Flying Machine Bowler Goblin Barrel Deck

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Hi Bowler Goblin Barrel Deck Guys Md Aaqib here and today i am going to show you Bowler Goblin Barrel Deck Including Mirror Furnace and Barrel and Flying Machine You can Win Kings cup Challenge Battle If you Got this Deck Because this contain very Good Card If you Opponent has Hog deck Ten You can use  Furnace or Bowler Basically This Bowler Goblin Barrel Deck good Against every Singnature Deck except Mega Knight Knight Witch Deck ( The Ultra Nytes Deck ) so come and take a look at this King’s Cup Challenge Misplaced Rocket Deck deck  Check Out More here Kings Cup II Elite Challenge Deck

Flying Machine Bowler Goblin Barrel Deck

Bowler Goblin Barrel Deck Card Roles:

Furnace : One of the Best annoying chip card For Challenges. Furnace is also great at pulling defensive targeting troops. In desperate situations, the furnace is great at taking down Goblin Gang and Best Counter of Hog


Bowler: This card is a beast I don’t use it much on Ladder or Challenges But In this King’s Cup Challenge Its doing great.  The card is very versatile, does great aoe damage, and offers lots of value and counte rpushing potential,the bowler does great versus Viva La Sparky Deck

Goblin Barrel: This is your main win condition. Try getting a few stabs in with this pesky little card by baiting out spells or outcycling your opponent! When left alone the goblin barrel does mad damage.Sometimes, I play Goblin Barrel right on top of Other troops on defence

Flying Machine  – This card is very Underrated It’s has long range and  flying attribute Which makes it a safe card, although weak to Fireball, Lightning and Poison. It deals consistent mediocre damage, It’s basically a Dart Goblin  and Musketeer had a kid and it flies

Mirror: I have been using this card a lot lately. This card offers so much value at times! When they spell your counter, you can just use this wacky card and bam, you have your defense back. I have used this card soooo many times on defense. This spell is a lot more versatile than you think and has a great element of surprise factor

Goblin Gang: Goblin Gang is a swarm card. It’s good at both offense and defense which is great for a 3 elixir card since it applies the simple rule of tanks and ranged troops. Due to Goblin’s fast moving speed, the enemy might not able to counter them with just a Zap.Goblin Gang can completely shut down the Goblin Barrel without being harmed at all.

Rocket: This spell is just so versatile (there’s that word again). Use it to finish off low hp towers take out opponent Sparky at 6 elixir is a lot so you need to know when to start cycling rockets.I would say when the tower gets to 1000 HP or if you are struggling with tower damage just cycle rockets. That’s the beauty of this deck.The rocket is just so valuable in defense in clutch moments.

The Log: Defensive support card. Take care of Opponent Goblin Barrel and You know very well how to use it so not too much to say

Bowler Goblin Barrel Deck Gameplan:

Overall Rating: 9

This is one of the scariest decks in the challenge. It has the Furnace to stop the Hog Rider, Rocket for the Sparky, Goblin Gang for the Miner, etc.

It basically provides counters to every Win Condition out there. It also has Mirror, available for the Flying Machine which makes a dirty combo.

The lack of log means the Goblin Gang and Goblin Barrel will work wonders for you. It also has the big blue guy with a kind heart,

the Bowler. He should provide great value against this ground heavy challenge.

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Thank you for reading This Bowler Goblin Barrel Deck Guide ! I hope this helps many of you out