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Hey reddit, back again to share a Mortar Graveyard Deck I created that got me to my PB (4900) in a previous season. I stopped using it when Golem / NW became everywhere as it was weak to that, however with the recent NW nerf and Mortar buff, and a few changes, I think this is a really solid deck to try this season if you want a new take on the siege archetype. While there are 3 legendaries in this deck, it’s not so bad for leveling as there are 4 commons and only 1 epic (shout out to Sundays).

You’ll see in this guide that this deck takes a lot of practice, as there are 3 spells. Your hand will often be unfavorable to a rush they have, and you need to be flexible with what you play and how. Over time these reactions will become mechanical.

This deck takes advantage of a principle called Double Threat – you have 2 separate win conditions, dependent on your opponent’s deck and whether it is double elixir. I’ll get into this more later. In addition, each card has a very specific role, and that role may change depending on your opponent’s deck so come and take a look at this Mortar Graveyard Deck guide


Mortar Graveyard Deck

Mortar Graveyard Deck Card Roles:

Mortar  – Your first win condition. I never play this card first, because it is your main hog defense as well. I’ll get more into beating hog decks later. The best part of this card is it’s “dead zone” where it won’t target things close to it. This allows you to chip away in the first 2 minutes at the tower. I will use this card as a shield and consider it successful if it gets 2+ shots off the tower. There are 3 main placements for Mortar in this deck:

  1. (1) At the bridge, one tile back and to the side. Play here when being offensive and you have troops to provide it some cover.
  2. (2) Middle of your side, right on the river, slightly to the side of the tower you want it to hit. Play here if they bring a hog or you need to pull a tank while getting a chip or two off. If they play a hound in the back corner, playing a mortar here slightly to the side of the hound WILL draw the hound to the middle, and allow you to clean up what’s behind it, assuming that also doesn’t pull.
  3. (3) Defensively, in the middle of your side (4-3). Also a good spot to play mortar if they rush with Ebarbs, Hog, Ram, tank, etc. Pulls those troops to your middle so both your towers can take them on, while mortar can splash the background.

Pro-tip – if they play Princess behind king tower, play your mortar so the shell will hit the tower and 1 shot the princess. If you place it and they drop skarmy, WAIT on dropping support because it will shoot once at Skarmy and your own tower can clean up what remains, saving you 2+ elixir. There are similar interactions with other cards that can often lead to tower damage due to mortar’s splash radius.

Graveyard – This is your second win condition. I will often not show this card until double elixir when it has a nice ‘surprise’ factor. It is still viable after the recent nerf. This card almost always must be paired with another, or even two, to be successful. Placement is straightforward – place on one of the three tiles outside their tower you want to hit. If they have a pump in that corner, you can place it a bit more aggressively to hit pump damage as well. With this deck, as there are 3 spells, you may be forced to play this early as just a ‘Graveyard + freeze’. That will happen and it’s okay – just know you dropped 9 elixir and now have to defend. When paired with freeze, ALWAYS wait until they drop a counter to graveyard before deploying freeze. After your first graveyard you will learn what they want to counter with, so you can look for that to be out of rotation and force a misplay. Besides the play I mentioned above, this is best paired with a Knight / MM / Inferno Dragon going at their tower. I often drop either of those cards behind my King tower as an investment, and as soon (if not right before) as that unit draws the fire of their tower, play GY. Also a great sneaky play if they are focusing on a mortar you played, and they’re not expecting this. Lastly, play this as a defensive card if you must to rushing Ebarbs. This deck has limited responses to Ebarbs played at the bridge, and you may have to drop this there for that. Do it quickly as it takes a second for the doots to start dooting.

Freeze – The second part to your second win condition. Usually you want to pair this with your GY as mentioned above. It always works VERY well with inferno dragon. If you have your inferno dragon slowly flying at their tower, and say it’s low on health, or they are neglecting it to take the damage and let their tower kill it, FREEZE. They will be punished severely. I also will play defensive freezes. Practice is the only thing that will show when it is appropriate, as this is NOT ideal, however, depending on your hand, Freeze may be the only way to buy you time to drop an effective counter. In case you forget, freeze resets troops, so if that Sparky is about to shoot, or that Xbow just locked onto your face, chill.

Knight  – MVP of every game. Solid defense, low cost, great damage if it makes it to the tower – you get it. This is often a lead card for me behind my King Tower. A great trade for a lot of 4+ elixir troops coming at you. His main purpose is defense, and buying your mortar more time. Also, a great mini tank for an 8 elixir Knight + Graveyard push. Even more devastating if played in double elixir as you can follow up with a freeze for support, so 12 elixir and almost certainly they lose a tower. If they have a tank + night witch attack coming, play your inferno dragon deeper in your zone so it hits the tank, and knight right at the bridge to distract the NW. He will kill the NW and tank the bats, and buy you time to melt their tank.

