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Clash Royale Elixir Golem Deck Guide and tips and tricks hi guys today I shared you Elixir Golem Guide by IM Reddit user. Clash Royale new troop Elixir Golem Guide and strategies how to use it and weak and good points how to use and win

Elixir Golem Deck Guide,Tips and Tricks

Elixir Golem deck guide

Main Aspect of the card

  • The overall cost of Elixir Golem is 7
  • Initial deployment is 3
  • Then adding +4 (that if they try to counter it with the same elixir “3”) trade for the enemy’s AFTER KILLING IT. and that is excluding the survival of their troops.

Top 10 Elixir Golem Deck


Basically in total, you get the same health as a mother golem, that is generally faster on avg, and its great vs splash or 1 hit units, but no death damage, but the /DPS is higher , but lasts shorter. which all these are the significant variable to be balanced for this golem.

Why some people think its OP? i personally think it is not op, but definitely on the strong side, but unless you can defend a push vs an Elixir golem, you will have higher chance on winning the game than your opponent.

The main strategy you trying to accomplish is to destroy enemy’s towers before the end of the match, because if they defend, you have to defend like a pro, and try to gain a positive elixir trade when defending.

How to defend? a mix of splash/ high rate DPS and 1 high hit damage is the best counter, including swarms, which have high dps. high firerate. which is the best support unit to counter the elixir golem? Witch and Executioner, and skarmy is the best card to counter the elixir golem, bats, minion horde and gob gang come after .


  • Very Cheap
  • High damage
  • Hard to counter
  • Very Tanky
  • Enemy’s will only gain the +4 trade (Counting if they counter it with 3), after killing it, which saves you time to build elixir to defend.


  • Risky as Hell
  • Enemy’s will always gain elixir after killing it, which will put them on the elixir lead
  • There units will always be unharmed (unless supported)

Understanding the card for Future:The Archetypes are basically risk taking or Dare Devil, few examples:

(New Archetypes ideas)

  • Quick and cheap beat down , massive push for much cheaper. with the elixer golem, and with possible cheaper support units.
  • Rush, Taking enemy tower quickly, with few counters and very high chance to take a tower, with spending the whole 10 elixer (unless EXI nado -_-),
  • Elixir golem Cycle, that includes double lane Pressure.
  • Last second wins., defending whole match, and generally 1 push win in the end of the match (sudden death).

This card works very well with few pre existed archetypes, such as:

  • Bridge spam (its hard to defend, will grantee damage vs any card), so its a punishing card.
  • Grave yard, insane tank ability for grave yard, even if the units and tower re-target to skelly, the amount of this to skill is so much, not a single card can prevent any damage from this.
  • 3M, uses bridge spam mostly, but for 3 elixir, you can tank for a hard to kill very high dps units.
  • Balloon, tanks so well for balloon at start, and guarantees damage, unless enemy’s have witch or exi, which will give them a massive positive elixir trade.
  • Double lane Pressure, Because its very cheap, you can now easily create double lane pressure.


  • 3M will come back, very strong and well, which also returns double lane pressure and fireball bait.
  • Rush will be OP, not because it needs balancing, but no one knows how to counter it. and its very based on your and your opponent cycle.
  • Bridge spam, will be back better and stronger, but possible no longer with pekka.
  • Splash yard will be the dominating defensively deck
  • Executioner will be the strongest card in game, nado as a spell, also witch will become meta and fairly strong.
  • Rip classic Beat downs. unless special new ones.
  • Royale recruits will become meta for the first time, due to the defense and double lane pressure.
  • Xbow will become slightly stronger, but with new variations, possibly rip 2.9?

If you made it this far, thanks for reading it, i have spent 2 hours writing and testing the card, so i hope i may helped you. if you wonna add anything or i have missed somethings, please mention it, and no need for arguing about opinions.

This post is only related for the new card, i know wall breakers will also become a meta card, but all the metas mentioned include elixer golem.

Any ideas, tips or strategies are welcomed comment.

Edit: Forgot to mention Elixer golem is a win condition, but can be paired up with other win conditions, well, it aint a defensive card at all, mostly offensive, but also not as versatile as a miner, as a win condition.