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Hey guys it’s 1UMIN3SCENT, here to show you a  Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck that got me 12 wins in the Classic Battle Ram Challenge. I am a dedicated player interested in possibly joining the competitive scene, with a trophy high of 4200+ and multiple 12 win challenges under my belt. I really enjoy testing different decks out in classic challenges, so I have upgraded almost all my cards to tournament standards

The  Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck is simply a version of the Giant Executioner deck(Take a look at here for Giant Executioner deck) that is extremely popular as of right now that I found works very well with the Battle Ram. I am making this post as a deck guide so take a quick look at this  Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck guide:

Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck

 Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck Card Role:

  • Giant:

The Giant is simply the best tank in the game, and he is often the biggest damage dealer in this deck. Fantastic for making deathball pushes behind him. Honestly there isn’t much to be said here Because All of you know how to use Giant 


  • Executioner:

Everyone knows how good this card is. He is simply fantastic amazing at defending, and his ridiculous range means that if you put him behind a giant, he will just shred the troops trying to defend him, and often the tower as well! Often used in conjunction with the Giant or the Battle Ram in this deck.

  • Battle Ram:

I’m not going to lie, this card is very situational in this deck, and I used it mostly in split pushing once I knew my opponent had overspent on defending my Giant. That is, however, a very lucrative situation for you if you can the Battle Ram to the tower. It will almost take the tower unassisted if the opponents has no elixir to defend. It is decent in other situations, such as pushing the Giant forward, but I wouldn’t recommend using it to often.

  • Electro Wizard/Minions:

I used Minions for my first 11 wins, but I switched to the Electro Wizard for my last game because of his ability to hard counter the Battle Ram + Minions are shredded by the Executioner. However it really is a choice of personal preference, and either works great in the deck. Minions will make the deck slightly cheaper as well as better against ground troops that can’t target air(obviously xD), but the Electro Wizard is a hard counter to the Battle Ram which of course everyone is using, as well as being slightly better against other Giant Executioner decks. Cannon: One of the best defensive structures in the game now that the Lavahound has gone out of the meta, it can effectively deal with Giants, Hogs, Battle Rams, ect. Paired with Executioner it makes a great combo, as the Cannon will give you point damage to shred the tank while the Executioner does amazing splash damage on support troops.

  • Lightning:

The most important thing to remember about this card is to be patient. Almost everyone in this challenge is running both the executioner and the Electro Wizard, and the Lightning is amazing at destroying them both. While it is a decent trade to Lightning down an Executoner + 346 damage to the tower, you can often wait another couple seconds and then get even more value, especially if your opponent is defending your Giant. I rarely use the Lightning on defense in this deck, but if you can make a positive elixir trade, or if you’re desperate, it is OK.

  • Cannon

It is still very good Defence Right now. Level 9 Cannon + Minions is a great combo to prevent opponent’s level 10 Royal Giant from getting any hit to your Tower. You can somehow replace Cannon with Inferno Tower to deal with Lava Hound and Giant + Balloon combo better.

  • Ice Golem:

The reason this card gets a spot in my deck is because of its ability to distract the Executioner, as well as act as a sponge for Battle Ram damage. Overall a very good card that will be one of your defensive stalwarts.

  • The Log:

Simply the best spell in the game, it has many uses, especially in this challenge. It is one of the only cards that can stop the Battle Rams charge, and when paired with Lighting it will finish off the sliver of health left on the Executioner. In addition to that it also does great chip damage every time you use it.

 Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck Starting Hands :

The starting hand often makes or breaks a deck, and how you play it will affect the rest of the match. The best cards to place at the beginning in this deck include the Giant in the back, Ice Golem in the back, or you can wait to see which lane your opponent will push and place the Executioner in the back of that lane. In an ideal hand you would want: Giant, Executioner, Cannon, Ice Golem, and the Electro Wizard on deck. This will allow you to defend almost any push, as well as exert pressure from the start of the match.

However, you obviously won’t always get this hand, so you need to be prepared for your worst hand, which would be this: Lightning, The Log, Giant, Battle Ram, and Ice Golem on deck. This hand makes it very difficult to defend, so if you get the worst hand I would advise placing the Giant at the back and then select your Ice Golem in case of Ebarbs. If your opponent plays a Hog, you can always Log it back, cycle Ice Golem and defend with the next card in your cycle(Executioner, Electro Wizard/Minions, or Cannon).

 Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck Possible Substitutions

As I said earlier, the biggest possible substitution would be Electro Wizard->Minions. You could also substitute The Log->Zap, but I would not reccomend it, especially considering you will have all cards at your disposal.

 Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck Conclusion

I hope that this  Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck guide helps you to unlock the Battle Ram and win the Challenges. If you have any questions about the deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing!

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