Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck

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Hi Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck Guys ikizzyk Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck here  and today i am going to show you Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck I used to get 12 wins on the challenges You can also use Electro Wizard Graveyard Decks in ladders and If you have not unlocked Electro wizard Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

If You don not have E Wiz then you can use Archers Instead of Electro Wizard OR Mega Minion Instead of Minions so let’s check out this short Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck guide I hope you will like it Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck


Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck Card Role:

Graveyard – The win condition of this deck. Mainly use it as a counter push. Let your defenses accumulate (especially the barbs from the hut) and then use a GY, to demolish the opponents tower. Always have poison ready and hover it over the opponents tower for any counters.

Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

Ice Golem – This is a  Mini tank.it Can be used to absorb shots from mega minions, electro wizards, elite barbs etc as well as tank for the Graveyard to accumulate skeletons. When a lone electro wizard is approaching your tower, I advise absorbing the full 200 damage with the Ice golem, rather than absorbing half of the damage.

Electro Wizard –  Its stun is actually pretty useful and for example an electro wizard assisted by the arena tower can only let a hog get 2 hits. The closest thing I could relate this card to is probably archers. Its a mix between the Ice wiz and archers. One thing to note is don’t try and force the use of its spawn zap. Most of the time just spawn it normally and just ignore the spawn zap. Also be wary of placement. Especially in this challenge, most people carry a fireball so try and avoid clumping troops around the electro wizard. In defense, when assisted by some troops, it is very good at stopping big pushes such as Giant + Bowler + mega minion.

Barbarian Hut – The defensive King. When the barb hut is down there is no way your opponent can get past it. Try to always have one down. At the start of a game try to cycle to the barb hut and put it down ASAP. Placement is very important, against a hog player, place it 3 tiles above the king tower and slightly to the left or right depending on the lane you want to pressure. However against other tanks, especially RG, place it 2 tiles above the king. It is a great card for applying constant pressure and if all the barbs spawn, the elixir cost of 7 is truly a bargain.

Knight – The under dog, my favourite card in this deck. Its just an awesome all rounded cheap card. Its so good at taking out electro wizards, tanking for the Graveyard, getting chip damage (most people leave the knight alone which is a mistake, it does quite a bit of damage alone). However my favourite use for this card is against elite barbs. The knight makes it seem so easy to defend against them. A knight supported by a barb from the hut or just a log + knight combo is usually enough to take out elite barbs.

Minions – A great runner card that can sweep up Graveyards, kill mega minions or electro wizards. Not replaceable by mega minion as Graveyard is popular. Its fast speed is useful to convert defense into quick counter pushes

The Log – A great cheap spell. Useful for cleaning up small hordes, buying extra time or to make troops retarget. Preferred over zap as its a good way to clear up princesses and the electro wizard has a spawn zap if needed.

Poison – You’re probably wondering, why poison over fireball? In this deck Poison is better because it does higher damage and it denies an area for a 10 seconds. What also goes on for 10 seconds? Yes, the Graveyard. Use the poison very sparingly, Most of the time you should use it with the Graveyard to counter archers, minions, musketeers, electro wizs etc and let the Graveyard  do work.

 Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck Additional Points:

Originally this deck used archers and the mega minion instead of the electro wizard and regular minions. IMO both work great!

The electro wizard DOES NOT destroy a wave of fire spirits from the furnace. Im not sure if this is intentional but it is frustrating, the EW kills the first spirit then absorbs the second one

Once you unlock the Electro Wizard, you can get it out of any chest, even though it hasnt been officially released yet

Once you unlock the Electro Wizard, you will see the dart goblin in the coming soon section, it will be released in 21 days

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Thanks for reading this Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck guide and  All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.