a game. If your Elixir Collector is in your starting hand, and your opponent doesn’t do any surprise fast pushes, place your Pump right before hitting a full Elixir Bar, that way you’re not vulnerable and your bar will still fill at a steady rate. If find that the best place to put your Pump is right in front of your King Tower.

If your opponent sends a Miner or Goblin Barrel to try and cripple your Pump, both Archer Towers will be shooting at them. If you’re fighting that guy who uses his Fireball, Rocker, or Lightning on your Pump, there’s that chance he’ll mistap and accidentally hit your King Tower, activating it, making defense easier for you.

As for other cards in your starting hand, if you start with Giant, Arrows, and Balloon all in your hand, just go for a straight up main push. If you start with your entire defensive lineup, be ready to defend, and if you feel it necessary, just place your cards in hopes you’ll cycle to your offensive cards.

If you start with a mix of both, prioritize defending first. The main push will work best if you know you can get all the necessary cards on the field. Make sure you’re paying attention to what card is coming into your hand next.

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I hope that this Giant Balloon Beatdown Deck guide If you have any questions about the Giant Balloon Beatdown Deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing!