prince deck

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Best Prince Deck for Arena 4  5 and 6

A winning Prince deck being able to get you outta Arena 5 in Clash Royale!

Overview: This Arena 5 Deck has Prince and Goblin Barrel as the 2 Epic cards, while including 2 Rare cards which are Wizard and Fireball, resulting in the rather high 4.1 average elixir cost. With the combination of Prince, Wizard, Bomber, Barbarians, Minion Horde and Knight, this solid deck is so versatile that it can deal with any deck archetypes, while remaining a threat to the opponent! prince deck

prince deck

Prince  Deck Offensive Strategy

There are various combos you can execute with this deck. For example: Prince + Wizard, Prince + Knight + Bomber, Prince + Barbarians, Barbarians + Wizard. Depends on opponent’s deck, you can choose for yourself a suitable combo to deal with it. Let’s take it to a real situation where you have to face Princess and Ice Wizard together, so your best bet is to use the Prince + Knight + Bomber to get rid of them without struggling, as Prince can kill these units in 1 charge, and Knight + Bomber can deal significant damage to Tower as well. prince deck


The main strategy here is to wait for proper card in your hand and make a big push with the aforementioned combos, and constantly put pressure on your opponent. During that time you must defend properly to hold your line. Remember to adapt to the situation and adjust your deck with appropriate cards. This post will be stretched for dozen pages if I list all possible situation, so you must find out by yourself :). prince deck

Goblin Barrel is your win condition here! You can deploy this annoying spell when your opponent is out of Zap/Arrows, or when defensive troops are busy targeting other units. Those Goblins spilled from Barrel can deal significant damage to Tower in a blink of an eye. prince deck

Prince  Deck Defensive Strategy

Main defensive cores: Barbarians, Minion Horde, Bomber, Wizard. Once again, depends on your enemies, you choose approriate troops to counter them. prince deck

Against Hog cycle deck, Barbarians and Minion Horde are the best because they can eliminate Hog almost instantly. Those troops are also effective against Tank-Beatdown deck such as Giant or Giant Skeleton.

Spawner deck is not a threat as Wizard and Bomber can wipe out spawned units without struggling. In addition,When dealing with Prince, Barbarians are good choice provided that they can outnumber the pony rider. prince deck

Against Air-beatdown deck, Minion Horde and Wizard are 2 very strong counter to them with the combination of high DPS from Horde and splash damage from Wizard. prince deck

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