Pekka Electro Wizard Deck

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Hi Guys Cd5ssmffan here and today i a,m going to show you Pekka Electro Wizard Deck This is a sort of hybrid deck. I made this by mixing up some random cards, and I am using this deck currently in A9 and I am slowly rising up to Hog Mountain. This Pekka Electro Wizard Deck is all about pressuring the opponent to make bad plays and never sitting on a full elixir bar. Don’t expect to get three crowns with this. It is also expensive so watch your elixir bar carefully  let’s check out this Pekka Electro Wizard Deck

Pekka Electro Wizard Deck

Pekka Electro Wizard Deck Card Role:

  1. Pekka – I use this card defensively at all times. It counters golem, ebarbs, hogs, so keep it handy! Most pushes will be shut down provided you take care of their support cards as well. Once you set up a counter-push, you will appreciate this card as a real tank paving way for the chip cards to do damage, and can quickly become the main win condition. You don’t always have to support the Pekka with anything other than spells, especially at low elixir.
  2. Electro Wizard – A good support card for the Pekka, stuns inferno tower and if alone and uncountered, can do lots of tower damage.
  3. Miner – Secondary win condition, should be cycled at all times. If you have elixir to spare place him at the opponent’s crown tower for chip damage together with the princess. You could also put him in front of an inferno tower and zap it to save your pekka. Otherwise you could place him behind the opponent’s support troop(s) to distract and/or kill them.
  4. Princess – A support card for the pekka that can also be used as a chip card. Drop her at the bridge for tower damage or behind the pekka to take out minions or skarmy.
  5. Zap – Once you have built a counter-push, this can be used with the princess to demolish minion hordes or other swarms before they even touch your pekka.Even with the reduction in its stun duration, Zap is still a powerful card and is useful in so many situations. I tried switching Zap our for Arrows but found that the utility it provides is just too much to pass up on. Use it to take out smaller troops that are good at distracting your P.E.K.K.A. or at defending against Cycle decks.
  6. Poison – Even with zap, this is not redundant. It is a support card for the Pekka which can remove skarmy from the arena or if pre-placed in front of the tower, it can create a no-go zone for the skarmy.  With the recent buffThe Poison spell is a powerful combo with the Pekka because of how common it is to counter a Giant with smaller troops. Not only does the Poison have a large radius, Since this deck doesn’t use any troops that do splash Air damage, you will want to use the Poison and Zap wisely.Now it is also good on defense as well hard counter to graveyard defensively as well to help against opponent’s support cards, and to counter spawners.
  7. Minions – A cheap, flexible all-purpose card.
  8. Furnace – Spawns fire spirits for endless chip damage, also the spirits can support your counter-push. It could be used to distract hogs and giants by placing it in the middle, if you have no other option.

This Pekka Electro Wizard Deck relies on the Pekka as the only heavy troop. You need to use it as an anchor point, around which to base many of your other in-game moves and decisions upon. You can use the P.E.K.K.A defensively and offensively, but due to the diversity of the Decks other Cards you are able to switch things up a little.

Conclusion: This is a very good Pekka Electro Wizard Deck, and it is very hard to stop if played right. Just remember to balance all aspects of this deck and do some chip!


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I hope that this Pekka Electro Wizard Deck guide helps you to Reacherd 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the Pekka Electro Wizard Deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing