Salty Goblins Deck

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Hey King’s Cup Challenge Salty Goblins Deck guys,Akki here with King’s Cup Challenge Salty Goblins Deck deck guide This time I am Going to Show you ” Salty Goblins Decks ” This Deck is made by Alvaro and Adrain For King’s Cup Challenge and This Deck is a Miner Poison Deck includes Cannon Cart  and we all know  Miner Poison variant is extremely fast and fun to play! Without further ado, let’s get right into the deck So come and take a look at this King’s Cup Challenge Salty Goblins Deck guide Check Out More here Kings Cup II Elite Challenge Deck

Kings Cup Challenge Salty Goblins Deck

King’s Cup Challenge Salty Goblins Deck Card Roles:

Miner: Miner is your first win condition best card in the game,if your opponent can’t guess your will gives  you atleast 100  chip damage well He does direct damages, and people usually will try to shut down the Cannon card while not caring too much about the Miner you should Keep the Miner for the counterpush


Bats: Bats are cheaper and faster than minions, and they are good Zap bait in decks that run Inferno Dragon. Here I used them to keep the deck average down, and because in other decks I noticed that Minions were not getting much additional value; the marginal advantage of a faster cycle was worth more to me than the greater durability of Minions

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Cannon Cart: A strong card on defense and a threat if it ever reaches the tower, can reach the tower with 1 HP remaining. It’s fast and long range make it a good defense, but it also has high HP and a second from that pulls Tower-Targeting Units. It’s a decent card to lead a push, but better with another unit to tank tower. It’s fast speed and high cost makes it not worth to place behind king tower 

Poison:  In my opinion poison is better than fireball because of duration. This’ll be paired with your Miner to kill off the enemy’s Goblin Gang or Bats. It’s also great on defense to ruin pushes.It prevents swarms from attacking your Miner and chips the tower as well. Use on Goblin Gang, Three Musketeers poison+zap= 3 musketeers dead.

Goblins: Another vesatile card that you can use for both offense and defense. If your opponent is busy with the Miner send Spear Goblins or GoblinFor chip damage

Inferno Dragon: It is Tank destroyer. After the opponent uses their Zap against your Bats and/or Goblins it can go towards their tower and deal massive damage.Inferno dragon  becomes a threat himself and if you opponent doesn’t have an ewiz or an ice golem to kite, you are in for some significant tower damage or even the whole tower.

Spear Goblins: Spear Goblins always can be a good backup for Your Miner In This deck You have to use themto deal with air troops such as Minions or Flying machine. They are very useful in both defense and offense.

Zap: This card is Will be you Main Card in This Challenge Because In Other Singnature Decks so many  Spell bait card Like, Sparky, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang or Be carefull When using this card and Most of the Time Counter Opponent Barrel with Goblins or bats and save it For Sparky

King’s Cup Challenge Salty Goblins Deck Gameplan:

Overall Rating: 5

This deck provides no Hog counter. The Win Condition is Miner which will be tough considering all the goblins in the challenge.

It has the Poison which may be value. It will have difficulty countering sparky if the Inferno Dragon doesn’t get locked on.

Even then, most of these decks have zap and ranged troops for the Inferno Dragon. It will be tough to play on offense and is very squishy for defense.

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Thank you for reading This King’s Cup Challenge Salty Goblins Deck Guide ! I hope this helps many of you out here Check Out More here Kings Cup II Elite Challenge Deck