Fire Spirits – One of the improvements I recently made to this deck (initially had arrows here) – a really great answer to a lot of problems you will see. Practice will help you realize it’s best placement and allowing the time for it to pop off, as if you play it right on top of things they will be killed instantly. Be wary of playing this underneath or near something you think is about to logged or zapped as well. I mostly reserve this card to clear nonsense in front of my mortar, or an awesome trade on Barbarians and Horde. Still a good trade for regular minions and goblin barrel too, if you don’t have your log. Lastly, can be used as a cycle card if bridge spam is coming at you and you need to pull it to the middle (example, you have knight in your next up, and you need to draw a bandit to the middle, play these then knight.)

The Log – Simply the best utility spell in the game. Be wary if you are playing a spell bait deck, because this is your best answer to goblin barrel. You can deal with princess / skarmy / goblin gang, etc, in other ways. Use this card smartly. Paired with mortar it is amazing. Also, works well to finish off towers if you find yourself needing to cycle around just to end a game.

Mega Minion – The other improvement I made to this deck (initially had GG here). I like that it is slower, so you can start it behind the King Tower, and it hits super hard. Great counter to Baby D or Inferno D, can take out 3 minions easily, can eliminate something coming at you fairly well even if it has high HP. This, along with Log, are some of the “must consider you have” cards in Siege decks.

Inferno Dragon – My favorite card for melting tanks, and perfect for siege decks because you already have one building to draw tanks and hogs and rams! In this deck this card is a terrific mini tank for your Graveyard as well, so don’t be afraid to start it behind your King tower and then play a graveyard when in position. This is Primarily a DEFENSIVE card, so play it as such. It is really you’re only tank killer, so be careful on playing it until you know they don’t have a big tank. You can usually figure this out in the first minute or so.

Mortar Graveyard Deck Strategic Principles to Success

  1. Mortar placement – as I outlined above, there are only really 3 main mortar positions for success. If you are playing a hog cycle deck, your mortar is a defensive unit meant to draw the hog – play it at position 2 or 3. If a big push, or quick push, is coming, play it also at 2 or 3 so those troops walk to the middle. It will buy you time to defend better. If you are ahead and need to seal the win, play it at 3. This deck is king of 1 crown wins.
  2. Graveyard timing – Do NOT be over zealous with playing GY. It is a huge cost, and will lose you the game if you’re not smart. Only play it when you think you have the elixir advantage, and when you have a mini tank and/or Freeze ready to support it. A lone GY is a total waste, generally speaking. Use it to surprise them! In this deck, I have many games where I essentially play 2 decks – for the first two minutes, it is a mortar chip deck. In the last minute, it is a freezeyard deck. This keeps people super off balance.
  3. Double Threat – Like I mentioned in the last point, this deck is flexible. If you are playing a deck that has furnace / tombstone and tanks or mini tanks, chances are you’re not winning with mortar. Use your mortar in spots 2 or 3, and play this like a freezyard – meaning play good defense, and make a sneak counter attack with GY. Conversely, also the same. Mortar cycling and chipping can and will win you games. If you are able to do that, and defend successfully, just take that W. Don’t get over greedy with GY if it’s unnecessary.
  4. Know the Deck. Love the Deck. Cycle the Deck. – The toughest starting hand you will get is 3 spells and inferno dragon. Start that iDragon at the back, and cycle around. Maybe you wait for them to play first, and they drop a tank in the back – play a GY + Freeze on the opposite tower. This deck is fairly reactionary. Your moves will be dictated by their plays, until you learn their deck. Then it’s all you, baby.

Mortar Graveyard Deck Matchups:

Hog – Your mortar is your defense know. Place it at 2 or 3, maybe at 1 if the cycle is right. Your goal is to kill their hog without allowing it to hit your tower, and countering with a minitank + GY push. You can also place it at one if you have something with it to kill hog, and get some chips off.


RG – inferno dragon. fire spurts for support to splash that garbage around that royal garbage. Play your mortar at 1 ONCE the RG has walked into his dead zone. You’ll get one or 2 chips off, and the RG is distracted long enough to deal with him.


Spell Bait – This is tricky because you really only have the log. Pay attention to their cards, and when they like to play them – spell baiters become predictable. Log is best used against barrel, as there are other ways you can deal with princess / skarmy / horde / etc. Mortar chips when you can.


Golem – Attack the other lane. Whether that is mortar, or knight, make them spend elixir somewhere else than behind the golem. If you see a pump in the corners, try a mini tank + GY on it, or a freezeyard, and you can get some good damage to the tower and pump and mess them up.


Siege – Your mortar is likely going to become defense and you will with with Graveyard. Place your mortar mostly at 3, unless the cycle is such that you can pressure at 1. Knight is great for distracting siege, but everything else is air or too fast / small. Mortar needs to be defense.


3M – Treat pump as if you would on Golem. I will always play mortar at 3 when a 3M push is coming. Why? because they are for sure adding Ram / Knight something else, and my mortar needs to blow the musketeers up. Also, will draw their fire so you have time to counter with spirits / mm / knight. Play it at 3 towards the side the 2 musketeers are coming. Don’t be afraid to use freeze if you need a few seconds (defensively).

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Shard by  E_KingTrill

As always, thanks for reading this Mortar Graveyard Deck guide, and I hope ya’ll have fund with this deck. I sure am. Happy to answer any questions further.