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Hi guys, Riddle here. Today I’m bringing you the pure siege Mortar Bowler Deck I just used to get 12-2 on Grand Challenge

First of all, a little bit of background – I hadn’t played Grand Challenge since Goison and EC were nerfed, and the last time I did one I got 12 wins using an xbow pure siege deck which I even posted here during the Giant/golem lightning meta. Because my next gem pack had less gems, I only did classic challenges because I didn’t want to risk losing value.

I recently bought the holiday pack with 6500 gems and decided to do some more GC. I did ok in the Electro Wizard challenge but I was struggling to get 12 wins on Grand Challenge. So I quit the crap and instead of trying to play a meta winning condition I used the same card I use on ladder which is mortar, and it’s the card I know best how to play.


I basically made a standard meta deck (as you can see) with cards I believe would perform better, but instead of using graveyard or hogrider I used mortar.

I managed to get 12 wins, which is impressive using mortar. Also, one of my defeats was using another deck, since I started the challenge testing a miner deck but switched right away after losing. My only defeat was against a spell bait miner goblin barrel deck.

Among other decks, I defeated graveyard decks (with giant and with bowler), beatdown giant decks (with elite barbs and EC), hog + EB decks, furnace spell bait decks, furnace + elite barbs/GY decks and a lavaloon deck. I had a total of two defeats already mentioned and also one draw vs a player from the clan Lively Colors let’s check out this Mortar Bowler Deck guide in depth I Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll keep trying to make mortar work on ladder and tournament standard:

Mortar Bowler Deck

Mortar Bowler Deck Card Role:

  • Mortar This card is your primary winning condition. It should be played one tile behind the bridge and one tile to the left or right, depending on which side you are attacking.

I use mortar instead of xbow for two reasons. First, xbow is not good in the Elite Barbs meta because it costs 6 elixir. Second, xbow is terrible against ice golem because it doesn’t have a blindspot, like mortar.

Oh and obviously I’m much more experienced using mortar despite xbow being probably the 3rd card I’m more experienced with (the 2nd being miner)

  • Inferno Tower While this card isn’t as good as it used to be because less people are using tanks, it’s still really good for 5 elixir. Melts tanks, semi-tanks and cards like ice golem and megaminion. It can provide an easy elixir advantage and be used to turtle in overtime. Also very good against hogrider despite the negative trade.
  • Bowler This card is just OP. It is useful against furnaces, spell bait decks and any deck that minimally relies on ground pushes.

More importantly, it is great against elite barbarians,Be very careful when using bowler, if you place him on one lane expect an instant EB push on the other lane. Never start your game by dropping bowler as an opener unless your opponent plays first and they use something like furnace

  • Ice Golem This card is also OP. Insane value for 2 elixir, Useful for any type of deck and does a great job protecting the mortar and buying you time to place cards to defend it
  • Archers Standard ranged attack, these ladies are just nasty. Like Ice Golem, they are good in all sorts of decks despite not being that OP, they’re just better than princess and better than musketeer on defense because of cheaper cost.They counter megaminion really well and deal good damage to tanks. They are also your main counter against graveyard, so be wary
  • Meta Minion A card that, like Ice Golem, fits any deck. Useful against all sorts of decks and plays. Not much to add. He’s just too valuable to not use despite minions being better vs graveyard. He is a great counter against enemy megaminion when placed to take down your mortar
  • Fireball A card that can get you amazing trades but has a very high skill cap to be used correctly. I started using fireball for siege decks a little before the end of the Goison era and I don’t regret it one bit. Despite being used so much, it’s not necessarily OP, it’s just that poison, the other alternative, is worse – Plus, a lot of decks being run today require you to use two spells to counter them.

This card is useful on defense but a fundamental use is as a secondary winning condition to whittle down the tower in overtime.Personally, 800HP or lower is enough for spell cycling in overtime, but this obviously won’t work if your opponent has cards like 3M that require you to use fireball

  • Log This spell is great for siege decks, despite my ladder deck using zap because it is a common. It can hit the tower more often than zap, which is great, and arrows are not so versatile.

Use it vs princesses and to defend your mortar from cheap troops like skarmy. Whenever you can, use it near the bridge to hit the tower as well

Mortar Bowler Deck Quick tips:

  1. This is a pure siege Mortar Bowler Deck, so play for a 1-0 win and prioritize defense, never overcommit on offense.
  2. As long as the mortar gets 1-2 shots, it was valuable. Don’t try to protect as much as you do with xbow
  3. If your opponent has elite barbs, which most do, try to save bowler. If you don’t, however, use ice golem + archers or megaminion. Even inferno tower can help
  4. If your opponent is using a spell bait deck, save the log always for the goblin barrel unless you’re using it to take down the tower for the win. If they have mirror, use bowler right behind the tower on the second goblin barrel
  5. If your opponent is running EC, which some are with giant decks, fireball the collector everytime they place it unless they have 3M
  6. If you are facing bowler, don’t place mortar until bowler is out of the rotation or is played behind the tower
  7. Don’t be afraid to fireball tombstones and furnaces
  8. Against graveyard, try to always have archers at hand but bowler and ice golem also help. Don’t neglect the tank!
  9. Always place inferno in the killzone unless your opponent is using hog and pigpushed. Against hog, use inferno because you need bowler vs elite barbarians
  10. If you need to play for a tie, don’t be afraid. Play not to lose!

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