Arena 4 deck

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Best  Arena 4 Deck


Arena 4 deck Hi Guys,we’re coming at you with another set of the best decks, strategies and battle tips our readers have been using this week for Arenas 4, 5 and 6. After the balancing changes it took a little time to adjust strategies, but (Arena 4 deck) our readers were definitely up for the challenge. If you are looking for tips, tricks and decks that are winning Arenas 4-6 ,Arena 4 deck

Arena 4 deck
  • Spear Goblin (Level 6)
  • Barbarians  (Level 6)
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A.  (Level 4)
  • Bomber  (Level 7)
  • Zap  (Level 4)
  • Witch  (Level 1)
  • Baby Dragon  (Level 1)
  • Skeleton Giant  (Level 2)

Average Elixir: 3.9,Arena 4 deck


Highest Arena Reached : Arena 6  – Builder’s Workshop

Card Gameplay


Zap – Cheap, but can take low elixir troops like goblins, spear goblins and skeletons.


Witch – Splash damage. A great combo with the giant skeleton and barbarians.


Spear Goblins – As distraction for both air as well as ground troops.


Barbarians – To counter hogs, prince, giants, and high HP troops. Also can be used as tanks for the witch.


Bomber – Splash damage. Since we have a lot of point targeting troops, the bomber along with those troops make a fantastic combo.


Giant skeleton – A tank or if the enemy has flooded your side with large number of troops, just deploy your giant skeleton and see the enemy troops vanish.Arena 4 deck


Baby dragon – Works very nice for both offence as well as defense.Arena 4 deck


Mini Pekka – If the enemy has 2 high HP troops and he drops at both the sides of the base, just drop the barbarians for one and mini Pekka for another.

Deck Strategy/Explanation


“This is a well-built deck, it’s has a great synergy. I almost win every match with this,” says Keni. “Always play defense! Countering the enemy should be your top priority. For example, if the enemy drops a Prince and you counter it with the Barbarians- and pair it up with a Witch. It’s gonna be a great combo and the enemy will have less elixir to counter you.Arena 4 deck


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