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Hi everyone. I am Desertanu and I love testing new Princess Spawner Deck  and finding new ways to use cards that aren’t seen very often. Today I will share the Princess Spawner Deck  that helped get me to 3505 trophies.In this guide, I’ll cover the cards of the deck and how to use Princess Spawner Deck .

Princess Spawner Deck

Princess Spawner Deck  Cards Role:

Barbarian Hut- This hut applies constant pressure on the opponent’s side that can heavily damage them if left alone. It also helps defend against tanks, hog rider, and other threats. The barbarians from the hut combined with the prince can devastate the opponent quickly if they are low on elixir. Because of its high cost, when you place this hut down, make sure you have a response for anything the opponent can send you. When using the barbarian hut, place it in the center, so it can defend both sides.


Goblin Hut- The goblin hut supports the barbarians by providing extra damage and protecting the barbarians from air units. They can also do chip damage to ranged support units. Place the goblin hut behind the crown tower of the side you want to pressure. Princess Spawner Deck 

Prince- The prince is great for rushing the opponent when they are low on elixir. He is also the deck’s main defense against the bowler due to his weight. He can also be used on defense to translate into a counter-push.

Princess- A very powerful card that can outrange towers. She is the deck’s main source of air targeting. When using her, try to place her so the opponent can’t poison one of your huts and the princess for a positive elixir trade. The spawned troops can make it more difficult for the opponent to kill her easily with small troops. (If you don’t have the princess, the ice spirit can be a good substitute.) Princess Spawner Deck 

Zap- Probably one of the most versatile cards in the game. In this deck it is used to stun troops and kill small units to pave the way for prince.

Mini Pekka- This card hits hard and can deal brutal damage to enemy towers if left alone. The mini pekka is best used defensively to kill miners attempting to target one of your huts, hog riders, tanks, and support units.

Valkyrie- Valkyrie can demolish support troops behind tanks like musketeers and ice wizards. She’s also great for killing small units like guards and barbarians. This gives her great synergy with both the prince and mini pekka on counter-pushes. Princess Spawner Deck 

Arrows- Some may ask why arrows? One word. Princess. The princess can devastate spawned troops for only three elixir. The arrows allow us to dispatch the princess quickly for an even elixir trade. They are also used to kill minions and minion hordes instantly if zap or the princess aren’t available. Princess Spawner Deck 

Why Princess Spawner Deck

Ever since arena 5, I’ve loved to use spawner decks. In the current giant poison meta, spawner decks are almost nowhere to be seen.

However, they are still a very viable deck to use. This deck’s goal is to create strong pushes to crush the opponent with the prince and the aid of the spawned troops while defending your side from the opponent effectively.

The deck has a 4.4 elixir cost with no pump, so make sure to manage elixir carefully. Princess Spawner Deck 

That’s the Princess Spawner Deck ! Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. If you have any questions be sure to ask.