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Clash Royale December Update Leak RED King’s Tower

Hi Guys Clash Royale fans have leaked what appears to be a promotional (RED) King’s Tower,balance changes and new cards The Clash Royale December Update Leak was posted by someone on reddit here is the leak

Soon supercell will host an special event and almost all the earned money will be transfered to RED(R) company, which is fighting against AIDS using the money from charity. There was the same event in Clash of Clans a few years ago and now I Hope it is coming to Clah Royale!

During the event new items will be availible in the shop, one of them will be named “Heroe’s Chest” and the other will be named like “Bunch of Crystals”


While an update for World AIDS Day will be new for Clash Royale this year, a similar concept has been in play with its sister game, Clash Of Clans, for the past few years. In that particular case, players could purchase special bundles of (RED) gems and donate the proceeds to charity. Those that gave could then color their Town Halls red to celebrate. We suspect a similar idea for Clash Royale with (RED) gems or gold. 

The King’s Tower is getting reskinned to sport the color red to support a cause. This is in commemoration to Worlds AIDS Day on Dec. 1, which has the branding (RED).

The blue side will still have the color scheme blue, but some red drapes are going to be added. To further signify the Clash Royale’s support for the cause, the crown on the tower will have the “( )” marks around it.AS You Can See Below the Image of Clash Royale December Update Leak

Clash Royale December Update Leak Clash Royale December Update Leak

  1. Bomb – attack speed reduced to 1.8 (instead of 1.9)
  2. Baby Dragon – attack speed reduced to 1.5 (instead of 1.6), the damage is reduced by 5%
  3. Skeletons – them again 4
  4. Tower bombstone – Spawn Speed decreased to 2.9sec (from 2.5sec)
  5. Mega MinionDamage decreased by 6%, Hit Speed decreased to 1.4sec (from 1.3sec)
  6. Giant skeleton – the bomb will explode soon. (Now only 2 seconds)
  7. Fire Ball – Health increased by 5%;
  8. Inferno Tower – recharge time increased to 1.6 seconds
  9. Poison – damage increased by 10%;
  10. Sparky – attack speed reduced by 10%, health reduced by 5%
  11. Dark Prince – shield health increased by 30%.

Here is the Leak on Reddit

These changes will come into force somewhere within a week, but certainly we are, we do not know.

Because this is a leak, we don’t know precisely when this promotion will begin. That being said, with World Aids Day a little more than a week away, we expect some sort of announcement from Supercell soon. Last year, the period of giving carried on from Nov. 30 through Dec. 8. Without an official confirmation, like most Clash Royale leaks, everything should be taken with a grain of salt. Clash Royale December Update Leak

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What do you think of the (RED) King’s Tower leak? Is it genuine? Will you be donating? Tell us in the comments section

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