Bowler Giant Deck

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Bowler Giant Deck After August Update

Bowler Giant Deck,Hey guys, today I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Giant Bowler deck which is rocking in Arena 9 at the moment.With the current balance update from Supercell, Bowler is now much more viable.Bowler Giant Deck, Lots of players in Arena 9 are using him and most decks from top players are utilizing this purple guy. The big buff. Bowler Giant Deck

Bowler Giant Deck

Card Breakdown

Giant is one of the most powerful card at the moment. Nice damage, nice HP. I always try to build up 2 Elixir Collectors, before the x2 Elixir time of course, before placing him down, unless I have a huge Elixir advantage. Place him at the back so you will have enough Elixir to strengthen the push by the time he is about to cross the bridge. Giant is excellent at soaking damage and grouping opponent’s defensive troops so the Bowler and Poison can easily kill them all in seconds. Since this deck doesn’t have any defensive building, sometimes you will need to use him on defense to take damage. Always place him in front of your troops in any push.



Bowler: After the balance changes, Bowler now is one of the most popular cards in Clash Royale. With only 5 Elixir, you can easily stop almost any ground push. On defense, he can easily deal with Barbarians, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Ice Wizard, Witch, Wizard… Just make sure you drop him in the right place so he can target multiple troops at the same time (usually right in front of the Tower). A single Bowler can easily take out a small Hog Rider push with ease. On offense, we can only make the most use of Bowler when he is coupled with Giant. Always place Bowler right behind the Giant so he can protect the Giant fully (due to his slow movement speed).


Mini P.E.K.K.A: Because we don’t have defensive building in this deck, Mini P.E.K.K.A is a must in order to deal with Hog Rider, Royal Giant, Golem, Giant… She is also excellent at dealing with Miner and Bowler. Needless to say, Mini P.E.K.K.A is super versatile on both offense and defense. She can easily deal tons of damage to the unprotected Tower. Anyway, in this deck, I usually use her on defense only. To read more about Mini P.E.K.K.A


Musketeer: The only troop in this deck which helps you deal with air troops. With the good damage and good attack range, she is a great support for Giant push. She can easily finish off the popular Cannon with just a few hits without getting a single hit.


Poison: Beside Zap, Poison is one of the best spell cards of the current meta game. Excellent on both offense and defense. Great at taking out Barbarians, swarms, 3 Musketeers, Princess… Poison is one of the key at dealing with Giant Poison, Giant Bowler and Hut Decks, the most popular decks we face every day in Arena 9. Don’t hesitate to Poison the opponent’s Elixir Collector If you can also kill Princess, Musketeer or anything nearby. Great at prevent your opponent from using low HP units to stop your push


Zap: Everyone knows Zap. Great at taking out small troops and resetting Inferno Tower, Prince, Sparky… Zap + Poison is a great combo to take out 3 Musketeers and weakened building. Lots of players think that Zap is not good anymore after the nerf but IMO it’s well balanced now.


Valkyrie: This is the main aoe clear. Place her in front of your push to deal with most of spawner decks, respond to Skeleton Army or counter to Giant. My Valkyrie is at level 7, but above 5  is okay. You can replace her with Bomber or Baby Dragon if you want.


Guards: Excellent card in the current meta game. They help us deal with Mini P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer, Miner, Princess… and also very good at taking out Hog Rider and tankers. I usually drop them to distract the enemy troops and force them to stay in the Poison a bit longer. During the x2 Elixir time, I usually use them to strengthen the push and protect Giant from the Inferno Tower. In addition, Guards can soak 1 hit from Sparky or Princes. Awesome!Bowler Giant Deck


General Gameplan

If your opponent starts building a push, drop your Bowler right behind your Tower, due to his slow movement speed, he can easily deal with any push coming quickly.

This deck is pretty easy to play. Focus on countering your opponent’s pushes then launch the counterpush with the survived troops. Bowler Giant Deck



  • Hog Trifecta: Drop the Bowler 1-2 tiles in front of the Tower to deal with Hog Rider + Valkyrie and use Mini P.E.K.K.A to finish off the Musketeer. You can use Guards to kill Valkyrie as long as she is targeting someone else. We will take some damage for sure but the trade off is we have a strong counter push right after that. Just place the Giant right in front of the survived troops.Bowler Giant Deck
  • Hut Decks: Currently Hut Decks are coming back in Arena 9. Luckily, we have Poison and Bowler in this deck, which are deadly to any Hut Decks. This is an easy matchup.Bowler Giant Deck
  • Giant Poison: Use Mini P.E.K.K.A to finish off the Giant and use Guards to lure the opponent’s Mini P.E.K.K.A to the middle. Make sure your Guards are not affected by the Poison. Consider using Musketeer or Poison If needed.Bowler Giant Deck
  • Giant Bowler: Use Guards on 1 side to distract the Bowler and use Musketeer on the other wise to kill it. Use Mini P.E.K.K.A to take out the Giant. Use your Bowler If needed. Pretty annoying to deal with hands down!Bowler Giant Deck

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