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Hi Guys dexter here with Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ I reached at 4000 trophies with this Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ Deck After unlocking Electro dragon I used it in a few friendly battles in my clan and I was very disappointed. It was countered easily, and really didn’t help much. Then I made this Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ With Baby Dragon and Tornado and after getting used to it I found a lot of success. so come and take a look at this Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ guide Also Check Out Here Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+

Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+

Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+

Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ Card Role:

Giant: The Giant is currently one of the most used cards in the game, and for a good reason. It can act as a tank, a defensive wall, and even as your main damage dealer. You would usually put a Giant at the back of the King’s Tower to build up a strong push easier. 

Ice Spirit Ice spirit is a great utility card, combined with spear goblins it will either draw out the zap or deal massive damage. Its also useful for cycling at the end of the game back to rocket or stopping a push. if a musketeer locks onto the i drag you can use it and giant to protect your drag.


Electro Dragon: It is very new Strong defensive flying unit similar to eWiz. Its attack hits up to three units and it stuns everytime likes Electro Wizard does, You can use this card in defence also on offence

Inferno Dragon: One of the most deadly card if played correctly. People have been saying to me the Inferno Dragon is way too easily countered and that they think it’s not that great. Well they’re not wrong. It is easily countered. Minions (and Horde), Zap, or pretty much any air damaging cards. However, that’s assuming you only push with 1 Inferno Dragon.

Tornado- Counters Hog, your initial counter for a Goblin Barrel and also an offensive move where you will clump your opponents defensive troops, allowing your Bowler and Baby Dragon to go to town on. This is also what you will rely on to make sure that the Balloon won’t hit your Tower when facing Lava-Balloon. 

Barbarian Barrel: It has moderate damage and radius. It can push back almost all ground units (except Battle Ram, charging Princes or heavy units like the Giant and P.E.K.K.A).

Poison: The Poison gets rid of a lot of counters to this deck. Minions, Goblins, etc. and can even nearly kill most glass cannons like the Musketeer. The idea is to try and get as much value with the Poison. It’s relatively easy to get value with Poison compared to other damage spells like Fireball and Arrows because it stays and deals damage over time and has a large radius. 

Baby Dragon– Baby Dragon is very versatile, it’s able to defend well and most importantly like a Balloon as it can pass over the river from the edge, it can bypass an Inferno Tower which is I believe 4 tiles from the Arena Tower and 3-4 tiles from the river. In this image, the second Inferno was placed late but ideally an Inferno should be placed one more tile towards the unit to pull it.

Guide Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+

The Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ is more defensive, I don’t play this deck aggressively during this time but you will want to amp things up later on.

I would like to maybe play Ice Spirit at the back,Barbarian Barrel at the bridge or Giant at the back first. Some passive move that isn’t really a huge investment.

If say they make a risky move, you will still be able to punish them for it and your push will not get hard countered from the get-go. Thus, you won’t lose your Tower on a counterpush

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So guys this was the Gaint Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ guide I hope you liked it