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Hi guys  Meepnax here’s I’ll be covering in this Electro Wizard Bandit Deck spotlight: The cards and what they do in the deck How to attack & defend with the deck  What the deck isn’t so good against This Deck i will explain Everything One by One So come and take a look at this Electro Wizard Bandit Deck guide

Electro Wizard Bandit Deck

Electro Wizard Bandit Deck Card Role:

Bandit: This is your glass cannon killer in this deck. You want to use the Bandit against everything from the dart goblin to the wizard. Also, keep in mind while using this deck on ladder that a level 1 Bandit will kill even a maxed Princess or Dart Goblin, but ONLY when she dashes. When your opponent places one of these two cards, it’s smart to place the bandit about 4-5 tiles from the troop, as she will dash and very quickly 1 shot the troop. This is especially good when your opponent tries to destroy your inferno tower, as the Bandit can dash over the bridge.

Battle Ram:This is your primary win condition. Coupled with the poison spell and maybe your bandit, this is how you win games. The battle pencil does good chip, even if only 1 barbarian reaches the tower. Since, when it dies, the barbarians spawn in a line, that happens a LOT more than you would think. Battle Pencil is commonly countered by Skarmy or tombstone, so that’s where poison comes in. It’s probably not smart to use your poison with the Pencil on the first push, as you don’t know where they’ll place their counter. If they don’t counter at all… well you’re going to win.


Poison Spell: In this deck, the poison spell excels at a whole variety of things. Obviously, it’s area denial, as covered in the battle pencil section, so you can use it while pushing. However, on the ladder and in both classic and grand challenges, you’ll find you need to use it for more than that. When your opponent places giant at the back, it’s safe to assume they’ll be putting troops to back it up and destroy your tower. Once the giant reaches the bridge, it’s a smart play to use an anticipation poison spell on the giant (or royal giant), so they either sacrifice their whole push or fail at pushing due to all the backup dying in the poison.

The Log: This card is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. If you happen to expose your opponent as a barrel user, you have to adapt your usage of The Log as you go, or risk annihilation. The Log provides immense value, and in my opinion is the best legendary card in the game at the current time. Although, due to a strange bug where you can’t place it on towers, it still is a very effective counter to spell bait pushes such as Princess-Goblin Barrel. The Log is basically your positive trade machine, and if used properly can be used on offense as well. For instance, if you want to push with Battle Ram, but don’t have poison, you can use The Log to back up the Pencil in such a situation.

Electro Wizard: This card is very unique in the game, and is a huge part in defending mass air pushes everywhere in the game. His spawn zap is just as good as an equivalently leveled zap, so you can use it to eliminate everything you would use zap on, plus set yourself up for a counterattack. This card is also an effective counter to the balloon, a card growing in meta popularity these days. You also have to keep lightning in mind with this deck, as one lightning can shut down an entire push in 3 quick strikes. If you know your opponent has that card, space your eWiz, inferno tower and other defensive troops far away from each other.

Inferno Tower: This card is your main tank killer, and is very good against even the most overleveled Royal Giant. If you learn your opponent has the Royal Giant, save it for that card, even if they have hog or other building targeters. Always, though, keep in mind if your opponent has the zap spell. If they do, be prepared to spend more elixir to defend after your Inferno goes down. If at all possible, translate this into a counter-defense. Think if your opponent is a hog deck, and you use this to defend. Sure, it’s a negative elixir trade, but the tower’s still there. If they place anything else to attack you, you still have an inferno tower down on the map.

Archers: This is your main Graveyard defense, if you see that card, your first play should be to put these two down. Speaking of first plays, Archers are an ideal card to have in your starting hand. They’re a nice opener, whether you split or pair them up. Archers are also very good at defending things like Minion Horde and the pups from the lava hound. Another smart play with Archers is to use them with your pushes, as they can 1 shot and eliminate those few skeletons your poison spell can’t get.

Skeletons! The skeletons have become the card they always should have been, and what they were before, with the reintroduction of the fourth skeleton. Skeletons are your cheap way out of sketchy situations, as they can surround splash units, and they can soak up 4 shots from any single shot unit in the game. Skeletons are vital in cleaning up the remnants of your opponents push in this deck. Say they zap your inferno to try and get some big tank to your tower. Just using skeletons outputs enough dps to take down the tank for only one elixir. Skeletons can also be placed on top of lone fire spirits for a positive elixir trade, and combined with log can make even more of those good trades. Skeletons are very vital in defending Elite Barbarians, as they distract the two of em for 3 seconds while you have another troop killing them, whether thats archers, bandit, inferno or your other two towers!

Electro Wizard Bandit Deck Gameplan:

Attacking in this Electro Wizard Bandit Deckis very simple. A good push is Poison + Battle Pencil, and if you are in double elixir you can throw in a Bandit or some Archers.

Another possible push is with the eWiz and the Pencil (This deck centers around the pencil for attacking), and if you don’t have poison available you should have log on hand to take out anything they usually use on your ram.

If they use Skarmy, hover it so the path is on where they’ve been playing their skarmy. (Usually right in front of the tower or bridge) The moment you see those 15 skeletons pop up, log em and get the pencil to the tower.

If you’re in single elixir, and at a huge advantage, a lone bandit (maybe with spell backup) can be an effective “punish” play, I.E. if they made some hideous error, you can punish them with the bandit and force them to use even more.

Electro Wizard Bandit Deck Defense:

This IS a control deck, so defense is very, very good and usually you won’t allow a tower. Below are how to defend certain deck archetypes and the combos you’ll usually see when you meet them.

Sparky decks: Use inferno to kill the tank and place eWiz RIGHT ON TOP of the Sparky. If they have a lot of stuff around the sparky, poison it to weaken them to Zap range and drop eWiz then.

Giant Beatdown. Giant beatdown is basically hard countered by this deck, as inferno tower destroys the Giant and you can clean up the back end troops with your spells, bandit and skeletons. If they use some weak backup, either eWiz zap, log or poison.

Spell bait: If you know your opponent is spell bait, use bandit on the princess, clean up skarmys with archers and ALWAYS log the barrel. If they have furnace, use the battle ram. If they are one of those ones with minion horde, use the poison or the eWiz zap, both are positive trades. Don’t get dumb and log a princess, that’s what they want you to do.

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Thanks for reading this really long Electro Wizard Bandit Deck guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments