Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck

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Hi guys  RelevantIAm here and today i am going to show Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck hat got me to 4184 as a level 10 + This deck has so many meta card which is rocking in arena 10 The main strategy of this Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck is to defend first and to use the survived troops on counterpush, coupling with the Graveyard.Executioners Bowler are used here as mini tanks While they are soaking damage coming from the tower, the Graveyard unleashes tons of damage. so guys come and take a quick look at this Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck guide:

Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck

Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck Card Role:

  1. Graveyard: Your main win condition. I don’t recommend using it unless you have the bowler/executioner/archers supporting/tanking for it. I’ll typically only use the archers/graveyard combo when they drop their GY counter preemptively on one lane I’ll push the other with the combo.
  2. Bowler: A great defensive card that turns into a tank for your graveyard on a counter push. Great against Ebarbs and hog especially. (random side note, bowler will get taken out by Ebarbs and they will get a few hits in if they zap your bowler). If they drop a tank in the back, I’ll typically drop a bowler on the same side since his boulder can travel through the tank and take out their support.
  3. Freeze: Amazing support card for the GY. I don’t recommend using this until double elixir unless you know you have a major elixir advantage over them. Be sure to freeze both the tower and the defensive troops (plus their king if a tower is already down and you are able to do so).
  4. Archers: Great on defense, I chose this over mega minion simply because they can pull and distract Ebarbs/mini pekkas/prince/etc. I would honestly prefer to try E-wiz instead, but I don’t have the card unlocked yet. They are also a good counter to GY and a supplement to the executioner when dealing with air decks.
  5. Zap: Pretty self-explanatory. I prefer this over log in this deck due to people using skarmy to counter GY. If I know they have skarmy I will try my best to avoid using it for anything other than that. There are emergency situations where you will have to use it for something else, though. i.e. minion horde coming at your tower with no other counter. Use your best judgement.
  6. Tornado: I love this card, it has great synergy with the executioner. You can use it to pull a hog/miner/goblin barrel to your tower to activate it. Or my favorite, to pull a royal giant to the middle of your towers and force it to re-target the higher health tower + get shot by both towers. One of the most useful times to use tornado, though, is to pull their GY counter in front of the tower and let the executioner take care of them while hitting their tower.
  7. Skarmy: Great defensive card, but i wouldn’t depend on it completely considering zap and log are so prevalent. It’s great for baiting that zap or log they would otherwise use to counter your GY, though. Switch up the placement on it so that they cant log it instantly.
  8. Executioner: Pretty OP right now. Amazing as a counter to almost anything they throw at you and then it turns into a mini tank for your GY on a counter push. Pair this behind your bowler (especially during double elixir) and its almost a guaranteed tower.

Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck Guide:

The general strategy is to use the bowler/executioner as a defense and then counter-push. Dropping graveyard as soon as one of these two are on the bridge walking toward the tower.

The best push at your disposal (typically only possible during double elixir) is a bowler with an executioner behind him, then GY + freeze. I’ve recently adopted the philosophy that I will not make the first move until double elixir since this is a somewhat high cost deck and shines in double elixir.


Even splitting archers at the back as the first move has proven costly. Especially against air decks (usually them placing minions at the back on their first move is a giveaway you will be facing a lavahound/loon deck).

Don’t play too aggressively, if your tank doesn’t have much hp by the time it crosses the bridge don’t waste 5 elixir on a graveyard.

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If there are any questions or something here doesn’t make sense just let me know and I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability.