Dart Goblin Guide

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What’s up, everyone Today we are going to discuss about the new card, Dart Goblin which going to unlock in Clash Royale on 13 January 2017.Dart Goblin is also the first card released into the game officially, 2 weeks after the Electro Wizard So Come and take a look at this Dart Goblin Guide 

Dart Goblin Guide

“Runs fast, shoots far and chews gum. How does he blow darts with a mouth full of gum? Years of didgeridoo lessons.”



Dart Goblin Guide Statistics

  1. Dart Goblin is unlocked from the Arena 7, Jungle Arena.
  2. Dart Goblin costs 3 elixirs
  3. Dart Goblin has exact HPs as Princess at Tournament Standard.
  4. It has very fast speed like Hog Rider.
  5. It attacks from a long distance, same attack range as Royal Giant.
  6. Dart Goblin has super fast hit speed like Witch. 

Dart Goblin Guide Stats

Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second
1 123 53 75
2 135 58 82
3 148 64 91
4 163 70 100
5 179 77 110
6 196 84 120
7 216 93 132
8 237 102 145
9 260 112 160
10 286 123 175
11 314 135 19


Dart Goblin Guide Strategy:

The Dart Goblin is best behind a tank Such as a Knight or an Ice Golem for chip Damage Because Knight and Ice Golem will sponge all damage for the Dart Goblin, and Dart Goblin has high hit speed So can quickly take out a Crown Tower. However, due to the Dart Goblin having low hitpoints So arrows will take him out As well as The Log for a positive elixir trade

  1. He’s a single Goblin that deals 93 damage This means he’ll take 2 hits to kill Goblins and Spear Goblins
  2. He can kill Archers, Princess, and Minions in 3 hits Despite being really weak, his attack speed is extremely fast at 0.7 seconds This attack speed is as fast as a Lumberjack
  3. He has the same attack range as a Royal Giant This means he out ranges Inferno Tower
  4. His range and speed allow him to easily run and get some chip damage to a Crown Tower or even finish it off if it has very low hitpoints.
  5. He has a very fast movespeed just like his Goblin brothers
  6. He shares the exact same health as the Princess, so arrows will take him out As well as The Log for a positive elixir trade

Dart Goblin is really good and fast ship cycle decks pairing with an ice spirit and he’ll be able to deal a thousand damage to the tower it’s an absolutely devastating combo 


Against Elite Barbarians

One of the best ways of taking care of Elite Barbarians is by cutting them with a Ice Golem  and you can actually shut them down with the help of dark goblin he’s not too strong but he offers just enough damage take a look at gif below for more celarification

How to use him Offensively

Believe it or not, Dart Goblin is quite a powerhouse on offense despite his seemingly low damage.

He cannot be zapped and die, and because he is a very fast troop, he is guaranteed to get at least 1-3 hits off the tower if left unattended. If left unattended overall, he will deal slightly more damage than Spear Goblins. His role is best seen when a tank is in front of him . Some examples include Miner+Dart Goblin or Ice Golem+Dart Goblin. Seriously, those combos can do quite a bit of damage to the Crown Tower. Combined with a spell, it might even take out the arena tower.

But more importantly, let’s talk about his range. He has one of the highest ranges in the game, 6.5, which means he is basically a faster, less damaging and less tanky, Royal Giant. This can mean a few things:

1) He outranges most important defenses in the game, such as Cannon/Inferno Tower.

2) He will almost always get a few hits off when left unattended.

3) Provided that he is slightly in the other lane, he will be able to snipe/drag units.

Anyhow, #1 is the most important, as you can bait out the Inferno Tower with a secondary tanky win condition, such as Hog or Bowler, and then after that troop gets roasted, use your Dart Goblin to safely snipe at the Inferno Tower before he goes off into the other lane. Then you can deploy your main win condition, like RG or Giant. And zap/arrow/log whatever counters they have to that. It’s overall less tanky than Musketeer, but can provide even more value!

Calculating his stats, it can 2 shot Minions (that are) 1 level below it And a Lvl 9 Dart Goblin can kill a Lvl 1 Princess in 2 hits With his fast attack speed, he can demolish Skeleton Army with an arena tower He’s sturdier than regular Goblins, so he’ll survive a Zap spell He does not out range the arena tower 

How to use him Defensively

The Dart Goblin is way better at defense than he is at offense. Placed near the King’s tower and with the help of the Arena Tower, he will be able to take out a Graveyard. He can also kill a Balloon with the help of the Arena Tower. If a skarmy is coming your way and you don’t have a spell, use DG to snipe away at the skeletons. Thanks /u/yyarn for the video.

But his primary purpose is to bait on defense. That means that most likely, the opponent will Log your Dart Goblin, allowing you to play whatever troops you have(that are tiny ofc) freely. He also does decent at countering Elite Barbs, but will die in the process. He can kite a Valkyrie, Knight, Barbarians, et cetera. However, he will have a hard time against Minions/Minion Horde, although he counters Mega Minion pretty nicely. He does well against Ice Wizard and Princess, although you might want to be wary about Miner. Inferno Dragon he does a great job against, and he is a hard counter to Furnace because he 1-shots Fire Spirits. And of course, like every card in the game, he counters Sparky.

Deck uses: Beatdown

He works pretty well in Beatdown decks. Behind a tank, he can do great damage, way more for his cost of 3 elixir. Also, he can’t be kited as easily as the Meta Minion. He’s also super defensive and therefore is a great card to put in your deck.

Deck uses: Control

The Dart Goblin is pretty good in countering many units for positive elixir trades, but he shines more in Siege or Beatdown, because he can’t really counter mega-tanks, like Giant and Royal Giant. So you might want to have a building to take care of those tanks.

Deck Uses: Siege

The Dart Goblin is really useful in Siege Decks. He can snipe away at annoying counter to X-bow, like Cannon or Inferno Tower. Even then, if his chip damage is left ignored, you can easily rocket the tower and win the game. He does very well at countering Skarmy and other counters. Coupled with Zap, he will wreck Minions/Horde, but without Zap he’ll die easily.


The Dart Goblin is a super versatile card that has high range and offers a lot of value on defense. He can be swapped with Meta Minion, Ice Wizard, or Musketeer. He’s great for chip damage and beatdown decks, although control is not recommended.

Thanks Lakithunde For This Usefull Information

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