Gaint Prince Deck

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Hi Guys wsoul and here today I am Going to show you Gaint Prince Deck this deck is very good in challanges The gameplan is simple, accumulate enough Elixir to have Giant+Prince+Megaminion/Musketeer pushing with Lightning at the ready. You want to play defense to offense for this to happen and all your cards play an important role. let’s take a look on cards of this Gaint Prince Deck

Gaint Prince Deck

Gaint Prince Deck Card Role:

  • Giant – This is a Giant beatdown deck so you want the big guy in. Starting with Giant first is very risky so avoid doing this unless they drop Elixir Collector first or threw Elixir away on an opposite lane. Giant at the back if you have Elixir Advantage and play at the center if you are running him on defense. Playing at the front of your tower is also good in certain situations like pushing back a Giant Skeleton that has gotten too close. This can also work with most Melee Troops like MiniPekka or Barbs. Your goal is to get Giant in your frontline.
  • Prince – Prince has to be Lv4 for this deck to function the HP and DPS difference from Lv3 is astronomical in actual games. Getting that single charge hit on a Tower is devastating. Lv4 also one-shots a bunch of common troops while charging like Lv9 Barbs, Lv7 Musketeer and Wizard. Prince behind a Giant is devasting and will down a Tower in seconds if left uncheck. The charge can also push your Giant faster and will devastate Defense Buildings. Prince shines on defense as well to take care of Hog Rider or Backline Support Troops. Try to get the Charge going on defense if you have enough time to react just place him behind your Tower. Make sure there is space between Witch and her Skeletons before you drop Prince. If you play defense with this card correctly and get a Giant in front of him on the Counter Push it’s pretty much GG.
  • Lightning – Lv2 might be good enough for this slot but higher levels help with extra Crown tower damage and can have better one-shot coverage overleveled cards. Learning how to aim with this is going to be a bit of a curve because of the delay. A bit of prediction and knowledge about Troop Pathing will go a long way to make the most of this card. Try to avoid hitting the tanks as you want to get the Support Troops. Avoid using this on Elixir Collectors unless you get a clear Value Play out of it. If you get your Deathball going with this spell at the ready you will wipe out Inferno Tower very quickly before it dents your Giant. Gaint Prince Deck
  • Megaminion – Decent Card to start with. Throw him on the left side from the middle to max out his time before hitting the Bridge. Wow this card does EVERYTHING in this deck or any other deck it’s in for that matter. It counters just about every card except Skeleton Army. Keeping this guy alive for the Counter Push is deadly so make sure you place him in good spots. Lv6 is good enough for A8 but this is a decent card to try to Overlevel.
  • Elixir Collector – Best Starting Card. A bottom priority for you to level up but Lv6 is decent enough to still get value after Spells hit. This is your primary bait. If you gain any kind of Elixir Advantage before Double Elixir Time then plant this bad boy down. Always in the middle first till you scout Miner or Rocket then you can safely plant at the corners. Your second Collector against Miner should be beside your King Tower but this happens very rarely. If you can get 2 Collectors down you should be able to get your Deathball together easily. The Nerf hurts a lot but the Playstyle and Value this provides is still key for this deck to win. Don’t hesitate to plant this in the middle if you are holding on for the win.
  • Ice Spirit – You can throw him away in your Starting Hand if you can get to Elixir Collector on the next card. Ice Spirit is the best Elixir Advantage card in the game and I suggest watching Orange Juice vids about this card. Knowing all the stupid Positive Elixir Trades with this thing will help you accumulate Elixir for your Deathball. In a pinch he can also reset Inferno Tower or Dragon if Lightning isn’t available.
  • Musketeer – Decent throwaway card on your Starting Hand. Musketeer is amazing on defense if you can keep her safe. Lv8 will avoid the One-shot against lv8 Fireball so the level is quite relevant. You need this slot to be your second Range DPS supporter but other cards can fill in for this role most notably Ice Wizard who I have hailed as borderline irreplaceable in my other Giant+Prince+Lightning deck. Witch can work here as well and I have seen a clanmate perform well with Witch. I feel the Elixir Cost is the tipping point for me. MiniPekka and Valkyrie are in the running as well but you really want Ranged DPS for this spot. Gaint Prince Deck
  • Arrows – I like Arrows right here and you can argue for Zap, Log or even Fireball in this slot as well. Arrows have better area coverage and can kill Minions which is a strong counter against this deck. I have used Zap in the past but also had IceWiz in the deck to combo with to kill Minions fast.

Gaint Prince Deck Scenarios:

Always want to start with Elixir Collector. Only cycle Ice Spirit if you can get Elixir Collector on the next card. Musketeer and Megaminion are decent throwaways, always place them on the left side since most opponents opens on that side first. Giant is your last card to start with and the best time to throw him out would be after an opposing Elixir Collector or if they throw Elixir away then attack the opposing side.

Early Game:


First minute of the game, feel your opponent out for Deck Archetype and Threats like Barbs, Tombstone, Minions and Inferno Tower. Try to refrain from small pushes at this stage of the game unless your opponent over-commits and you can get a Giant in front for the Counter Push.

Mid Game:

Minute #2 is all about setting up your Elixir Collector right here. Prioritize your Pumps over half-hearted pushes. Against decks that run counters to your Elixir Collector you want to defend your Pumps against Miner with Giant or Prince. If they run Rocket then getting them to waste it on your Elixir Collector might be a good play since Rocket will decimate your Deathball. Gaint Prince Deck

End Game:

Double Elixir time is your time to shine. Try to cycle to your second Giant to get the last big Push in. Avoid playing Elixir Collector at this stage unless you plan on going to OverTower. Be on the lookout for Lightning+Arrow damage if you can sneak the win that way.

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Thanks for reading this Gaint Prince Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.