Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck

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Hi Guys FIGGY0023 Back again back with Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck for Challenges  that I absolutely LOVE! It got me 11 wins in a grand challenge, which isn’t that impressive,this deck got Ale from Clan (Reddit Alpha) an insane 34 in a row 12 win grand challenges! Absolutely insane! This Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck is gonna be a really detailed guide on a fabulous deck that is a dream come true for miner lovers like me! Clash with Ash has a video on the deck Below of the post so come and take a look at this Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck guide:

Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck

Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck Card Role:

  1. Miner: My favourite card, this is your win condition. You wanna rely on it to get in chip damage overtime to burn away the tower, along with value fireballs when possible. Another great way to use the miner is using it’s main purpose, acting as a a mini tank for usually-but-not-necessarily high dps troops. Miner plus electro wizard, or miner plus minions are quite devastating, but you can get some great chip damage with miner along with any other troop in the deck, like ice golem and ice spirit. You wanna rarely use the miner on defense, but you can when necessary.
  2. Electro Wizard/Musketeer: This card can easily be substituted with musketeer, but I have rarely used the electro wizard up until now so I thought I’d give it a try. Plus, my musketeer is only lvl 6, making it vulnerable to fireball. I also feel the electro wizard offers more crowd control, which is why I chose this card. Use electro wizard as a runner, rely on it as a defensive support than counterpush on it with other troops in the deck. However, Ale had 34 straight 12 win GC runs with musketeer, so ewiz may not be the better choice, or it could depend on matchups and the meta of grand challenges (cough executioner cough)
  3. Ice Golem: The radius nerf is actually quite big, but despite that, it is still a very usable card and I’ve been having great success with it, being able to kite, distract, and control the defense very well. It also proves to be a very viable secondary mini tank, acting like a miner on offense if you don’t have miner in hand to counterpush on.
  4. Ice spirit: Ice spirit is a great utility card, being able to use for cycling your deck, providing a mini threat on offense, often forcing more cards than usual from your opponent, and also a nice way to temporarily control the defense, which is especially useful in clutch situations.
  5. Inferno Tower: My favourite defensive building and one of my most favourite cards that I try fitting into just about every deck I can. The reliability in the card is enormous! Being able to effectively shut down just about any win condition, especially tanks. Your main defensive tool that you should always be able to properly support to get the best value out of your defenses.
  6. Minions: After the mega minion nerf, I’ve gone back to using this card. And despite it’s vulnerability to executioner, unlike mega minion, minions overall is MUCH better in miner decks than mega minion, due their better synergy with miner rather than mega minion. A really good response card that can provide a decent threat on offense and defense, resulting in an enormous amount of versatility for a 3 elixir troop.
  7. Fireball: A very versatile spell, great at burning down the tower when you can get value fireballs. It’s also great versus swarms like barbarians and minion horde, squishy troops like musketeer, witch, etc. And nicely weakens glass cannon or mid HP troops like mini pekka, elite barbarians, and the new executioner. The card also deals good enough damage to finish off heavily weakened towers (up to 229HP at tourney standards).
  8. The Log: On ladder, zap. At tournament standards, the log. The log has become much more reliable for cheap swarms, most notoriously goblins, which zap at tourney standards cannot kill, which can cost you the game if you can’t one shot zap goblins in heavy situations. The log is great for cheap swarms, amazing versus spell bait, and does great at killing troops like princess and dart goblins. Overall a cheap, versatile spell that is quite handy. Zap works too, but isn’t as effective apart from a 1 v 1 interaction versus minion horde.

Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck General Gameplan:

In general, you wanna play the deck exactly like a control deck, even though it seems like a chip cycle deck. It is cheap, but it isn’t cycle. You can easily set up value defenses with this deck as long as you don’t overcommit and have good elixir advantage. You wanna successfully defend, and than set up very small counterpushes with those cards (unless you have to go all in) and try getting in chip damage. In stalemate situations, you wanna just chip away with lone miners or sometimes paired with troops like ice spirit or ice golem. Minions and electro wizard are more risky plays, but more threatening, so you can occasionally support those cards with miner too.

  • Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck Offense :

On offense, basicall get chip damage with miner, and when you can get valuable fireballs while chipping at the tower, do so, as miner and fireball will slowly burn down the tower while being able to safely defend otherwise. However, counterpushing also plays a big part in this deck, and when possible, you can also send in combos of troops to provide a threat to your opponent. You can try forcing cards from your opponent on offense by supporting cards like minions or electro wizard with ice golem or ice spirit, as combined with those cards, you provide much more of a threat than leaving the cards alone.



  1. Lone miner
  2. Ice golem + miner
  3. Miner + Ice spirit
  4. Miner + Fireball (risky play, only do so when you can get a value fireball, as usual)
  5. Electro Wizard + Ice Spirit
  6. Minions + Ice spirit


  1. Ice Golem + Electro Wizard
  2. Ice Golem + Minions
  3. Miner + Ice Golem + Ice spirit


  1. Miner + Electro Wizard
  2. Miner + Minions


  1. Miner + Ice Golem + Electro Wizard
  2. Miner + Ice Golem + Minions
  3. Miner + Ice Spirit + Electro Wizard
  4. Miner + Ice spirit + Ice Golem + Minions + Electro wizard
  5. Basically any more than two troop combos EXCEPT miner + ice golem + ice spirit

Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck Defense:

On defense, just set up proper, valuable defenses with inferno tower followed by any necessary support troop. Electro Wizard + Inferno tower is very deadly on defense, and can shut down just about anything. Ice golem acts as a great reactive card and ice golem + electro wizard or minions (but not as reliable) shuts down cards like elite barbarians. Being a control deck, you will always want to have good elixir management to successfully defend, as defending is very reliable with any control deck, even one that costs 3.0 average elixir.

Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck Common Matchups:

  1. Versus Lava Miner: Surprisingly, the main thing with this Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck versus lava hound is to avoid as much chip damage as possible. Since this deck doesn’t have a strong rushing unit to punish an expensive tank such as the lava hound itself, avoiding chip damage is the best way to defeat lava hound.
  2. Versus Lava-loon: Inferno tower + electro wizard should be able to shut down lava-loon easily. Just place the electro wiz on top of the pups to stun them. If the opponent supports the lava loon push with something like mega minion, throw in minions too to take care of the push. Minions for mega minion, electricity for balloon, and inferno tower for lava hound, an emergency fireball works too. What could go wrong?
  3. Versus Giant Lightning Executioner: Make sure you avoid giving your opponent valuable lightnings, seperate troops with proper troop placement, and have good elixir management in order to always reliably shut down any sort of giant lightning push coming your way. If you can’t, then apply some pressure to force out cards from your opponent.

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Go ahead and I hope you’ll have as much fun playing this Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck as I do. If you used my deck and found out that changing something worked better for you, please leave a comment below!