Electro Wizard Challenge Deck

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Hi Guys today we are talking about Electro Wizard Challenge Deck and His Guide As you know Electro Wizard Challenge will be available in Clash Royale on December 22th 2016.Special challenge that will run for three days the first entry is going to be free it’s not going to cost any gems to enter when you Entered in the first challenge every entry after that will cost a hundred gems the rewards are the same as a regular grand challenge with one key difference in pay out at 12 wins you can win Electro wizard reaching 12 win guarantees of the chest will contain one electric wizard 

As soon as you enter into the Challenge, you are required to make a deck with the Electro Wizard. There isn’t any time limit so take your time to build a great deck! You can change your deck any time while playing in the Challenge. You don’t have to stick with only one deck. Also, you will have 3 deck slots so you can build up to 3 decks and easily switch between them Electro Wizard Challenge Deck

Electro Wizard Challane Deck

The Electro Wizard’s stats and important interactions

Let’s start with his HP – a total of 550. To put that in perspective, a Musketeer has 597 health, and a Fireball does 572 damage, one shotting the Electro Wizard. This means that it is going to be a good idea to run Fireball in your deck, and in turn 3 Musketeer decks are going to be less popular. The Electro Wizard does retain many similar interactions with the Musketeer. Electro Wizard Challenge Deck


  1. Fire Spirits will not kill an Electro Wizard even if they do hit him.
  2. Bowler will still 3 shot, as will Mega Minion (although if the Electro wizard has taken any damage at all it will die in 2 hits from a Mega Minion.). However, a few interactions are different.
  3. Mini Pekka will one shot, as will the previously mentioned Fireball. Most small units will kill the Electro Wizard in fewer shots, but it won’t be particularly noticeable.

His damage is one of the Electro Wizard’s features that make him usable, coming in at 200 damage per bolt – which is a lot! One Lumberjack hit is 200 damage, equivalent to the Electro Wizard’s bolt. He’ll 3 shot Wizard and Musketeer, which means one on one defence, Electro Wizard wins. However, a Musketeer can survive two bolts from an Electro Wizard and still get two shots on the tower if left unchecked. He can one shot Minions and Guard’s shields in one bolt. Against Skarmy, you’ll want to utilise his Zap that is cast on spawn, and deploy him on top of the Army.

Against Goblin Barrel, deploy him next to the tower where he’ll kill 2 Goblins with his Zap, and fry the 3rd with his bolt. Against Minion Horde, deploying him on the Horde will mean he’ll get shredded. After a few calculations, I figured out he wouldn’t die, but he would have very little health left. Instead, you should deploy him further away from the Horde and let him pick them off 2 by 2 with the assistance of the arena tower. His excellent performance vs Zap Bait cards mean that they won’t be so popular in the challenge. His high damage also means that he cannot be ignored when on his own. Electro Wizard Challenge Deck

He one shots an Ice Spirit, although Skeletons will prevent a lot of damage. Ice Golem, however, is the cheapest counter we’re going to get. Just make sure that your Ice Golem is planted before the Electro Wizard gets in range of the arena tower, otherwise the Electro Wizard will just hit the tower and Ice Golem, resulting in a heap of damage and a waste of 2 elixir. This also goes for countering the Electro Wizard generally – don’t let him get in range of your tower!

Electro Wizard Challane Deck that will succeed and decks that will fail

The first thing to understand is that the Electro Wizard will bring about a whole new meta inside of itself. Fireball is going to be running rampant to combat the Electro Wizard that appears in literally every single deck.

I personally recommend Ice Golem, as he’s the cheapest Electro Wizard counter in the game. The appearance of these two cards and Electro Wizard is going to mean that Zap Bait and 3 Musketeer decks are going to be very hard to use effectively. Electro Wizard Challenge Deck

The Electro Wizard, like the Bowler, is going to give Hog Rider trouble getting to the tower. This leaves just Miner Control, Beatdown and Siege decks (Royal Giant can’t be overleveled in this tournament, so don’t worry too much). Make sure your deck fits into one of these archetypes and can counter them. I have made a Miner Bowler control deck that feature Electro Wizard. A lot of thought has gone into each and every card.

  • Miner – Pairs well with Electro Wizard. Even if your Miner is late, the Electro Wizard will retarget the tower onto the Miner, and deal lots of damage to the tower in the process.
  • Fireball – To combat defensive Electro Wizards and to chip damage to the tower.
  • Electro Wizard – Duh.
  • Bowler – Tanky, helps with swarms and combats Beatdown and Siege decks effectively.
  • Tornado – Recently buffed and now VERY strong. It can lane change a tank, making the support much easier to deal with, it can pull high range troops like the Princess into the Bowler’s boulder, and keep your Electro Wizard out of harm’s way. Absolutely pivotal.
  • Ice Golem – Cheapest counter to Electro Wizard, and synergises with him too – the Zap he spawns can kill Minions paired with the Ice Golem’s death damage. Can be very useful against Siege and Beatdown.
  • Mega Minion – Can kill an Electro Wizard without the support of the arena towers, prepping for any decks that utilise Electro Wizard offensively.
  • Tombstone – Great defensive building that will help against single target heavy hitters, and probably the best building against Electro Wizard.

All in all, this challenge is going to be insanely fun and rewarding, whether you get 12 wins or not – it offers the same rewards as a grand challenge for free. If I missed any key interactions or got anything wrong, please let me know.  What do you this about this deck

Thanks hoover_fishslap For Sharing this helpfull Electro Wizard Challenge Deck Guide