Bowler Prince Deck

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Bowler and Prince Deck For Arena 8+

Hi guys, It’s Dexter(Moshin Ahmad) again and this time I am here to share an easy to use Bowler and Prince Deck I’ve been using recently.Bowler  Prince Deck  This deck is pretty decent against the current Royal Giant Hog meta,Playing both lanes allows you to also catch your opponent off guard. Hopefully this deck will work out well for all you Bowler loversBowler  Prince Deck 

The Bowler can be very tough and useful against horde of ground troops. With its linear attack, any hindrance ahead will be dead meat. Even Barbarians will be pushed back and can be killed in a matter of seconds. The deck’s supporting units are enough to deal either offense or defense.Bowler  Prince Deck 


Card Roles:

  • Bowler: The Bowler’s unique ability will put your enemy into a possible dire situation. Its HP is huge enough to somehow catch any incoming attacks. Make sure to support this big guy against air troops, accordingly.
  • Prince: The Prince received a nice buff in the previous update, thus making him viable, again. The Prince’s damage is critical. Pairing it with the Bowler is needed. This will let you acquire a bigger chance to reach a targeted tower.
  • Barbarians: These bulky guys will save you from potential tower annihilation. Utilize them to stop beefy tanks, Hog Rider, or even Sparky. Make sure to drop them in a nice spot to secure your counter doings. The Barbarians can also help your Bowler buy time to create extra damage against towers.
  • Princess: Aside from the Prince and the Barbarians, this unit will also play a vital role in this deck. With its splash damage, wiping out Minions / Minion Horde will be easy. Put it behind your troops to extend its ability further.
  • Ice Spirit: With only 1-elixir cost, this new card from the Frozen Peak Arena will freeze troops for two seconds. This will buy you ample time to kill them by your main troops.
  • Fire Spirits: A good alternative if you run out of Princess in the battlefield. The Fire Spirits can exterminate Minions or can severely damage horde of Barbarians. Place them sneakily to surprise your enemy.
  • Fireball: Best used against the Three Musketeers. This spell card can make a fair damage against towers, as well. Drop them accordingly.
  • Elixir Collector: Build up your elixir as much as possible in the early game. This will be a nice advantage once the game reaches its final minute.

Battle Strategy:

Once your elixir reaches 10, place your Elixir Collector behind a Crown Tower. Usually, enemies will take this as a chance to make an epic push. To deal with a horde of ground units, place your Bowler behind your crown tower. Utilize the Princess if air units were dropped. There is a great chance that they will counter your Princess immediately. If this happens, drop your Fire Spirits to deal with this pesky air troops. Bowler  Prince Deck 


Once defended, get ready for a counter push. As your Bowler approaches the river, place your Prince behind him. By this, your Bowler will have a few seconds to make his boulder roll against potential counter troops. Prepare your Princess as well to successfully counter air units. As your Prince runs toward the target, drop the Ice Spirit with him. This will give a higher chance to reach a tower and wreck it down. Bowler  Prince Deck 


Deck Weakness:

Bowlers are weak against Minion Horde or Minions. That’s why we need Fire Spirits or Princess behind to annihilate them quickly. Due to its attacking style, Bowlers will also be killed easily by Barbarians or Goblins if placed around it. Due to the Prince’s single-target ability, he can be distracted easily by any kinds of unit. We suggest to place him only if your supporting troops are ready.Bowler  Prince Deck 

The deck’s average cost is around 3.9, so playing your cards right is required. Bowler  Prince Deck


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