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Hey Bowler Graveyard Poison Deck the first time using this Bowler Graveyard Poison Deck, and due to the ease and also maybe unconventional Bowler Graveyard Poison Deck that was used I wanted to make a quick Bowler Graveyard Poison Deck detailing  how I went about to get 12 wins. also Check Out Here is Top 17 December Decks

So the Bowler Graveyard Poison Deck is nothing new, it was actually quite a popular meta deck several months back and Now its Back In December 2017 but here are the cards nevertheless also Check Out Here is Top 17 December Decks

Graveyard Poison Deck

Bowler Graveyard Poison Deck Card Roles:


Graveyard: Your main and only real win condition. Since you are perpetually in 2x elixir, don’t be afraid to drop a Knight – Graveyard – Poison combo at the bridge to go for a sneaky win. Otherwise just capitalize on your heavy troops to tank for it after they’ve been used to counter the opponent’s push.

Bowler: Main tank and defense. Can counter any large cluster of ground based troops alone or in synergy with tornado and/or ice spirit. If played with a knight right next to it, it can prevent a hog from getting any hits. Acts as a lightning rod too.

Baby Dragon: Secondary tank and main air defense. It doesn’t do a lot of focused damage but if your bowler makes it to the bridge with a decent amount of health make sure to support it with a Baby Dragon as a preemptive bats or minions measure. Can also be used as a flash graveyard substitute for the knight.

Tornado: Classic utility spell. Can be used to activate king tower or just clump up large death balls of troops for your splash units to take care of easily. Also, it’s less known for clutching last minute graveyards. Essentially, once the enemy tower is low but not low enough for a poison, let them play their usual counters and them tornado them away from the skeletons or into your baby D splash radius depending on the situation. It’ll be unexpected (since you’ll have played poison up to this point) and will generally catch them completely off guard.

Poison: Your only damage dealing spell. I try to only use it aggressively with the graveyard, but it can be used defensively in dire situations such as an enemy graveyard (most notably against mirror decks). Since you have other specialized troops to take care of minion horde for example, I would avoid casting it on them. Also try to avoid poisoning pumps for reasons I list below (unless it’s in the radius of the graveyard then all by means go ahead and get them positive trades).

Mega Minion: Your jack of all trades focused damage dealer. It has no specific role in this deck except for what I just described it as. It can be mixed into your other defensive troops to set up an even more remarkable counter push or just used solo against lone mini pekka’s and baby dragons. Even if it then just goes on to die on the enemy side you’ll almost always have scored a positive elixir trade. In some cases it can also be subbed in as a tank for graveyard.

Knight: Do I really have to say anything about this guy? It’s a safe plant in the back if you have it in your starting hand and it basically just counters any small to mid ranged ground troop by itself in the game. It’s rarely a wasted move because your opponent will have to deal with that full health knight or suffer more than 1k damage. I actually mainly use it as a mini tank for a fast graveyard push at the bridge because at it’s tanky enough to withstand the whole graveyard duration and also cheap enough to warrant even placing poison (in 2x elixir only) without too much worry. Can also be used for extra DPS against tanks.

Ice Spirit: Cycle and support card. I rarely play it in the back unless I’m going to push with a graveyard + knight at the bridge. Great at stalling large dangerous pushes (especially hog and balloon), supporting counterpushes, countering weak horde troops…you know the drill. It works wonders together with tornado if you can land it correctly.

I used to use this deck replacing Electro Wizard for Mega Minion and skeletons for ice spirit. I remember it being considerably stronger as it was the only deck that got me over 5k on ladder but after the skeleton nerf I can’t vouch for it anymore.

The ice spirit serves as somewhat a replacement to the zap reset (as a freeze reset to inferno dragons and so on), and the mega minion makes up as being a much more efficient air troop counter. It’s up to you really)

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I Hope you All enjoyed reading this Bowler Graveyard Poison Deck guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.