Giant Bomber Deck

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Hello Guys mm433 here and today i amgoing to show you Giant Bomber Deck  I made this deck when I was kind of floating around the 2550-2650 range This is very f2p deck In this deck we have only Common and Rare Cards Also It has very Low 2.6 elixir cost So come and Check out this Giant Bomber Deck guide

Giant Bomber Deck

Giant Bomber Deck Card Role:


  1. This card is your win condition. He is one of the only cards capable of surviving almost everything under the sun and still allowing you to get a push out. This is a really important card in the deck because it can help you defend if it’s on your side and it can take 1000 damage off of the tower if it’s left alone at half health.



  1. I, like many people, at first had an aversion to this card because of its low health. However, after testing it a lot and using it a bunch, I have concluded that it is actually a really good card… if you know how to use it. Believe it or not, at tournament standard it survives Log, Zap, and Arrows.
  2. Just be careful to properly space it from the Giant if you know your opponent has Fireball. This is actually a really under-appreciated card and since most people ignore it, then it can completely change the outcome of a match.


  1. These cards are one of your two main chip/air defense cards. They can play a huge role in a good counter. They’re getting more use now, which I like since they’re bulkier and do more damage than Goblins or Spear Goblins. Overall, a really under-appreciated card and a good way to counter.


  1. This card plays a MASSIVE role in your defense. It’s great at making positive elixir trades and luring bulkier building-targeting troops such as Lava Hound and Balloon that could potentially make you lose the game. This is probably one of my favorite cards.


  1. These are your other card for air defense/chip damage. These guys are versatile in that you can defend an oncoming air troop and still set up a counter push. One of the main cards in the deck.


  1. Zap is useful because it can take out hordes easily and also stun them while doing so. For example, if you only have 2 elixir on hand and your opponent throws down a minion horde, Zap them and only a few will get to your tower. This card is preferable to arrows because it is cheaper and it stuns troops.

Ice Spirit

  1. This card is my favorite out of all the cards in the game. For one elixir, you can cycle, defend, support a push, or just freeze a troop in the last seconds that would otherwise destroy you.
  2. This card instantly makes any push 10x scarier and if your opponent ignores it, then you will pretty much have the game won.


  1. These are probably also one of my favorite cards. You can use them to cycle and defend, and still support a push, although they aren’t as threatening as an Ice Spirit. Great all-around card and really under-appreciated.

Giant Bomber Deck Match Ups:

  1. Lavaloon: Be sure to use your Cannon smart, especially since they usually will have Fireball to counter the Cannon. Archers or Minions can also be used for support.
  2. Beatdown decks: These guys will usually just come at you non-stop, so it’s important to remember not to over-counter. Focus on getting positive elixir trades and swarming your opponent’s troops.
  3. Splash troops: These guys can ruin your push, since this deck is mostly low-health cards. Just stay alert and know your opponent’s cycle.

Giant Bomber Deck Overall Tips:

  1. Be sure not to over-counter.
  2. Focus on gaining an easy elixir advantage.
  3. Play on the defensive side of things.
  4. Know your opponent’s cycle.
  5. Always keep in mind that any card can change a game.

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Thanks for reading this Giant Bomber Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.