Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck

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Hi Guys What’s up today we are talking about Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck these neat little Elite Barbarians Deck I’ve been trying in Legendary Arena and it seems to be working out AMAZING!!!For those of you Arena 7 and below you may not fancy using these Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck 

1. Miner Elite Barbarians Deck:

 I’ve been playing Clash Royale since two Months. and today i am going to show you Miner Elite Barbarians Deck  which got me recently to 3229 Trophies with just 312 Wins. This deck also workjng well for me in tournaments My Deck contains a lot of current META Cards, which are needed for this kind of Deck.

Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck


You can swap out the Zap Spell with the Log if you have it, I’m using Zap because I dont have the Log yet. Also, the first version of my Deck had the Ice Spirit instead of the Mega Minion.If your Mega Minion is underleveled or you’re just not comfortable with it, you can use the Ice Spirit.Continue Reading »

2. Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck

Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck from 3400 to 4000 in two Days I created this deck in response to the Elite Barbarians recent buff.I Honestly think this is the current meta card and as you know in crown dule tournament every one war running deck with elite barb deck  this Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck is really strong in converting defenses into offenses. Be sure to practice this deck before you start playing this Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck in the ladder and tournaments.

Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck

I Mostly used Giant as a tank to protect Sparky.It can also be paired with minion horde elite barbarians and mega minion if your opponent is countering your sparky effectively every time Sparky can not only serve as a win condition a good strategy is to drop at the back after if your opponent drops a tank,then after sparky shreds the tank you have a lot of elixir to do a huge push with giant and minion horde/mega minion/fire spirits/elite barbs depending on how much elixir you have Continue Reading »

3. Hog Electro Wizard Deck Elite Barb Deck 

Hog Electro Wizard Deck which is working well for in electro wizard challenge and I also won one Electro wizard in challenge my win was 12-2 in challenge so ihave to say something about this deck is not made by ME, It’s actually made by yarn From orange Juice And I’m just making a guide on it because this deck won me some cool matches in Ewiz challenge and ladder so come and take a look on this Hog Electro Wizard Deck Guide:

Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck

Hog Rider: Main win condition  of the deck besides the Elite barbarians, You’ll have to do Hog Ice golem pushes and Hog Elite Barbarians pushes to get the main damage done. The Hog Rider could also attract a few troops towards it, deterring them away from your tower for a little while.The good thing about Elite Barbarians is that they are a hybrid card, It means they are first used as a defensive card, for example if your opponent drops an RG, you’ll drop the elite barbaarians to kill the Royal Giant and translate that defense into a counter-push with Hogs Rider as an offensive card Continue Reading »

4. Giant Elite Barb Deck Card Role:

this deck Just today and It does very well against Hog Decks and Golem+Lightning deck Im currently in Genesis=Im Sitting on 4149, PB is 4412,My favorite Card Is the Lumberjack so come and take a look on this Giant Elite Barb Deck Guide

Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck

Giant Your main Win Condition. You always want to put him in the back to start off a good push. Make sure he is supported with the other troops once you build up your elixir. DO not place him Up near the bridge. Doing this won’t allow you to build up the necessary Elixir to pull off your push. If your opponent is going for a push, Sometimes Giant is a good defensive choice so the attacking troops are focused on the giant and your support troops can focus on their win condition and finish of the troops attacking the giant. Continue Reading »

5. River of Elite Barbarians+Barbarians

This Deck Contain Mainly Barbarians Hut and Elite Barbarians as a Main Winning Condition,Two ways to play. If the opponent doesn’t have enough area damage (fireball/valk, etc) you can user Barb Hut to pressure one lane while defending/attacking on the other and when the time is right, do a 4 barb push on one lane. Otherwise, wait until double elixer and try to bait out their fireball/AOE damage using Musketeer/Wiz and double Barb Hut + Elite Barbs to flood their tower Let’s see This Elite Barbarians Deck in Depth

Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck

It’s pretty simple actually. When you start off hopefully you have  Spear Gobs since you want to drop those off first. If you have neither drop a Barb Hut in the center. Make it as far back as you can so that it can still draw aggro, but it is far enough so Royal Giant can’t shoot across the river. In the beginning, pressure one lane with barb hut while defending the other. Continue Reading »

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Thanks for reading this Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.