Clash Royale December Update 2018

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Hi Guys Clash Royale December Update 2018 is coming on 5 december 2018 This December is very huge in this update we will get Star Levels which unlock cosmetics for your maxed leveled cards, currently the stage of Star Levels goes up to 3 and Tournaments now have a new reward system, meaning with every tournament game you win, you climb up a “ladder” in the reward system, granting you better rewards.

I think Clash Royale December Update 2018 will be come in 5 December, 2018 Because  Elixir Collector and Freeze rework goes live on 5 December , 2018  and for these changes they need client updates.

Clash Royale December Update 2018


Clash Royale December Update 2018

This is a summary of both TV Royale Episodes concerning the December Update!

1. Star Levels

Star Levels unlock cosmetics for your maxed leveled cards, currently the stage of Star Levels goes up to 3

  1. Star Level 1: Different deploy effect and a golden border for your card
  2. Star Level 2: Introduces cosmetic changes to your cards
  3. Star Level 3: Pushes the cosmetic changes further, making the card look even more different from it’s standard version

More Star Levels will follow in the future

How are Star Levels earned?

Star Levels are earned with Star Points, which you can only acquire after you’ve reached King Tower Level 13. For every additional EXP you gain for donating / upgrading a card, you will now receive Star Points instead of EXP which would go into the waste, which you can than use to upgrade your cards Star Levels.

Note: If you’ve already reached Level 13 every single additional EXP you’ve gained since will be added to your Account!

Here’s a video of how all current cards with Star Levels available look at their max stage:

2. Trade Token System Change

With the release of the Update both players now require to use a Token if they want to trade, meaning you can no longer accept somebody else’s trade if you don’t have a token (prevention of trade sniping / clan hopping). Because of this change the drop rate for tokens also have been more than doubled!

3. Limited Time Mode – Heist

Celebrating the release of Brawl Stars, there will be a limited time mode called “Heist”, in which there will not be any Princess / King Towers, but instead you try to destroy your opponents safe, placed at the King Tower’s position. Also you will be able to either draft yourself Shelly (Hunter) or Bo (Magic Archer), which are both Characters of Brawl Stars.

4. Tournament Revamp

Tournaments now have a new reward system, meaning with every tournament game you win, you climb up a “ladder” in the reward system, granting you better rewards. You can claim the rewards you earn right away, and get the additional rewards you didn’t manage to get up to using Gems after the tournament has ended. Also the top finishers of each tournament will receive an exclusive Reward, you can only get from this tournament system.

Also these tournaments will be global, meaning that literally every player can feel free to join it and compete.

Taken from CWA’s Twitter:

Old “private” tournaments will now get fresh customization. Creators can now change the capacity, length, game mode, and level caps to cards/towers.

Bad news – no more big gem tournaments.

Good news – we’re now allowed to offer cash rewards for all private tournaments”

5. Additional Stuff

  • Clan War Bounties improved (more than twice the tokens, also gems)
  • Add Friend feature in 2v2
  • “Continue” Feature in Challenges, meaning if you drop out 8:3 in a challenge, you can simply eliminate these 3 loses and continue from 8

(Only in Special Event Challenges in which you can earn rewards (like unlock a new card challenge) and will not be possible in 20 win challenges)

  • Mega Lightning Chest (will replace the current Super Magical Chest, same rewards but you can strike the cards up to 8 times)

If you’re sitting on an unopened SMC right now, don’t open it! It will be changed into a Mega Lightning Chest once the update drops

  • Emotes can now appear in the shop and bought using Gems
  • Name can now be changed using Gems
  • Time it takes in order to request cards from your clan can now be reduced

EDIT: Will continue to add additional information / improve the current ones For More Info Check Out This Reddit Post

Clash Royale December Balance Update Coming (12/3) 

The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting, listening to the community and looking at the stats. You can expect monthly balance updates to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

In this balance update we’re taking a look at Royal Recruits, Electro Dragon, Snowball and more!

Watch the quick look Balance Changes  video Clash Royale December Update 2018

  1. Electro Dragon: Hitpoints -5%, first attack slower — The newest Dragon has come in a bit stronger than we would like! We are going to slow down the initial attack to allow a bigger window to react to placement. A Hitpoints reduction allows enemy Troops to defeat it easier and Lightning to take it down even if overleveled.
  2. Royal Recruits: Elixir Cost decreased 8 -> 7, Hit Speed slower 1.2 -> 1.3 — Royal Recruits were very strong at 6 Elixir but too expensive at 8. We are setting them to 7 Elixir with a slight Hit Speed nerf, ideally this finds a good balance for such a unique squad.
  3. Barbarian Barrel: Damage -5% — We are absolutely thrilled by Barbarian Barrel’s rise to prominence. It has provided a clear alternative to Zap and Log, but its win rate has been a bit too high. We are reducing its damage to match Arrows, preventing Archers from being defeated by the Barrel roll.
  4. Tesla: First attack faster — Tesla Tower sits awkwardly for a bit too long before its first attack. The Electro Wizard and Master Builder took a wrench to their creation to speed up that first shock. This should make Tesla feel better as a reactive defense, especially for X-Bow decks.
  5. Archers: Damage +2.5%, Hitpoints -1% — The humble pair of Archers have fallen out of favor for the longer range Musketeers and utilitarian Wizards. These tweaks fix several rounding errors and work out to a slight buff for the pink haired duo.
  6. Ice Wizard: Damage +10%, Hitpoints -11% — Ice Wizard has been a balancing conundrum since his release. He outlives common Spells (like Poison) that kill much more expensive Wizards. In Arena Battles or Clan Wars, Ice Wizard is meant to kill Skeletons but this interaction fails if Ice Wizard is underleveled. These dual changes address both of these problems, ideally keeping the win rate roughly the same but introducing much more intuitive gameplay on both sides of the Arena.
  7. Giant Snowball: Damage +14% Giant Snowball is very fun Spell to play with, but unlike Barbarian Barrel it hasn’t risen to compete with the other 2-cost Spells. We are raising the damage to match Zap, reducing the trade-offs between the two Spells. Players can opt for a slower moving projectile with Knockback / Slow or an instant speed Stun.

Going live on 12/5:

  1. Elixir Collector: No longer appears in opening hands — This Elixir generating building has been one of the most polarizing cards in the game. It warps match ups more than any other when it is in your opening hand. This change will make Elixir Collector always in the 5th to 8th slot in your deck, requiring a bit of action before you can play the first Collector.
  2. REWORK! Freeze: Duration always 5sec, now deals Area Damage — Freeze has been a difficult card to balance because it scaled on time duration instead of Damage or Hitpoints. We have decided to rework Freeze into a consistent duration with a small Damage value. This makes it competitive with Tornado as a lightly damaging control card that can swing a battle on offense or defense.

Let us know what you think about this balance update below!

See you in the Arena,

The Clash Royale Team