Elite Barbarians

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Elite Barbarians Guide In Depth

Hi Guys What’s up Elite Barbarians Card is  new card which is going to be added into Clash Royale on 25 September 2016 The Elite Barbarians are unlockable from Arena 7 (or Royal Arena). This card spawns two elite Barbarians, which are melee, single-target. They are stronger than the normal Barbarians, having better damage and HP.It spawns two faster and stronger Barbarians. This card takes 6 Elixir to deploy.

Elite Barbarians are as fast as a Lumberjack and share the same attack speed as Barbarians, but deal more damage per swing. Each swing deals more damage than a Fireball on an arena tower. Two Elite Barbs pack the punch and HP of Three regular Barbs.

Elite Barbarians

Elite Barbarians Strategy

The main strategy for Elite Barbarians is not for defense but rather for offense. You would want to take advantage for its very fast movement speed which can easily reach out to your enemy towers.They can take out a Royal Giant relatively well Just like with regular Barbarians, they can take care of Sparky 


Compared to the regular Barbarians, they have higher stats and much more capabilities. However, they only come in 1 pair, while the Barbarians comes in 2 pairs. In total, they do less damage than regular Barbarians and are less effective for defending. However,

they are capable of withstanding area damage cards regular Barbarians cannot (Fireball, Zap, Ice and Fire Spirits). They also aren’t as good as Barbarians in swarming high damaging single target troops like the P.E.K.K.A. even if they can withstand one hit from these troops.

  1. Fire Spirits have similar effect as Fireball, they can really hurt Barbarians But they won’t have as much impact on Elite Barbarians
  2. Mega Minions can pick off Barbarians since they have such a slow movespeed But against Elite Barbarians, they’re way too fast for the Mega Minion to pick off effectively
  3.  Ice Golem you can kite a Lumberjack to its death But against Elite Barbarians, they have way more health and damage, which allows them to survive the kiting

If your opponent rushes you with Elite Barbs As long as they don’t have The Log or a Zap, your Skeleton Army can easily distract them Elite Barbarians can move very fast, but they’re still gonna attack as slow as regular Barbarians

Tombstone can shut them down really easily, especially with the Skeletons that it spawns Regular Barbarians overall have a bit more health and total damage Because of this, they’re also effective at sweeping up Elite Barbarians

Archers can tank 2 swings each If timed properly, pulling them to the center with Archers can completely eliminate them Musketeer does a decent job, though not as effective as Archers at a slightly higher elixir cost The Bowler is quite a strong card, he does an excellent job at defending against Elite BarbariansMinions and Mega Minion don’t output enough damage to stop the Elite Barbarians

Musketeers have a slow movespeed So splitting 3 Musketeers in the back makes sense since it can accumulate elixir to support them Since Elite Barbarians have a much faster movespeed, when you plant them in the back You won’t have as much elixir to support them They’re very costly and very hard to snowball since they’re so fast A Mega Minion or Archers in the back are much easier to snowball into a larger push Since they’re significantly slower Overall this is a card that deals relatively the same damage as Barbarians And can survive much better than Barbarians And are much more threatening than a Lumberjack You never want them to touch your tower, each swing dealing more damage than a Fireball They are NOT a direct replacement for Lumberjack or Barbarians

They have their own unique role in the game We found at tournament standard, they’re a bit hard to use, but since they’re a common card It won’t be too difficult to over level the Perhaps they’ll be more beneficial on ladder where there’s no level cap

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