Bowler Elite Barbarians Deck

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Hey guys Tagsandbags  I’m relatively new to the game and I am a level 8 Throphies  Count around 2800 trophies. This deck helped me to push from 2300 to 2800,I like to call this deck The Bowler Elite Barbs Counter attack Deck because every card in the deck is phenomenal at defense, while at the same time is amazing at translating into an offense; which is why this Bowler Elite Barbarians Deck is so good cuz you can completely shut down your opponent’s push So let’s take a guick look at this long Bowler Elite Barbarians Deck guide

Bowler Elite Barbarians Deck

Bowler Elite Barbarians Deck Card Role:

  1. Bowler: A defensive Card of this Deck. This card can shut down Hogs and mow ground troops . This card definitely shines on defense, but it’s not a card that you strictly use on defense. It’s one of those cards that you have to know when to use on offense, although a full health Bowler on counter attack should almost always be supported.
  2. Elite Barbarians: The win condition of this deck. Absolutely brutal card ever since its recent buff. Since it’s the win condition you want to try to mainly use it on offense, although defending with them then counter pushing isn’t bad either. The only real good time to use EB on offense is if you catch your opponent at an elixir disadvantage.
  3. Ice Golem: One of the best cards in the game. For only 2 elixir, you can do so much. Ice Golem and Elite Barbs is a deadly combo, and Ice Golem on defense is a great play as well. Use it on defense to stop hordes, kite tanks all the way to their side of the arena on the opposite bridge, stop prince charges, and tank for your troops. On offense, it’s a meat shield for Barbs that buys the Barbs so many extra hits because of its slowing ability.
  4. Mega Minion: The most used card in the game right now. This card doesn’t need much of an explanation. Even after its 15% DPS nerf it still does devastating damage. Use it only on defense as it’s rarely worth supporting on a counterattack unless you catch your opponent on low elixir, then Elite Barbs in front of a counterattacking MM is a good play.
  5. Archers: Has always been a good card, but people are only recently noticing it. Should really only be used on defense unless it becomes a counterpush, even then sometimes they’re not worth shielding. On a counterpush, putting an Ice Golem in front of Archers will most likely make your opponent play a card out of panic from the potential chip damage, which then makes it a good idea to put Elite Barbs on the opposite lane after your opponent plays a counter for the Archers. Archers along with the Mega Minion are crucial for defending against Hound Decks. The best thing to do with Archers in most cases is to just drop them behind a tower and watch them do big but subtle damage to your opponent’s cards.
  6. Skarmy: Not much has to be said about this card. Don’t solely rely on them to defend certain cards because of how easy they are to be zapped, be prepared to put another card down. This description makes Skarmy seem like a burden, but if played right this card is one of the best defensive cards in the game. Plus, with Elite Barbs on the rise of Skarmy does a much better job at countering them than towers do. Should ONLY be used on defense unless your opponent rage quits and you wanna three crown them quickly, but that’s not even worth mentioning.
  7. Tornado: Since its got recent buff, this card’s pulling power has been insane.the only reason it’s in this deck is to pull Hogs and Miners to the King to activate him, and activating the King is a complete game changer. Although if your opponent doesn’t have any cards that can be pulled to the King, you may find yourself not using the card for the whole game, it’s one of those cards. Can also be used to pull cards your opponent puts behind a tower forward so that your push can take out the defending cards, also can be used to pull support cards away from your opponent’s tank to be able to get extra damage on the tank.
  8. Zap: The versatile stunner itself, zap’s uses are fairly self-explanatory. Zap minion horde, Sparky, goblin barrel, blah blah blah. Make sure to be wary of bait decks.The stun can be a game changer, and it’s instant deploy makes it one of the best spells.

How To Use It Bowler Elite Barbarians Deck :

  1. Ideally you don’t want to attack first, but if you’re paired up with one of those guys that can’t attack first to save their life then just split Archers in the back or throw Ice Golem down in the back.
  2. If your opponent starts with Hog and you have tornado in hand, pull the hog to your King. For the rest of the game all you’ll need to do to defend Hog is just drop Archers and they’ll take it out quick with the King. In the case of them putting Prince up front, Skarmy is your best play, but if you can’t play Skarmy then Ice Golem + Archers can handle  Prince very well.
  3. Giants are very easy to take care of, if it’s a giant with a splash unit behind then drop an Ice Golem (or Bowler if you wanna counterattack) to tank for a Skarmy that you drop on the Giant. If they Zap Skarmy, just put Mega Minion or Archers down.
  4. Bowler is a very confused card in this deck, usually it would be the counter to Hog but the Tornado does better because it can activate your King. However, if my opponent plays Princess, I do like to counter with Bowler because the Bowler will just continue onto your opponent’s tower and it could be a potential counterattack. Bowler’s also very good against Furnce. You’re really on your own when deciding when to use the Bowler, this deck was originally a Hog Elite Barbs deck and I felt like something was missing and now that I replaced Hog with Bowler this deck feels just right. With Hound decks, I like to play the Elite Barbs on the opposite lane as soon as my opponent puts the Hound down then spread out Archers and MM in the back so they can’t get fireballed, sometimes I’ll tornado the Hound to the middle to buy some time if it becomes overwhelming.

Bowler Elite Barbarians Deck Weaknesses:

Golem: Not a huge weakness, but more of a nuisance since this deck has no towers. If opponent drops Golem push opposite lane with EB then Skarmy the Golem. Yes, the Golem’s death damage kills Skarmy but Golemites are much less threatening than the Golem itself and choosing to ignore Golemites is only a bad play if you’re in a bad position to take chip damage. If worse comes to worst Elite Barbs are a terrific counter to Golem. Just try to 1 crown then defend for your life the rest of the game.

Royal Giant: What deck isn’t weak to RG though? Skarmy counters this very well, if your opponent’s an idiot and doesn’t have Zap and/or splash units to back their RG up (not gonna happen). Just like Golem, worse comes to worst use EB, but that’s if you’re truly helpless on counters. Otherwise, Skarmy and MM together aren’t bad counters.


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