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Hi Guys Supercell Announced their December update Which is coming on 15 December 2016,This update is going to be a extremely huge Because in This update they added New Jungle Arena with 4 New Cards and One of best is now You can Request and Donate Epic Cards on every Sunday so come let’s check out in details

December Update

New Arena: Jungle Arena

The Jungle Arena is unlocked at 2600+ trophies, meaning this is gonna be the new Arena 9. Legendary Arena is going to be Arena 10. Each Jungle Arena chest contains about 10% more rewards than Frozen Peak chests.

The new Arena will be live on January 13 2017 
December Update


4 New Cards:

We are going to get 4 new Cards into the game The Dart Goblin Which will be available on 13 January 2017. After that other three cards Battle Ram, Dart Goblin and Executioner card will be released every two week

December Update

More Epicness: Means Donate epic cards on every Sunday

  • You Request and Donate Epic Cards on every Sunday!
  • You can only request Epics Card on every Sunday and You can request up to 4 Epic cards in Legendary  When you donate an Epic card, you will get 500 Gold and 10XP.
  • Epic Card now costs only 1,000 Gold in Shop.
  • Epic chests are now cheaper, It will give you 20 Card in Legendary Arena 

New Epic Chest
Arena Epics Gold
1 6 3,000
2 8 4,000
3 10 5,000
4 12 6,000
5 13 6,500
6 15 7,500
7 17 8,500
8 19 9,500
9 20 10,000
10 20 10,000

Shared Clan Chest 

  • A clan chest is like a shared crown chest where the entire clan can contribute the crowns to Just like your regular crown chest
  • The crowns you earn in challenges or friendly battles will not  add into the clan chest You can only gain crowns on ladder
  • The crowns Which you will earn on ladder that will contribute to both your crown chest and as well Clan Chest 
  • Clan chests will start the beginning of every season A regular season Ends in 14 days
  • You will have 7 days to collect as many crowns as you can After these 7 days, you can collect your crown chest reward
  • Once the 7 days are over, the clan chest will NOT reset, until the next season resets So the entire clan will get a 7 day break
  • There are 10 tiers of chests So to reach the first tier of rewards, you have to collect 100 crowns
    After you complete the first tier, you can unlock the second tier You and your clan will need to collect 150 crowns to complete the second tier As you can see image below
  • You can see image bleow How will be the rewards of Clan Chest
December Update


Being in Arena 1 or Arena 10 does not affect the number of cards you can receive in a clan chest But it does limit what cards you can earn

For example, if you’re in Royal Arena, your clan chest will NOT offer the cards above that arena So Frozen Peak cards will remain locked

If your clan reaches the tier 5 chest and 7 days have elapsed The chest will be ready to open immediately There’s no cooldown timer on a crown chest The tier 5 chest contains 1200 cards Which will be available to every single member that is eligible

If your clan somehow manages to farm the tier 10 chest on the first day It will unlock immediately Tier 10 takes a total of 3250 crowns to achieve

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So guys that’s it which is coming in December update What do you think about the These December 2016 Update?