F2P Hog Trifecta

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Hey clashers! It’s EliSolo here bringing you my first F2P Hog Trifecta Modified Deck guide. As a player over 4000 trophies, I play a lot of cycle decks, specifically hog decks. I’ve gained a lot of experience in hog decks through playing and learning from my mistakes and learning from other people. This new hog trifecta deck that has came out, I thought needed some adjustments to fit the current meta. However still keeping it a cheap, fast cycle deck. Here is a F2P Hog Trifecta Modified Deck guide 

F2P Hog Trifecta

F2P Hog Trifecta Modified Deck Card Role:

  • Hog rider: Your main tank/damage dealer in the deck. As its only 4 elixir and offers a lot of value, I think it’s one of the best offensive cards in the game.
  • Ice golem: In my opinion one of the best cards in the game. For 2 elixir offers so much value. Defensively it can be used to distract, soak up damage, kite troops, and with its death damage kill small troops such as skeletons, or lower the health of goblins and minions. Also offensively used in combos with the hog rider in this deck.
  • Musketeer: Great value card for 4 elixir. It can be used defensively and then turned into a counter push on offense with your trifecta. Also, with its range, can kill troops in the opposite lane and then help out your offensive push on the other lane.
  • Ice spirit: Another great, cheap value card that can be used offensively and defensively in many combos listed below. Also, just like the ice golem, can create many positive elixir trades
  • Guards: A good, cheap counter to a lot of cards in the meta game such as hog riders, elite barbarians, graveyards, etc. The skeletons were in the main version of this deck but guards in my opinion offer more value even though they’re 2 more elixir.
  • Inferno Tower: Your main defensive building to tanks. It is really easy to use and for 5 elixir I think, provides a lot of value as it takes out a lot of the big tanks we see in the mega game right now such as royal Giants, golems, lava hounds, etc. The cannon was in the main version of this deck but I just think for 2 more elixir the inferno tower provides so much more value on defense and is a bargain to kill these big tanks.
  • Fireball: Good defensively at taking out swarms , killing clumped up troops, and good offensively in combos with the hog rider.
  • Zap: Great for air and ground coverage and quickly taking out small troops. Can be switched out for the log.

F2P Hog Trifecta Modified Deck Offensive game plan :

As it is a hog deck you don’t want to go too aggressive on the hog pushes. You don’t want to build up the trifecta every time. Try to make small pushes and then once you’ve used the muskateer and/or ice golem on defense, you can counter push by playing the hog behind the ice golem but in front of the muskateer to build the hog trifecta push. However, all of the troops in this deck can be used effectively in small combos as well with the hog that can be deadly.

F2P Hog Trifecta Modified Deck Offensive combos :


  1. Hog + Ice Golem + Muskateer (main trifecta push)
  2. Hog + Ice Spirit (great, cheap combo usually used at the start of the game)
  3. Hog + Ice Golem (great at tanking for the hog and killing cheap troops such as skeletons, my most used combo)
  4. Hog + Guards (the least used combo for me)
  5. Hog + Zap (to take out small troops helping your hog get through)
  6. Hog + Fireball (When using the fireball on offense you have to be careful.

If you send in a push and he counters with the barbarians, you can fireball the barbarians, getting tower damage, nearly killing them and scattering them so that your hog can get more shots. You can also send in prediction fireballs thinking he’s going to drop something, killing or damaging his counter and then getting through with the hog. When sending in prediction fireballs you need to know if he has his counter in cycle, where he places his counter, and you need to see how often he’s defended your hog with that counter, whether it’s safe enough to do it. I normally use this combo in double elixir just in case I mess up I’ll still have a good amount of elixir)

You should mostly be using these small and effective combos to slowly chip away at their tower and then at the right times you can push with the trifecta. If you can’t get past his DEFENSE, for example he has an inferno tower. Try to out cycle his inferno tower by cycling with cheap troops like ice golem, ice spirit, guards, etc. Out cycling their DEFENSE works best in double elixir, because it can sometimes be too risky wasting a lot of elixir.

F2P Hog Trifecta Modified Deck Defensive game plan:

  1. The inferno tower is your main tank killer, killing hog riders, Giants, golems, lava hounds, royal Giants, etc. Other cards like muskateer and guards are great at taking out support troops.
  2. Ice golem and ice spirit and great, cheap counters to smaller troops and specifically the ice golem is great for distraction, soaking up damage, and kiting troops.
  3. Your fireball + zap combo is great if you don’t have any other defensive troops such as muskateer or if you can get a value fireball or zap, hitting multiple troops. Also, in extreme situations, you can hog pull to kite and distract troops.
  4. This is done by placing the hog next the river, the hog will jump and the troop/troops will chase after the hog. Only do this if you have no other counter to the troop/troops or if your being swarmed and your in trouble.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this F2P Hog Trifecta Modified Deck guide to my modified version of this new crazy hog trifecta deck. This is a beastly ladder deck that is completely free to play! Please leave your comments down below about any questions you have and I will answer! Thanks so much for taking your time to read my guide!