Elite Barbarians Deck

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Elite Barbarians Deck For Arena 7 To Arena 9

Hi Guys GotSodium here and I decided to share this neat little Elite Barbarians Deck I’ve been trying in Legendary Arena and it seems to be working out AMAZING!!!For those of you Arena 7 and below you may not fancy using this deck, but my Clan and I proved its effectiveness in Royal and Legendary Arena,

This Deck Contain Mainly Barbarians Hut and Elite Barbarians as a Main Winning Condition,Two ways to play. If the opponent doesn’t have enough area damage (fireball/valk, etc) you can user Barb Hut to pressure one lane while defending/attacking on the other and when the time is right, do a 4 barb push on one lane. Otherwise, wait until double elixer and try to bait out their fireball/AOE damage using Musketeer/Wiz and double Barb Hut + Elite Barbs to flood their tower Let’s see This Elite Barbarians Deck in Depth

Elite Barbarians Deck

Elite Barbarians Deck Card Role:

  1. Barbarian Hut This Is The Main Win Condition of  This Deck Its Provides a valuable and constant stream of Barbarians that can deal wicked damage when left unchecked. Use this to bait out defensive cards from opponents or to bait out fireball so you can push their tower So easy.
  2. Elite Barbarians- although they don’t do as much damage as Barbarians, they still kill tanks very quickly and due to their speed they are very good in counter attack especially like I said above, when paired with the Regular Barbarians,The Elite Barbarians can serve as your main attacker but must have good support from behind. A couple of good pairings include the Elite Barbarians + Spear Gobling, Elite Barbarians + Fire Spirit, or Elite Barbarians + Musketeer take a look HERE For More Details
  3. Spear Goblins These guys work so well with Barb Hut. Two barbs + Spear Goblins behind makes them chip away at any melee units that are pushing you. If these guys are behind Barbs they can do ridiculous amounts of damage for such little cost. Also a good card to play out of the gate if you don’t have elixir collector.
  4. Mega Minion- The main reason Mega Minion is in this deck is because it is the best way to kill opposing Mega Minions. Aside from that, it is the best card in the game and is, in my opinion, an auto-include for most decks.
  5. Fire Spirits- Fire Spirits are excellent for their versatility. They have their basic uses in dealing with Minion Horde and Barbarians that are attacking your Barbarians. They are also excellent for forcing out Zaps by casting them to get chip damage on the tower. 
  6. Arrows- This is totally a preference. If you like playing aggressive and doing deadly Barb pushes, go ahead and use Poison. Using poison in an area around their tower makes the opponent scared of dropping things to defend your horde of Barbs making them that much more deadly. However, we may be seeing more Arrows bait decks in the new patch so feel free to use arrows if you have swarm problems.
  7. Fireball- Also a personal preference. I prefer Rocket since in double elixir/overtime all you need to do is swarm and defend while rocketing the tower to deal huge damage. You can also take out their spawners or defensive buildings. Fireball is also cheap and great for stopping pushes.
  8. Musketeer- This is also preference. Musketeer is nice to have to easily defend against air, but if you want to have an AoE unit backing up your Barbs then go ahead and use Wizard.

Recommended Substitutions


  1. Fire Spirit -> The Log
  2. Musketeer -> Wizard
  3. FireBall -> Rocket
  4. Arrows -> Poison

How To Use This Elite Barbarians Deck

It’s pretty simple actually. When you start off hopefully you have  Spear Gobs since you want to drop those off first. If you have neither drop a Barb Hut in the center. Make it as far back as you can so that it can still draw aggro, but it is far enough so Royal Giant can’t shoot across the river. In the beginning, pressure one lane with barb hut while defending the other.

So you can easily drop Elite barbarians if they use RG or Hog. Definitely don’t use Barb Hut unless you are at 10 elixer. When you hit double elixir you hopefully successfully defended their pushes. Now is your time to shine. Have 2 barb huts up at all times. Elite Barbarians Deck

If you are having trouble defending one lane you can put both in the same lane or both in different lanes. Now when the opponent gets angry and wastes his AoE damage on your spawned barbs, drop regular barbs with wizard/musk behind it. Get this flood of barbs to the tower and it is instant GG.

Elite Barbarians Deck Strengths:

If the opponent doesn’t have good AoE damage they are screwed. The horde of barbarians also counters both Hog and Royal Giant decks. Huge amounts of AoE damage allow you to prevent the opponent from pushing as well as easily countering arrows bait decks. Also, the deck is still good after the patch. 

CONS: If you use an RG or Hog deck then switching to this deck will be challenging especially with the large amount of gold it may take to upgrade all these cards. The deck has major weaknesses especially against Bomb Tower or even Rocket. Against an opponent with plenty of AoE damage you will probably draw or even lose. 

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Thanks for reading this Elite Barbarians Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.