Graveyard Giant Deck

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Hi Guys Today I would like to show  you my personal Graveyard Giant Deck beatdown deck, since there not really a solid meta from 3k to 4k (other than Royal Giants, Hogs and Elite Barbarians), there aren’t exactly many people using Graveyard at the moment, even Graveyard is the most powerfull card in the game This Deck is almost unstoppable to any card and counters to all the current metas right now so come and take a close look at this Graveyard Giant Deck guide

Graveyard Giant Deck

Graveyard Giant Deck Card Roles:

Giant- The main tank for your push, and even with the old damage debuff it can still do considerable damage to a tower, as well as protect the back-end troops as well as the Graveyard.

Graveyard- Graveyard is one of the most important offensive cards used in this deck. Put the Graveyard down when you have at least Bowler and Archers behind Giant so that troops like Valkyrie and Minions won’t destroy all the Skeletons in Graveyard while Giant soaks the damage for the Graveyard Skeletons.


Bowler- This is the defensive card in the game and also best tank for graveyard I get so much success from this card it’s unbelievable. It can counter seemingly impossible counter pushes (in conjunction with other cards) and is a great tank for your Graveyard.

Ice Golem- Ice Golem is a strong, cheap tank in which can be used defensively or offensively at the beginning of a match for example. The death nova it releases at the end can be really clutch sometimes, especially in defence.

Archers- Cheap, relatively reliable air defence. When paired with Ice Golem/Bowler it can shut down many pushes and survive to create a counter push. 

Mega Minion- The heavy-hitter for your deck, even after it’s many debuffs it still is a viable card and works extremely well in defence and offense due to its relatively high damage for little elixir. 

Arrows- This Spell in the deck for takes out Skeleton Army and Minion Horde as well as it’s shorter flight time buff makes it useful when opponents use spam to control your Graveyard.

Cannon- Surprisingly strong defensive card, outputs enough damage to kill Hogs and can do severe damage to Golems and Giants if placed correctly (4-2 placement for Hogs; 4-3 for Giants and Golems).

Graveyard Giant Deck Strategy:

If you have a DEFENSIVE hand at the start, splitting Archers or Bowler in the back is a great idea with so many rushing with Hogs and Goblin Barrels at the start it makes the most sense as one Archer can do a great deal even by herself. If you have a OFFENSIVE hand try doing a cheap Ice Golem Graveyard push IF they invest a lot of elixir in e.g. A Golem, otherwise play defensive. Chances are you should be able to cycle to your Giant to start a decent push from the back.

Try saving your Graveyard until at least Double Elixir; by then you’ll have seen basically all their cards and know their viable counters to your Graveyard. Also, it comes as a great surprise if you save your main kill card until the end as you can defend quite easily and they’ll often assume that your kill card is just your Giant.

Sometimes if you’re in a stalemate with an opponent, just doing Ice Golem Graveyard on the unprotected tower can pay off really well as a quick, unexpected surprise and finish off a long game. The best time is to wait until they place any card that’s 5 elixir or above as they won’t have the elixir needed to fully defend your push (have Arrows ready in case of Minions/Skeleton Army etc).

As said before, this is a beatdown/momentum deck which can be used as a quick chip cycle as well, but to get best results build up a large push from the back in Double Elixir and you should be able to cycle through back to another Giant to further enhance your push.

Of course, all advice must be taken with a pinch of salt. What you play will often depend on the situation and I’d choose my gut feeling on what to do in a match rather than something straight out of a textbook, shall we say.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please leave your comments down below and I WILL answer. Thanks so much for taking your time to read my Graveyard Giant Deck guide!