Mega Minion deck

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Mega Minion deck Arena 8+

Hi Guys What’s up I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Mega Minion deck which is rocking in Arena 9 + Tounaments at the moment.Mega Minion in New Troops in Clash Royale The Mega Minion, unlocking in Clash Royale Arena 7 It is the Combine Pack of Minions i put mirror in this becauise i think mirror in more vialbe  After(9/19) balance update Lets take a look in this deck Shared By UndeadZeref

Mega Minion deck

How to start Mega Minion deck

Usually, I like to start of defensively with this deck So if I have the tesla in my hand, I will play with in the exact center,3 tiles from the river ever time. 

This is the ideal position you want the tesla to be in all the time except when versing lava houd/ balloon decks. If you Don’t have the Tesla then start with your hog rider.


I like to place it on the tile right below the river and in either one of the center tiles as your opponent usually does not expect a hog from there and is thrown off by it, allowing the hog to get 1 or 2 hits off.

You can start of with the mega minion or goblins. Middle game Untill double elixir,I like to stay in an elixir disadvantage and send in occasionally hog+ goblin pig pushes when the opponent drops anything at the back. The ice wizard and tesla can defend against almost any push, including balloon + giant!

This is my main defensive combo and strategy in the mid game as it allows me to steadily build an elixir advantage and recover from the elixir disadvantage at the start. Also, I never let a single elixir go to waste so you should also try not to. Double elixir gameplay In double elixir, I focus on counter pushes

Additional Tips Mega Minion deck

Players should use the Mega Minion as a way to counter opponents. If the enemies are killed, turn this defensive move into an offensive one. Do this by placing other important units in front of the Mega Minion. Let the Mega Minion take care of the small fry in the Clash Royale Arena while the main attacker takes care of the tower. Mega Minion deck

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