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F2P Golem Poision Deck Push To Arena 9

Hey guys,firebeardthegreat here so I’ve been hanging around the 2500 mark lately and practising my Golem Poision Deck on challenges and tournaments and I decided yesterday that it’s time to make my push since I had two crown chests ready to play for. In the span of two crown chests I pushed from around 2600 to 3000 winning my last 5 games all in a row to push me over 3000. Here’s the Golem Poision Deck I used:

Golem Poision Deck

Golem Poision Deck Card Role:

Golem: The star of the show, this guy has an insane amount of health at tournament standards, always place behind the tower unless its in double elixir and you have a pump down or you’re desperate on defence.

Prince:Used as your main ground dps, taking out hogs then push on the counter attack, taking out giants and supporting your golem. Could swap for mini pekka/lumberjack but then you’re vulnerable to bowler. I like prince also because you can run the rest of the deck as a prince cycle if you’re unable to get a golem down due to pressure. Golem Poision Deck


Mega Minion: Main air dps, main use is to kill giant and then push on the counter attack. Drop it behind your golem on any main push. I never golem push without this guy in my hand as sometimes you’ll get rushed when you place it. A cheap 3 elixir means you can defend a hog or prince push with minimal damage. This guy has won me 70% of my games on offence with his dps and survivability behind the golem.

Poison: Meta spell, use it to support golem push. Wipes out minion hordes/barbarians etc. Used on defence only if 100% needed. I will rarely poison a pump, only if I have one down already and im at 10 elixir.

Zap: Meta spell, most important for inferno tower And Swapn Troops

Tombstone: This is one of my favourite cards in the game. I destroy hog decks because of this card. You can counter so much with it: mini pekka, prince, giant, sparky, you can use it to pump out skeles for an inferno counter or you can use as a spawner to support a push. With two of these down, you are unbreakable. Not a replaceable card for me. Golem Poision Deck

Pump: Your goal is to get at least 1 full pump before you golem push before double elixir, 1.5-2 is preferred. In double elixir depending on the situation I will stop pumping up, and on occasion I’ll golem push without a pump before double elixir. This card will see usage depending on your oponents deck. I find I pump up more against cycle decks because once I kill their cycle card I have that grace period for another push.

The Log: Log level 1-Can be replaced with ice spirit/princess/arrows/skeletons/guards etc … Mostly a flex spot but I find the log has helped me the most here. Counters princess at a +1 advantage and can help wipe out ground pushes with ease. I use it a lot to re-target a card onto a tombstone

Golem Poision Deck Strategy:

If you have a pump, place it to open if you have at least a mega minion or tombstone or prince in your hand. If not, try to cycle a card. Most of the times I will win with only one pump down so I don’t usually go for two unless I really need it. I find myself having to really pump up against inferno decks or spawner decks.

If they are using a beat down deck, I will place a golem behind my tower when they place a giant, most of the time my defence (prince/megaminon or tombstone skeles) will win before they can take down half my golem. Once their giant is dead I’ll have a golem along with support at which time I can poison/log/etc. If giant is at river, I will kite with tombstone and place a prince or mega minion on the support depending on what it is. Usually the prince or mega minion will mop that up and move to the giant. Once you build an elixir advantage build up a golem push without their giant on the field, if you can get a golem half way before you see any giant or support its over for their tower. Golem Poision Deck

Against hog cycles I will make positive trades using tombstone, mega minion and log. Once I get an elixir advantage I will pump up when they aren’t holding a hog. Once you’ve pumped up sufficiently and they aren’t holding a hog, place your golem at the back and build your push. Golem Poision Deck

I think that’s all I got for now, I’ll try to get some replays up to show it. Hopefully this helps anyone using golem or trying to push with it to legendary. Please ask any questions!

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