September Hidden Updates

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September Hidden Updates

Hey Guys Whats up Today i am going to show you the list of some special hidden changes of the recent Clash Royale 2016 September update.The Update is pretty Good For F2P Players,Supercell Added Some New Achievements,New Tournament Mode, 2 new chests: Legendary Chest and Epic Chest and More So Let’s Take a Look What are the these Hidden Updates inside the September Update.

September Hidden Updates


New card Release Dates:

  • Mega Minion released on 20/09/2016
  • Ice Golem released on 14/10/2016
  • Inferno Dragon released on 28/10/2016
  • Graveyard Spell released on 28/09/2016

2 new Spells is going to be added:



Graveyard 5 seconds    Spawns for 5 seconds a max of 8 skeleton in the spell’s area
Freeze Ice Golemite 1.5 seconds    Slow down ground troops for 1.5 seconds after the ice              golimite died (?)

Chest related contents:

  • The chest cycle doesn’t change anything.
  • Only players above 1000 trophies can find the Epic Chest.
  • Only players above 2000 trophies can find the Legendary Chest.
  • Epic Chest and Legendary Chest Drop Randomly in the 500 chest cycle. They work exactly the same as the Super Magical Chest Cycle.

Two new Achievements

  • Players now receive 100 Gems at the first time create Tournaments.
  • Winstreak Achievement for the Challenge Tournament:
Win in a challenge EXP Gems
4 5 5
8 10 20
12 20 100

Chest probability

Name Rare Epic Legendary
Classic Challenge Chest 10 100 2000
Grand Challenge chest 10 100 2000
Magic/Super Magic (for comparison) 5 30 600
Free/Crown (for comparison) 10 200 4000


Other changes:

  • You can send a maximum of 20 confetti while spectating any battle.
  • Training camp has some new predefined decks.
  • The staggered card release is enabled in the game files. No client update is needed.

Submitted by Asdamp On Reddit