Electro Wizard Giant Deck

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Hi Guys Electro Wizard Giant Deck TheACWR here and today i am going to show you Electro Wizard Giant Deck This Electro Wizard Giant Deck got me to legendary arena i found Electro wizard from Electro wizard Challenge This deck works very well for me because the 2 main cards Giant and Elite Barb of this deck which is working well very well in offence I simply use my Electro wizard in Defence so this deck is an aggressive deck with so many win condition such as  Giant combos Elite barb+Ice Golem Combo and others so come and take alook at this Electro Wizard Giant Deck guide:

Electro Wizard Giant Deck

Electro Wizard Giant Deck Card Role:

Giant: This your main win condition it Deals high damage to the towers and He offers so much health and damage for just 5 elixir so basically You would usually put a Giant at the back of the King Tower to build up a strong push easier followed by Archers and Mega minions this push will be your main push you can also pair Gaint with Elite Barbrians+Ice Spirit As well It also works well for me in defence because whenever my opponent dorp his elite barb at bridge in the starting of the game i drop my Giant+IceSpirit to take out his Elite barb An important note is to think of the defensive Giant as a last solution. If you can defend without using the Giant, then don’t use him and save it for counter push


Elite Barbrians: These guys are the heart of this deck . As they are common card just like Royale Giant they are very easy to upgrade at tournament standard. They are working good with Ice Golem because of Ice Golem has ability to kill low HP units Such as skeleton army or spear goblins  and slow everything down. They are used both offensively and defensively.When the opponent’s Giant is about to cross the bridge, place your Elite Barbarians down. They can completely shut down the Giant before it hits your Tower.The very fast movement speed makes Elite Barbarians more relevant on offense and chasing troops on defense.Drop Ice Golem on the bridge. Put down Elite Barbarian slightly behind the Ice Golem immediately You can also use this combo for an effective defense. After that, plan a strong counter-push if Elite Barbarian survives

Mega Minion – The main Air damage dealer of this deck,The Mega Minion is honestly way better than individual Minions will ever be, and it especially shows in this deck. I used mainly as a defensive card turned offensive it is Great for killing ground units,If my opponent plays Lava Hound i save it for Lava Hound as he kills the Lava Hound very fast as well as soaks all damage coming from the Pups. He can kill Mini P.E.K.K.A, Sparky and Mega Minion which almost everyone is currently using.

Electro Wizard : This is you defensive card it has two bolts Which will hit any two units in his 5 tile range. If the Electro Wizard is focused on a single unit and another unit comes into range, he’ll hit both of them He is also good to killing Cards like balloon and inferno dragon and one more this i  drop him against Lava Hound when LH dies I used to kill pup with the electro widard zap but he can be killed by fireball so be carefull when you used this

Archers: The archers are a great all purpose defensive card and are a hard counter to graveyard which can be a reason why they are so popular. Generally graveyard users fireball these little ladies which will free your EWiz. When defending a graveyard use your archers against it, then when they fireball your archers, drop your wizard right on top to kill all of the skeletons.

Fireball : The Fireball can be used in many situtations, you can kill almost every Support Troop behind a Tank, finish off a Tower etc.If your Opponent uses a Tank as his Win Condition, try to kill his Support Cards with a Fireball + Zap combination. Try to Fireball Troops/Buildings that cost more than 4 Elixir. If your Opponent drops a Mega Minion + Fire Spirits; Fireball them. It’s 1+ Elixir advtantage, and you dont have to worry about a Push because mostly Players will stop Pushing after that move.Never drop a Fireball at almost dead Troops

Ice Golem: Ice golem is an amazing card no doubt. Paired with archers this combo will stop elite barbs for a very reliable combo. Use him to kite, and tank shots from cards. Once the Ice golem dies on some minions it is a good idea to drop the Elwctro wizard right on top killing the swarm.and He will tank for your Elite Barbarians in offence With 1100 HP Elite Barbarians will have a strong meat shield in front of them for just 2 Elixir

Zap – The versatile stunner itself, zap’s uses are fairly self-explanatory. Zap minion horde, Sparky, goblin barrel,drop the zap and quick drop the Electro wizard onto the minion horde they will completly dies

Electro Wizard Giant Deck Gameplan:

Gameplan is basically very simple put giant behind the tower as usual and give him support with archers and and if your opponent push from other lane with Elite barbs or hogs the defended with elite barbs or ice Golem Minions these combo will completely shutdown his his and give you an opportunity to build and huge from the other lane where your Giant going towordshis tower you have to use zap on infernorower if you opponent plays to counter your Gaint,and use use you card cards according to situation that;s it for today keep in mind

 This deck requires so much experienced to play with this deck.i will recommend you to play some tournaments and challenges which will help you to mastered in this deck  i saw some higher players they were playing same deck so i think this is populer deck in ladders so i started to use it and its give huge win tradebut I notice some of them were using ice spirit instead of ice golem but i am comfortable with ice golem that’s why i am using ice golem but if so you want to replace your ice golem then can replace it with ice spiritElectro Wizard Giant Deck

If I talk about Electro Wizard Giant Deck on  Defence this deck is very good in defence because we have elite barbs to take out tank and any other troops these 2 barbs are very over the top on the game because their very fast movement speed makes Elite Barbarians more relevant on offense and chasing troops on defense some time first i counter my opponent push and go for a huge push with giant and mega minion Electro Wizard Giant Deck

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Thanks for reading this Electro Wizard Giant Deck guide and  All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.