Clone Spell Guide

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Hi Guys What’s up Supercell is going to add Another Spell inside the game Which Name is The Clone Spell It is going to be added in to the game 9th December 2016 So Without wasting any Time Sit back relax and Read this Clone Spell Guide  till the end

 Clone Spell Guide

“Duplicates all friendly troops in the target area. Cloned troops are fragile, but pack the same punch as the original! Doesn’t affect buildings.”

Clone Spell Guide Summary



  1. Clone is unlocked from the Frozen Peak (Arena 8).
  2. It is an Epic card which quite difficult to obtain and upgrade.
  3. As stated by its name, it is a spell that clones troops. However, cloned units only have 1 hp
  4. Clone costs 3 Elixir to cast.
  5. Just Like the Mirror, Clone duplicates every troop Which will be enters its area(Range) of effect.

Clone Spell Guide Strategy

The Clone Spell can duplicate all of your units anywhere on the map.It’s kind of like Mirror spell, except the cards will have 1 health.There is an unintentional mechanic that is best described as clone skipping.

The Clone spell mimics the mechanics of all cards. With Guards and Dark Prince, the clones will have a shield mechanic. A cloned Witch will spawn Skeletons. Balloon and Giant Skeleton will drop bombs dealing full damage. Golem and Lava Hound will spawn Golemites and Lava Pups.

How this works is pretty important if the clone runs towards the tower first it will just die so on the left lane is better for units are clone to the right side of the bridge before casting clone spell so that the first unit to cross the river is the original unit the same is also true in the right lane since the real unit is always pushed to the left side it’s better to cast the clone spell at the original unit is standing on the right side of the bridge As You Can Watch Gif  Below⇓

If you want to split lanes with clones planting a unit near the center will skip the real unit to the left a cloned I spirit will freeze units for the full duration of 1.5 seconds on the topic of fries if your unit is frozen and you clone it the duplicate unit will not be frozen this can be an advantage of your opponent uses freeze defensively like i there’s two seconds left in the game and they’re trying to stop your balloon As You Can Watch Gif  Below⇓

Mirror clone spell it won’t duplicate any clones it’ll only duplicate the real unit resulting in two clones so if you wanted to play gimmicky deck the best way to do that is the first mirror the card then clone them for
quadruple the madness but it’s rare that you would want to do this since the clones have one health
here’s where it gets really cool clone guards and darkPrince will retain their shield that means they can survive a rocket but their shield will still have one hit point so a clone dark prince will die in two shots because a clone shield also has one health As you can see below ⇓ in Gif File 

  1. A cloned lumberjack will drop a rage spell when it dies rate spells do not stack having multiple rate spells on top of each other do not stack the boost remains at 35 percent  
  2. keep in mind that youropponent’s left lane is your right lane so you have the left lane advantage while your opponent will have right lane
  3. You can easly  Pig Push with Hog then clone skip him to bypass even a 4-2 building plant 
  4. Golem will pop babies when they die the clone golems and its golemites will ldeal death damage as well
  5. lava hound it’s the deadliest the clone hound will pop lava pups as soon as the Hound reaches the tower it’s really good idea to clone it because if it pops the original Leva Hound will continue tanking for the clone pups

                                                                            Clone Spell Guide Stats

Cost Radius Type Rarity
3 3 Spell Epic


Level Cloned Common Level Cloned Rare Level Cloned Epic Level Cloned Legendary Level
1 6 4 1 1
2 7 5 2 1
3 8 6 3 1
4 9 7 4 1
5 10 8 5 2
6 11 9 6 3
7 12 10 7 4
8 13 11 8 5


overall the clone spell can be used in very creative ways similar to how our
tornado has very unique abilities like how it can force a hard to activate the King’s tower this spell has a lot of potential it’s going to take a while to learn how to use

What do you think of the upcoming Clone spell? Do you think it’ll be a game-changer in the Arenas? Or is it just as mediocre as the Elite Barbarians? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

 Watch This Video For More Detail Guide