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Clash Royale Clan War Deck Builder Hi Guys Clash Royale Clan War Guides and Clash Royale Clan War Deck Builder and How To Clan War in Clash Royale so It’s Woody from Team Boreal and welcome back to another detailed Clash Royale Clan War Guides and Clash Royale Clan War strategy guide. Our clan just won our first ever Clan War so today I thought I would share some of the tips that I learned to help maximize your chances of victory in Clan Wars. If you’re too lazy to read this guide, feel free to check out this video on my YouTube Channel.

Clan Wars Deck Clash Royale 2018 | Clash Royale Clan War Deck Builder

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Clash Royale Clan War Overview

Each Clan War consists of two different phases called Collection Day and Battle Day which takes place over the course of two days. Only Leader and Coleaders in the clan will be able to start a Clan War. At the end of the Clan War, your clan will receive trophies based on your overall ranking on the leaderboard.

As your clan gains more trophies, you will move up the leagues and be eligible for bigger and better rewards. However, Clan Wars will also become more competitive as you will be playing against other clans of a similar level.

The rewards from Clan Wars will be collected at the end of the each season which lasts a total two weeks. This means that theoretically you will be able to complete a total of seven Clan Wars each season.

Similar to ladder, the rewards that you receive at the end of the season will be based on the highest trophy level that your clan was able to reach during the course of the season.

Clash Royale Clan War Collection Day

On Collection Day, each player in the clan will have a maximum of three attacks. You can use these attacks to play in special game modes including Double Elixir, Sudden Death, Draft and 2v2. However, only three of these game modes will be available at the same time and every time a player finishes a match it will be replaced by a different game mode.Clash Royale Clan War Deck Builder

With the exception of Draft mode which is played at tournament standard, you will be using your own card levels in all the other modes and be matched with an opponent at a similar trophy range. After each game, you will unlock a chest containing cards that contribute to you clan’s War Cards.

You will receive double the amount of cards if you win the game compared to if you lose the game and players at a higher trophy range on ladder will receive more cards overall.

Each clan can unlock a maximum of 40 cards that you can choose from in order to construct your War Deck that will be used on Battle Day.

Clash Royale Clan War Battle Day

On Battle Day, each player in the clan will only have one attack so be sure to make it count. Player from both clans will be able to spectate your match live so make sure that your do not let your clanmates down.

You will only be able to use the cards that you have unlocked during Collection Day to construct your Battle Deck and you will be matched against a random opponent but your card levels will be determined by the amount of cards that you collected during Collection Day.

If your card levels are higher than the levels in your Battle deck, you will use the card levels in your Battle Deck. If your card levels are lower than the card levels in your Battle deck, you will use the card levels of your own cards.

Your clan will be competing with four other clans on the leaderboard and the clan that has the most wins at the end of the war will be declared the winner.

Clash Royale Clan War Strategy Tips

  1. The first step to victory in Clan Wars is to join an active clan. If you’re in a clan with a couple of your friends it might be a difficult decision for you to leave your clan. However, if you are the only one contributing to the Clan War, you will be missing out on an entire Game Mode not to mention a ton of rewards as well. There is a reason why Supercell has been heavily promoting Clans directly in the game for the past couple of weeks before the Clan Wars update.
  2. Theoretically, you will be able to complete a total of seven Clan Wars each season. However, this is not practical as you will have to start the next Clan War immediately after the current Clan War finishes. In my opinion, the best schedule is to start a Clan War on the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of every week. This means that the Battle Days will be on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, which is ideal as most players will be more active during the weekend.Clash Royale Clan War Deck Builder
  3. The best game modes to play during Collection Day are Double Elixir and Sudden Death as Draft and 2v2 are more based on luck. Always use your best ladder deck in these game modes as your card levels will matter. If you are a Beatdown player you should be playing Double Elixir and if you are a Cycle player you should be playing Sudden Death. If the game mode that you want is unavailable, wait for it to cycle back into rotation to maximize your chances of victory.
  4. It is imperative to build a strong Battle Deck based on the cards that you unlocked during Collection Day. Supercell added a very cool feature in the update that allows you to share decks directly in the Clan Chat. Ask the more experienced players in your clan to help you construct a Battle Deck and make sure that you practice in friendly battles before starting your match. I was able to help my clan construct a solid Lavaloon deck that helped us win our first ever Clan War.
  5. It is also imperative that every member in your clan contributes to the Clan War in order to be successful. During the Clan War, the Leader of the clan can click the name of a member in the War tab and give them a “nudge”. This will automatically send a notification to their device reminding them to complete their attack. However, you only have a limited number of “nudges” available so make sure you use them wisely and save them until the end of the war.


So what are my thoughts after completing my first ever Clan War? I know that I’ve been pretty critical of Supercell in the past but I have to say that I have definitely been enjoying CIan Wars so far. I’m big fan of the concept of Collection Day and limiting the amount of cards that you can use to build your Battle Deck as it introduces another element of strategy into the game. It also encourages players to upgrade their cards more evenly in order to use them in Clan Wars which will hopefully help solve the problem of overleveling on ladder.

Believe it or not, I’m also a big fan of having only three matches on Collection Day and only one match on Battle Day. I’ve always been a very competitive person and one of my favorite aspects of Clan Wars in Clash of Clans were these high pressure situations where your entire clan is spectating your battle and the outcome of the war is on the line. In my opinion, this is what separates the average player and the professional player because they are able to thrive under these high pressure conditions and perform at an even high level.

Many players have also been asking for more attacks because the new update is very exciting and you want to try out all of the new features. However, I think that this was a very smart design implemented by the development team to prevent players from burning out too quickly. Like the Clan Chest, after a couple months Clan Wars won’t be as exciting anymore and you will definitely be glad that you only have to play one match every day. I think the fact that so many players are asking for more attacks is an indication that this update was a resounding success.Clash Royale Clan War Deck Builder

However, there are also some aspects that I found confusing and do not necessarily agree with about the Clan Wars update. The biggest thing that stands out to me is that we are not competing directly against the other clans on the leaderboard when playing on Battle Day. Instead, we are matched against a random opponent from another clan which essentially makes Clan Wars a glorified version of ladder. I’m confused as to why a head to head system between clans was not implemented as this would add another layer of strategy into the game. For example, if you notice that the opponents from the enemy clan are all playing the same deck, you clan can adjust you strategy to specifically counter that deck. I think this would be a really cool feature that Supercell should definitely consider implementing in the future.Clash Royale Clan War Deck Builder

Thanks for reading my guide! I know that that there has already been a lot of negativity surrounding the update but I just want to remind everyone that this is just the first iteration of Clan Wars and I’m confident that Supercell will definitely take our feedback into consideration and improve Clan Wars in the future.


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