Double Prince Deck

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Cycle Double Prince  Deck (2.9) for Arena 7+

Hi Guys  Pedro here and I’ve been playing Clash Royale since April and I just reached 4000 trophies.I’m  Huge fan of the Double Prince Deck , mainly because I love these two guys. They need an immediate response or they’ll shred your tower to pieces.They can act as an independent 5 and 4 elixir cards that can heavily damage the opponent’s tower with the right support, but it also can be used as a single 9 elixir combo. The thing here is to protect this two cards to help them accomplish their duty. Lets take a look on this Double Prince Deck

Double Prince Deck

Double Prince Deck Card Role:

  • Prince: Main damage card. Great HP and DPS, specially when is charging. The Dark Prince always goes right in front of him. It’s a great zap bait. I often try to switch lanes with it when I’m rushing one side of the arena. It synergies with the Ice Spirit both for offense and defense (against Giant, Royal Giant, H1og Rider). Since it is the most expensive card in this deck, I tent to use it in overtime or when I already know my opponents deck.
  • Dark Prince: The Broom. It is by far my favorite card in the game. It’s very underestimated, but nobody seems to notice that it is an excellent defensive card. It’s not the best card in HP, but it has a shield that deals perfectly with spells and cards like Sparky. I use him in defense and his brother always goes behind him to help him get the tower when it’s charging.
  • Miner: It’s main objective it’s to distract the opponent. Make him switch lanes when your tower is damaged or has taken down. It also does chip damage to the tower and can finish it with the help of Zap and The Log. Of course if it’s correctly placed, it can pull the opponents defense so your princes reaches the tower safe and sound. Make no mistake here, this is a 3 elixir mini tank that you can put anywhere on the arena, and easily distract your opponents push. So don’t be shy to use it to pull a Musketeer or any support troop that’s targeting your tower. It will get buy some more time for your princes to clean the main damage card that’s going against your tower. And when in counter, its still a great card for soaking damage. Double Prince Deck
  • Princess: Support and defense troop. It cleans out the way from Minion Hordes and cheap cards like Goblins, Spear Goblins, Fire Spirits, you name it. I often use her to force the opponent to use his Miner, and play a defensive card on top of my Princess to stop the attack. She can finish a tower by placing her on the bridge and giving her support with other troops. Since its so cheap, You can cycle back again to her and have two of them bothering your opponents towers.
  • Minions: Air troop. It’s a great support for the Dark Prince and Miner. They are fast, so if they reach the tower safely, they will turn it down to pieces. In conjunction with Zap and the Princess, they help you gain control over the air, the main disadvantage of this deck. Placing is everything here, so use them wisely. It is a good Zap and Arrows bait, since you also have Princess on this Double Prince Deck.
  • Ice Spirit: The almighty. For 1 elixir you can freeze your opponent tower or troops for 2 beautiful seconds. It is unzappable, and it deals the right amount of damage to finish a Minion Horde with the help of a zap or Princesses flaming arrows. I use it a lot to deal with cards that only target buildings, like Giant, RG and Hog. Time is vital when it comes to this type of cards. Just toss it in the middle of your push and it will freeze something, that’s for sure.
  • The Log: I use it since it’s release, and it was my first legendary, out of a free Magical Chest. It is by far, one of the best defensive spells in this game. For 2 elixir you can gain a lot of time pushing back enemies, getting rid of cheap units, and killing princesses one level higher than your Log. It got an excellent buff recently, but this deck was build before the balance. In conjunction with Zap, you can finish a low health tower. I also toss it when my princes are reaching the opponents tower in charge mode.
  • Zap: It doesn’t need an introduction. You know it, and you use it because you have to use it. I personally use it to help my princes reach the tower, and get rid of small units that gets in the way. I also use it for forcing the opponents tower to switch between my princes when they reach it; this helps keep them more time alive.

Double Prince Deck Strategy

If I have Double Prince, Ice Spirit or Zap as my starting hand, I tend to drop Dark Prince first, followed by Prince and Ice Spirit right in the bridge. I wait until they drop a card and use the elixir advantage. It is risky, but most of the times, it works. I’ve taken towers in less than 30 seconds with this move, so sure it is something to address if you play it. Double Prince Deck

If they counter it, by the time they reach your side of the Arena, you’ll have plenty of cheap cards units to defend. And it gets really interesting when your princes cycle back again in defense. And that’s when their special capabilities shine. I use the Prince to deal with tanks and medium HP units like the Mini Pekka, Valkyrie or princes. In it’s counterpart, the Dark Prince deals splash damage that can be very useful with cards like Witch, Barbs or as I said before, Sparky. Toss him near your side of the bridge to stop your opponents support. Double Prince Deck


Defending with your princes is one of the best case scenarios of this deck, because if you play it well, you will have a Double Prince combo charging at your opponents tower as a counter. Double Prince Deck

Here’s where the Miner gets in the mix, reaching your opponents tower first. Support troops cover a bast area of possible opponents defenses; how you use them is up to you. And remember, this is a 2.9 DOUBLE PRINCE Cycle deck! It is incredible how fast this two danger cards cycle back to your hand. You can easily put down three or four princes in one game at the same time, and you can’t imagine what this beauties do in x2 Elixir mode.

Hope this Double Prince Deck guide helped you, and thanks a lot for your time If have any Question Feel free to ask.