F2P Hog Deck

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F2P Hog Deck Push to Legendary Arena

Hey Guys, CLASHwithSHANE_YT So I recently hit 4000 trophies on my main account as a level 10 with a no legendary (and no epic) deck as a F2P Hog Deck, and I wanted to share the F2P Hog Deck deck / strategy with you all since I know a lot of people are still struggling to get those legendaries. The F2P Hog Deck only consists of commons and rares which means it is fairly easy for everyone to get access to the cards and to upgrade them to a decent level, a great option for all F2P players. F2P Hog Deck

F2P Hog Deck

F2P Hog Deck Strategy:

This is a Control Deck, meaning for the most part you want to play on your side of the arena and focus on winning elixir trades and then setting up a counter push using surviving defending troops. You typically don’t want to make an aggressive push when you know your opponent has 10 Elixir ready to defend with strong counter cards. Instead, you want to win a positive elixir trade defense on your side, and then send in a quick Hog counter attack using the elixir advantage you just developed. F2P Hog Deck

Here are some different attack strategies with this deck. Note: card tracking and elixir tracking is critical to setting up successful attacks. You have to know your opponents deck and know what cards they currently hold in their hand and choose the appropriate push. Ex. If opponent has Barbs do a Valk Hog push, if they have Minions or Minion Horde do a Hog Pre-Fireball or Hog Ice Spirit Zap. F2P Hog Deck


F2P Hog Deck Offense:

Hog + Goblins  – Used with pig push technique to get past buildings, or if your opponent has a Mini Pekka and you know zap is out of rotation – Don’t use if you know your opponent has splash available to kill Gobs (like Zap or Fire Spirits). F2P Hog Deck

[Valk + Hog – Place Valk first then Hog Rider 1 tile behind and have the Hog push the Valkyrie forward, increasing her movement speed. This is one of my main pushing strategies with this deck. Used to counter many different ground defenses like Barbs, Goblins, Mini Pekka, Cannon, Inferno, Etc. Valkyrie tanks all damage while the hog slips past. F2P Hog Deck

Hog + Musketeer – Not really the #1 ideal pushing technique (to many easy counters) but will do high damage and can be paired up with an Ice Spirit to take out something like a Mini Pekka. Overall, both the Hog and the Musketeer will be exposed, very situational. F2P Hog Deck

Hog + Ice Spirit – Quick and cheap little push to get some fast damage done to the tower if you need to. Ice Spirit can freeze a Mini Pekka and allow a couple hits from your Hog or if paired up with a Zap Spell can obliterate Minions or Minion Horde. Use Ice Spirit first on the edge-most tile next to the bridge, then quick tap Hog Rider to perform a Pig Push. F2P Hog Deck

 Valk + Hog + Ice Spirit (+ Zap) – Similar to the Pre-Fireball push but cheaper on elixir. Ice Spirit can be thrown in to freeze Cannons, Mini Pekkas, Infernos, etc and also be followed up with a Zap to kill Minions.

Zap – Pretty self-explanatory. Save for stuff like Inferno Tower, Goblins, Minions, etc. Only use if it will pay itself off in damage and you know you wont need it immediately on defense. I see many people waste Zap spells on offense only to end up getting only 1 or even 0 extra hog hits on a tower. Very situational.

Counter Popular Meta: F2P Hog Deck

Beatdown Decks: Counter pushing is your best friend! If they start to set up a slow push from behind the King Tower, you have to counter push the opposite lane. Force them to spend Elixir defending their tower instead of supporting their push. Building up a slow defense will usually not work, these Beatdown Decks are designed to overwhelm you when they get all of their cards in place. F2P Hog Deck

Giant Poison: Bowler destroys Hog so don’t push same lane as Bowler and don’t send aggressive Hog pushes when you know opponent has Bowler in hand. If you allow them to set up a strong slow push it is going to be insanely hard to stop – don’t build a slow defense – counter push. But…. If you cant counter push – Cannon to distract Giant, Valk to tank Bowler with Musketeer to kill. Focus on support troops first then kill Giant. F2P Hog Deck

Lava Hound Miner: When defending, drop Valk when Lava Hound explodes to tank Lava Pup damage, Musketeer to kill Balloon / Mega Minion support, Fireball or Zap + Ice Spirit to kill Minions / Pups

Pekka Three Musketeer: Fireball + Zap kills the Three Musketeers (just make sure to Zap first or the Fireball knockback will cause you to miss) and Goblins, Cannon, Valk, or Musketeer will destroy the Pekka on your side of the arena with Crown Tower help and allow you to set up a counter push. Ice Spirit can do wonders against Pekka. F2P Hog Deck