Double Elixir Mortar Deck

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Hi Guys Vaxeri here and today i going to show you Pure Siege Mortar Rocket Deck this Double Elixir Mortar Deck specially made for  the Double Elixir Challenge. Keep in Mind this is Double Elixir Challenge so you cycle you deck so fast  this deck is to stall the game for as long as possible while chipping down your opponent with a casual ROCKET up their Tower. If you can hit mega minion or a musketeer with it, that’s a bonus! Your main win conditions in this Double Elixir Mortar Deck are the mortar and the rocket. let’s take a look at this Double Elixir Mortar Deck.

Double Elixir Mortar Deck

Double Elixir Mortar Deck Card Role:

  1. Mortar – This is your main win condition. This is a chip damage deck. Do NOT over commit to protecting your mortar. As long as you get in a few shots, that is perfectly fine! Try and place mortar after you have made a successful defense, as a counter attack, or when your opponent has low elixir. Very rarely will I ever place mortar first on an empty board.
  2. Rocket – In my opinion, one of the most underrated cards in the game. Great for taking out pumps, sparky, 3 musketeers, and can do some serious damage to support troops behind a giant. Also, this is the secondary win condition of the deck. After mortar chips the tower down, nothing like sending in the last second rocket for a victory A good Rocket target would be the Musketeer, Wizard, witch, or Bowler. An excellent Rocket target would be the collector and sparky.
  3. The Log – This is probably the most versatile spot in the deck. I chose log, after much deliberation and testing, due to the recent buff. Knocking back all troops is a huge bonus, plus it offers another way to kill princess and other small troops (looking at you goblin barrel) without having to waste arrows on them. If you don’t have the log, I’d recommend fire spirits for this slot as they offer similar value or Arrows threat which is great for inferno.
  4. Inferno Tower – Ah…all the tanks in the meta… roasting away to inferno tower. This is a must have in most decks nowadays. Almost always position it in the middle of the map and use ice spirit/log to buy time to charge back up after it gets zapped. Arrow away any minions or small troops that might distract it.
  5. Ice Spirit – Another great card in almost any deck. For 1 elixir, this little fella has saved my life multiple times. Goes great with inferno after it has been zapped. Plus combo with mega minion to defend the mortar from its most common threats.
  6. Mega Minion – Originally had minions here, but I can’t deny the value in this new card. Spells can’t kill it, and it really packs a punch. This is the runner in the deck and your mortars primary defender. Great for defense, counter pushing, or even cycling as 3 elixir isn’t much in double elixir. Great chip damage as well if your opponent doesn’t have enough elixir.
  7. Guards – These guys are your only real ground defense. They cover most threats in the current meta very well and are almost always guaranteed to get value as they can’t be zapped. They can defend against anything from miner, to those pesky Prince’s or pekka’s trying to hit your structures or mortar.
  8. Arrows – I originally had zap here but I find arrows to be a much better fit in the current meta that is forming with air troops. Good against lava hound as well to take out the pups or to take out minions or minion hordes trying to kill your mortar or inferno.

Double Elixir Mortar Deck Overview :

This deck is mainly a 1-0 deck, so I wouldn’t really rely on using it to get crown chests, but I do sometimes get some 2-0 wins. The only times I ever three crown my opponent is when the enemy disconnects. I do not get many draws, but if you play against a deck you know you just won’t be able to win against, simply just play for the draw by putting down a bunch of defenses. Double Elixir Mortar Deck

I know it’s a scumbag move to pull, but it’s certainly better than losing! The main game plan is to defend, get elixir advantage, pull out mortar/rocket for attack, repeat. Once you defend their push, you want the troops to come and defend a counter attack mortar. Just keep defending the mortar and you will see that you are cycling so fast that once one mortar dies, you can just place another! When you get “momentum” you will see that this deck really excels at overwhelming your opponent. Double Elixir Mortar Deck


If your opponent constantly keeps shutting down your mortar with ease, simply go to your alternate win condition and just shoot rockets at their tower. In friendly battles and Tournaments, this deck excels because you can just keep spamming rockets at their tower while defending. I’ve won about 10% of my battles with just using rocket spam and not even touching their tower once with anything else! Remember, this is a defensive deck . Double Elixir Mortar Deck

I hope you enjoy playing this pure siege deck as they are a rarity nowadays! This deck can be played by anyone in A6 and up. After countless battles, I have finally perfected this deck. Enjoy!