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Hello Clashers Dexter here This time i come back with Pekka Executioner Deck  that has brought me huge success in my most recent Ladder battle. It specializes in fast 3 crown victories which makes it perfect to push to the top in any tournament or Challenges quickly the speciality of this deck is executioner because his exe dose x2 Damage that means your opponent can’t play Minions Horde,Skarmy,minions or any low hit point troops in front of him  and this will help to your pekka reaches the tower so come and take a look at this Pekka Executioner Deck guide

Pekka Executioner Deck

Pekka Executioner Deck Card Role:

  1. Pekka: The Core of this Deck Some people say this card is dead due to the increase of swarms in the game. But beatdowns still exist so with her damage and tankiness she can mow down tanks and take a beating. Very effective when your opponent places a tank at the back and you place her in the same lane.Now Your Pekka will Take care of his tanks and Executioner will help you to clear his supporting troops because his exe reaches at 8 Tiles(as Yarn Orange Juice Said)
  2. Musketeer: A really strong troop that is good on defense and offence, if protected. It can out-range plenty of units, can kill tanks troops quite quickly and does a lot of damage to towers . This is also one of the few anti-air cards in the deck, which helps cover one of the PEKKA’s weaknesses. Typically she will get a few shots off on the tower if the PEKKA is taking all of the hits, or it will help you to take out other units which is engage with PEKKA.There is not much I can say, but when your opponent attacks by ground, try saving her for your big push and defend with Minions and Furnace instead.
  3. Executioner: This card is almost very Good and seems like OP. It does so well against Lava Hound and Zap bait Decks,He’s probably the perfect splash damage dealing card in Clash Royale.The Executioner throws hs ax and it goes through the whole range and deals splash damage the whole time – to ground and air units.This makes him a lot more effective against larger groups or also against fast moving units as well when they just walk into the axes’ radius on its way back.
  4. Furnace: This card is so good in tournaments/challenges because as long as it is at tournament standard level, the towers cannot one-shot it and it will do chip damage. It provides amazing value for 4 elixir, and with the rise of the Zap bait this card is crucial. It can do over a thousand damage if left alone.
  5. Minions: Minions are a cheap, high DPS unit that pair well with the Pekka. If your opponent fails to address Minions that are sent out with a Pekka, they will destroy the tower before the PEkka dies. Minions are useful for killing a Minion Horde that has locked onto the Pekka. Their low health makes them easy to kill
  6. Skeleton Army: An amazing card to counter Elite Barbarians, Royal Giants, Giants, or to take the aggro off of your own Elite Barbarians, Mega Minion, or Archers. Bad against zap, log, or ice golems as they can net a negative elixir trade.
  7. Fireball: Currently one of the best spells in the game, the fireball is the best spell for this deck. I tested rocket as well, but it was just too much elixir, and rarely gets good value. The fireball is perfect for countering many meta cards,This spell has been a staple in almost all my decks. Really good at taking out support troops, barbarians. It can even help weaken those pesky elite barbarians you see everywhere. I know many of you use this spell, so not much of a point in explaining it.
  8. Zap: Even with the reduction in its Damage, Zap is still a powerful card and is useful in so many situations.Extremely versatile, use it on offense and defense as needed.Not much to explain as most of you already know how zap works. 

Pekka Executioner Deck Strategy:

This Pekka Executioner Deck is extremely dangerous for your opponent, since you are able to get the PEKKA through to the Arena Tower in most cases with the help of the Executioner.

Just play the PEKKA in the back of your Kings Tower and by the time it reaches the bridge you have regained enough Elixir to drop the Executioner behind her.


There are no strong counters instead of kiting against this push, since the PEKKA will hit all single units into pieces with one hit and the Executioner will kill all swarm troops.

  1. Executioner is good at taking down groups like Minion Horde or Skeleton Army
  2. He has a huge Ability to resets targeting with his hit. If something get hit by his ax, it will re-target the closest unit. There won’t be a stun effect or hard reset like the Zap does, but you can get a tower or defense to target a tank.(thanks Yarn orange Juice for this information)

Pekka Executioner Deck  Matchups:

  1. Hog freeze-place the Furnace when they send the hog, wait for freeze, then place Minions + counterpush with Pekka 
  2. Lavaloon– Place Pekka At the back and counter his Lava With Minions or Executioner and then Make Huge Push with Pekka+Minions+Executioner And Zap Ready for resting Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon
  3. Giant Decks– These Deck are easy to defend + chip away at their tower, hard for them to stop your quick attacks

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Thanks for reading this Furnace Pekka Executioner Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.