Best Elite Barbarians Deck

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Hi Guys What’s app today we are talking about Top 3 Best Elite Barbarians Deck these neat little Elite Barbarians Deck I’ve been trying in Legendary Arena and it seems to be working out AMAZING!!!For those of you Arena 7 and below you may not fancy using these Best Elite Barbarians Deck

1. Best Elite Barbarians Deck  Arena 8+

Best Elite Barbarians Deck

The deck has multiple win conditions. But the most efficient way I use it is to make a huge push on one side to overpower the enemy. This usually starts with my Giant at the back with fireball, zap, Elite barbarainsat the ready to counter anything they throw at me. Then  musketeer behind the Giant with zap ready if still up to drop on whatever they drop on the musketeers. Giant Elite Barbarians Deck

This is pretty key to getting quick and easy 3 crown wins. It’s quite easily possible to have taken an enemy crown before double elixir. However once double elixir has been reached you can easily dominate the game. Read More »


2. River of Elite Barbarians Deck

Best Elite Barbarians Deck

It’s pretty simple actually. When you start off hopefully you have  Spear Gobs since you want to drop those off first. If you have neither drop a Barb Hut in the center. Make it as far back as you can so that it can still draw aggro, but it is far enough so Royal Giant can’t shoot across the river. In the beginning, pressure one lane with barb hut while defending the other.

So you can easily drop Elite barbarians if they use RG or Hog. Definitely don’t use Barb Hut unless you are at 10 elixer. When you hit double elixir you hopefully successfully defended their pushes. Now is your time to shine. Have 2 barb huts up at all times. Read More »

3. Giant Ice Spirit Deck With Elite Barbarian

Best Elite Barbarians Deck

Giant Your main Win Condition. You always want to put him in the back to start off a good push. Make sure he is supported with the other troops once you build up your elixir. DO not place him Up near the bridge. Doing this won’t allow you to build up the necessary Elixir to pull off your push. If your opponent is going for a push, Sometimes Giant is a good defensive choice so the attacking troops are focused on the giant and your support troops can focus on their win condition and finish of the Opponent troops attacking the giant. Read More »

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Thanks for reading this Top 3 Best Elite Barbarians Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.