Cannon Cart Golem Deck

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Hey guys Golem Cannon Cart Deck Dexter is back with my new updated Cannon Cart Golem Deck and  today I am Going to Show you Cannon Cart Golem Deck This Deck Help me to reach at Arena 11 but After Changing Some card in my deck I got my new Pb- 4330 trophies  Check Out Here Best Cannon Cart Decks 2018

So This deck is a beatdown deck centered around the golem and Cannon Cart (obviously) and Poison For area Damage This Deck taken me to my personal best of 4330+ Form 4000 Trophies Cannon cart Is A very Good card In Defence and This deck is Good Grand Challenge and some pro players are using this Cannon Cart Golem Deck deck Check Out Here Best Cannon Cart Decks 2018

Cannon Cart Golem Deck


Cannon Cart Golem Deck Card Roles:

Golem: This is your main tank in this deck, also your main win condition, Expensive and slow, great on attack due its High HP, dangerous due its High Cost. Great tank for Cannon Cart and Baby dragon always drop Golem behind your King Tower and make huge push In this deck, you want him in the front of almost every card and Golem ican deal a lot of damage

Cannon Cart: I absolutely love this card Extremely versatile card in the current meta, This card is very Good with Golem  and it is capable of soaking up Fireball and Poison and still be able to move It is good in Both Offence and Defence Check Out Here Best Cannon Cart Decks 2018

Elixir Collector: The most important card in the deck as you are using the Golem which costs a lot of elixir. It gives you a huge Elixir advantage and forces your opponent to attack first. Try to protect it at all cost.

Baby Dragon: Great mini tank,  the best splash unit to carry in a Golem deck as it deals a decent amount of damage, it is pretty tanky, and it is an air unit, it can deal a hefty bit a damage. Counters Barbarians, Minion Horde, Minions, and Skeleton Army so well. These would be the cards that rip through your Golem, but with your Baby Dragon spitting fire, these troops will be unable to survive long enough to kill off your Golem.

Zap – This card Perfect Good here instead of Log Because, IT reset the charge on Inferno Dragons and Towers that have locked onto your Golem in a pinch,

Poison: One of the best Spells in the Challenges right now This card id good for taking out Three Musketeer which I see in the current meta a lot, Electro Wizard and Princess.Try to push on the side where you opponent places his Elixir Collector so you can Poison it as well on Collector

Goblins – Another vesatile card that you can use for both offense and defense Not to much here about to say

Mega Minion: If You have Higher Level Electro Wizard Then Can sub here if you want to. Mega Minion is mainly for defense and maybe a troop behind the Golem when Counter Pushing at defence This card is amazing to shutting down Hog Riders, Musketeers, Wizards, Bombers and other support troops behind your enemies tank troop. 

Cannon Cart Golem Deck General Gameplan:

You want to see what type of deck your opponent is using and If he using Miner or rocket Deck then Never Place behind the Tower Always place In front for King Tower

Start the Golem off in the back, so you can build up a strong push, start off with a simple push, see how they defend and act accordingly for your next pushes.

If They defend with Inferno Dragon or Minion Horde Then use use the Baby Dragon With in your next push Just to rest Inferno Charge

Cannon Cart Golem Deck Best Push:  Check Out Here Best Cannon Cart Decks 2018

  1. Golem+Baby Dragon ( Simple Push )
  2. Golem+Canno Cart+Mega Minion ( if they are not using swarm troop Deck )
  3. Cannon Cart + Goblin ( Offensive Push )

Mega Knight Miner Deck Match Ups: Check Out Here Best Cannon Cart Decks 2018

Hog Rider:  Mega Minion+Goblins kill the Hog Rider and supporting troops and then go for a counterpush from there with your Golem or Cannon Cart

Any Beatdown: Use Cannon Cart to kill the Giant or Golem then, if you can, counterpush with Golem + Dragon or Goblin + Cart

Pekka Decks: Use Cannon Cart to kill Pekka and Take out supprting troops with Baby Dragon Such as Minions Horde or Bats

Graveyard: Easy to Counter you may need to use defensive Poisons. Baby Dragon is Good as well


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I hope that this Cannon Cart Golem Deck guide helps you to Reacherd 4.3k throphies. If you have any questions about the Cannon Cart Golem Deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing Check Out Here Best Cannon Cart Decks 2018