Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck

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Hi guys SimonMifsud here and today i am going to show you Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck from 3400 to 4000 in two Days I created this deck in response to the Elite Barbarians recent buff.I Honestly think this is the current meta card and as you know in crown dule tournament every one war running deck with elite barb deck  this Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck is really strong in converting defenses into offenses. Be sure to practice this deck before you start playing this Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck in the ladder and tournaments.

Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck

Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck Card Role:

Giant: I Mostly used This as a tank to protect Sparky.It can also be paired with minion horde elite barbarians and mega minion if your opponent is countering your sparky effectively every time

Sparky: Sparky can not only serve as a win condition a good strategy is to drop at the back after if your opponent drops a tank,then after sparky shreds the tank you have a lot of elixir to do a huge push with giant and minion horde/mega minion/fire spirits/elite barbs depending on how much elixir you have


Mega minion and Minion Horde:These two cards are very important in your they are very good at defending troops like hog rider and any tank(mega minion usually when paired with inferno tower) and they are great taking out whatever your opponent throws out to defend sparky

Inferno Tower: I chose inferno tower as my main defense but I think a cannon would be good if you want a cheaper deck.Inferno tower can beat almost anythink(Golem,Giant,Lava Hound etc)If your opponent has a hog or a royal giant or any other card and they zap you can easily put your minion horde or mega minion to finish them off

Fire Spirits: Fire Spirits are mostly used as an offensive suppost because the wipe out cards like minion horde goblins skeleton army archers and guards.They are also great taking out enemy support troops they have behind their win condition or tank.

Elite Barbarians: Personally I like to use this card first in double elixir so you will catch your opponent.Another amazing strategy which can end up with a three crown to to start a giant sparky push and then throwing out elite barbarians in the other lane,this mostly works in double elixir.Dont worry if you are forced playing them before double elixir to defend you can still catch your opponent off guard with this strategy

Zap: Zap is also very important in this deck since it can stun a very good counter to this deck the inferno tower.I usually pair up giant with mega minion then zap the tower so they take it out and then if I can drop a sparky.Its also good to zap skeleton army which is a popular counter to sparky.

Im currently at 4100 with this Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck hope this deck works for you and if you need any tips ask me in the comment below

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Thanks for reading this Miner Elite Barbarians Deck  guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.