Double Prince Lightning deck

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Double Prince Lightning deck Push To Arena 9

Hi Guys What’s up Yyffg here and today i am going to show you  Double Prince Lightning deck that got me to legendary arena and a 12 win classic challenge.This Deck is very fun to play and easy to pick up and can counter some of the more common decks in the meta. I hope this helps you Here is the Double Prince Lightning deck Push To Arena 9

Double Prince Lightning deck

Double Prince Lightning Deck Card Role:

Ice Wizard (non-legend replacement: wizard/musketeer/baby dragon) Even though the Ice Wizard can be replaced, the slow effect has helped me won plenty of games, though the main function is air cleanup. Also, the ice wizard’s medium hp, lets it survive fireballs that would kill musketeer/wizard. Ice wizard is usually used on defense to defend vs. swarms such as barbarians, minion horde etc. However, it is also very useful for stalling giants, hog riders, and Pekkas, while damaging them at a safe distance.

Prince The prince is my favorite card in this deck, and the whole game, and he serves as the primary win condition. A very good thing about the prince is that he can be played on defense vs. small swarms, or medium troops like musketeers/wizards. However a best case scenario is a giant/royal giant killer which leads to a full health counter push.


Dark Prince The Prince’s edgy brother with an aoe club. Usually used on offense to pair with prince since they synergize so well, but can also be used on defense vs. barbarians/small swarms/ certian medium troops. Also a good cheap solo offensive option if you need a guick push going.

Lightning I have used lightning even before it got the .5 second buff, but ever since the buff i really shot up in trophies since i got to replace zap for arrows. This card is actually very versatile and is GREAT for pulling off elixir advantages. If the opponent wants to defend your push with musk/wizard/ice wiz. 

Tombstone Easily my favorite building in the game. I started using this card since i got in arena 2, as a good prince counter, but i learned it has way more many uses. It can drag a giant, AND kill it once destroyed. If placed in front of the tower, shuts down a hog push. 

Mini Pekka This card is very similar to the prince, except it is much better on defense and worse on offense. However, it kills big tank fasters and a undefended Mini Pekka + Prince push will VERY quickly take a crown tower. This + Ice spirit stops a hog push or miner in its tracks. Double Prince Lightning deck

Ice Spirit As long as this card remains as valueble as it is for 1 elixir, it should always be used. There are guides on what ice spirit can do. If you are not in arena 8 yet, replace for fire spirits.

Arrows Arrows are great in this deck since it doesnt need zap. Just make sure they are level 9 ASAP, since level 11 minion hordes are common. In arrowbait decks, always arrow the goblin barrel, since it is the only hard counter to it in this deck, while minion horde has other option. Also, if your opponent consistently uses minion horde to stop prince pushes, pre-arrows can be a guranteed tower. Double Prince Lightning deck

Double Prince Lightning Deck Matchups

Hog cycle– This is a hard matchup since they will always have cheaper and quicker pushes, and tombstone will not be able to be cycled as fast their hog. Made much harder if they have miner/poison too. Counter pushing with this deck is very hard since they usually have enough elixir to always stop a double prince push. Tombstone + Dark prince is the most effective method to deal with Hog+Swarm pushes, Putting prince in the other lane and split pushing has the greatest chance of victory, but it will usually be a draw or loss. Double Prince Lightning deck 

Lavahound. Yeah No, screw this matchup. You have 3 options. Turn off the game and cry, Three crown race (very hard to win this) play for a draw (if the lava hound player is bad) Ice wizard + Arrows is the best defense vs. a naked hound, but there isnt much air defense so all air matchups are hell. Double Prince Lightning deck 

Giant Balloon– Anything with balloon is hard to deal with. Ice wizard/spirit and tombstone stall can stop a balloon while minipekka deals with giant. If you manage to succesfully defend a Giloon push you get a good counterpush. Double Prince Lightning deck

What do you think About this Double Prince Lightning deck ? Like it? Dislike it? Strong? Weak? Tough? Easy? Don’t forget to leave a comment down below

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  1. KingKong

    As an arena 9 user soley from dbl prince deck of my own… 2 things you dont have really hurt this deck also… inferno tower and the new mega minion. I sadly retired my deck for now but am interested in the lightning idea… zap is also great for anti sparky.
    My deck was 2 princes min pekka fire spirits elix pump ice wiz arrows zap

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