Best Freeze Deck Arena 9

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Hi guys Best Freeze Decks 2019 Today we are talking a look at Top 5 Best Freeze Decks 2019  These Best Freeze Decks 2019 has been used by a few top players and you might have seen it being used on the ladder so come and check out these Best Freeze Decks Arena 9 Take a look at check out here more November Meta Decks 2017

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Ice Golem Balloon Best Freeze Decks Arena 9

Freeze Decks 2017

Place down 2 or 3 Pump on the map and Your main offensive combo would be Ice Golem+Balloon If your opponent makes his First move with elite barbas the feel free to to use Ice Golem even though he is apart of your main push.


You are playing Against Miner horde Player and your opponent starts off with an aggressive Miner Minion Horde combo, ignore the Miner and take out the horde with  Ice Golem+Zap and push the other side with Ice Golem+Balloon or Balloon+Mega Minion. They won’t have a enough Elixir and a strong counter to the Balloon and will lose a tower. This would be beneficial to you as you can either defend for the rest of the battle or you can pressure them on the other tower Continue Reading »

Mega Knight Best Freeze Decks Arena 9

Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck

Your general gameplan is Making some positive elixir trades So If you reach 10 Elixir, Justwait for the opponent to make the first move If you want,you can place a Tombstone 4 tiles away from your King Tower, as a preliminary defense and a way to cycle and gain oppressive value.If Your opponent rush Hog Rider and Ice Golem Then you have Tombstone, Mega Knight,Bats. Many of these cards will shut down that push Continue Reading »

Bowler Graveyard Best Freeze Decks Arena 9

Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck

The general strategy is to use the bowler/executioner as a defense and then counter-push. Dropping graveyard as soon as one of these two are on the bridge walking toward the tower.

The best push at your disposal (typically only possible during double elixir) is a bowler with an executioner behind him, then GY + freeze. I’ve recently adopted the philosophy that I will not make the first move until double elixir since this is a somewhat high cost deck and shines in double elixir Continue Reading »

Hog Best Freeze Decks Arena 9

Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck

Hey guys, my name is RallerZ, I am a level 11 at 4300 trophies and I would like to share a Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck that has got me plenty of success on ladder, it’s extremely fun to use and very versatile. This is my first guide I’m posting here so please take it easy on me Continue Reading »

Three Musketeer Best Freeze Decks Arena 9

Balloon Three Musketeer Deck

Hi Guys DarthMint here and today I’ll be showing you the Balloon Three Musketeer Deck  which has been used often in the leaderboards. This deck is a Fireball bait deck which allows your 3 Musketeers to wreak havoc on the enemy towers This Deck is all about spilit 3 Musketeers The goal to a full split push is to push one lane with a 2-Musketeer combo and push the other lane with a 1-Musketeer Balloon combo Continue Reading »

Mortar Best Freeze Decks Arena 9

Mortar Graveyard Deck

This deck takes advantage of a principle called Double Threat – you have 2 separate win conditions, dependent on your opponent’s deck and whether it is double elixir. I’ll get into this more later. In addition, each card has a very specific role, and that role may change depending on your opponent’s deck Continue Reading »

 Hog Best Freeze Decks Arena 9

Hog Freeze deck

Hi Guys What’s up Riddle0219 here and today I going to show to Icy Hog Freeze Beatdown deck After being extremely  with the recent balance changes as my Night witch deck and Battle deck wasn’t working out as well I decided to search for something new and i finally found Icy Hog Freeze Beatdown deck for Arena 8+ Continue Reading »

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