Miner Lumberjack Deck

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Hi guys RickChum here and we are taking a look at Miner Lumberjack Deck I am Currently 4.5k Trophies and level 11 F2P my deck levels are around 11/8/4/1 I just recently got 12-0 in Classic Challenge this deck does contain 4 Legendaries so hard to get all the cards for this deck, just replace cards if you need too. I would recommend this Miner Lumberjack Deck mainly for challenges and also it will help you to reach at Arena 10+

Miner Lumberjack Deck

Miner Lumberjack Deck Card Role:

  1. Miner – Your primary win condition. Attack with him whenever you can, but make sure to mix up his placement! My personal favorite is on the inside of the arena tower, Main chip card, use it for tanking for other troops or chip | Chip (Use Miner to Tank for Electro Wizard, Dart Goblin, or Minions)
  2. Poison – Best use is against big pushes to kill support troops or damage tower with Medium health troop like Musketeer or Wizard Poison is better than Fireball at equal levels as it does more damage and is capable of area denial, like The Log. Example: if your opponent uses SkArmy to counter your Miner, place the Poison an instant after your Miner pops up,
  3. Dart Goblin – This is very great card against Skarmy Very challenging card to use, use replacement cards if you’re unfamiliar with it | Defense/Chip
  4. The Log – The Log damages the tower and controls a lane in ways that zap cannot. A very good predictive spell, if your opponent consistently uses SkArmy to defend your Miner,
  5. Electro Wizard – Really strong card, good against Lavahound Decks and Spawn damage can clutch | Defense
  6. Ice Golem – Good Mini-tank, Use to kite troops or soak damage in a pinch. Ice Golem + Electro Wizard Spawn damage kills Minions and Goblins It is simply a mini tank, ice wall, and stalling card, for only two elixir. It always gets value, and is extremely important as it is the best defense against elite barbs in this deck.
  7. Lumber Jack – Great for killing Tanks or to soak damage in a pinch. You can use Lumberjack to rage up Electro Wizard for Stun Lock also great at Offense and Defense
  8. Minions – This is the best card at both Offense and Defense I Use minions to kill melee and ground troops and this is very good card to distract opponent Inferno tower

Miner Lumberjack Deck Replacement Cards

Replace if you don’t have it, or if you don’t have the card up to level. These cards are best for the deck, but feel free to experiment in Friendly Battle


  1. Poison – Fireball (Honestly Poison is better for this deck)
  2. Dart Goblin – Princess or Archers
  3. The Log – Zap or Arrows
  4. Electro Wizard – Musketeer, Executioner
  5. Ice Golem – Knight or Valkyrie
  6. Lumberjack – Mini-Pekka
  7. Minions – Mega Minion or Minion Horde

Miner Lumberjack Deck How to use

Beginning – Play Minions, Ice Golem or eWiz at back. Wait for enemy to play cards and defend. Defend until you have Dart Goblin or eWiz and chip with Miner + Support Troop

Dart Goblin has a 6.5 Range, if the opponent places a Building 4 Tiles from the River and 2-3 Tiles from the tower, Placing the Dart Goblin aligned with the middle tile of the building it’ll shoot the building

Use Poison on Pumps and Spawners

x2 Elixir – Keep Defending, use Lumberjack + Ice Golem or Miner + Minions for chip.

If you have a tower down, placing the Miner at the furthest corner of Arena Tower it will only get the Arena Tower, also Placing the Dart Goblin 1 Tile from the corner (Towards you) it’ll only get targeted by the Arena Tower (RG Tech)

Use Poison on Medium Health troops placed at the back

Overtime – Defend, Miner + Dart Goblin/Minions or Poison/The Log. Then rinse and repeat.

Miner Lumberjack Deck Combos

  1. Electro Wizard Spawn damage + Ice Golem Death Damage = Kills Minions and Goblins
  2. Electro Wizard + Dart Goblin + Ice Golem = Main Defense –> Use Miner on tower to tank for EWiz and Dart Goblin
  3. Lumberjack + Electro Wizard = Kills Tanks –> Use Ice Golem to tank
  4. Poison + The Log = Kills Wizard, Ice Wiz, eWiz, Musketeer
  5. Ice Golem + Minions = Kills Ground Targeting Troops
  6. Miner + Minions = Good for pushing opposite lane of enemy push

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Thanks for reading this Miner Lumberjack Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome